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Universal dough - what it? The checked recipe from Belarus of

I Offer the recipe from the newspaper of nearly centenary prescription which is carefully kept and checked one thousand times. And I place on the Internet more even from - for the fact that at me that newspaper got already to holes, and so - I will keep itself and I will share with you.

And authors Dudyrev` family from the city of Borisov of the Minsk region is. Dough is suitable literally for any pastries and any stuffing, it is only more or less sugar needs to add. It is tested for years and me, and my many friends.

To pound 250 g of margarine from 500 g of flour to a small crumb, to add sugar (to taste), 3 - 4 tablespoons of sour cream, 1/2 h a spoon of soda, 3 eggs + a yolk (to leave protein for greasing of a surface of pie or pies).

To knead dough. It has to be such that it could be rolled (if it is necessary, then add flour).

While you prepare a stuffing, dough let will lie down in the refrigerator.

Divide dough into two parts: lower - it is a little more, top - less. Place the lower flat cake on a baking sheet, then - a stuffing, from above - smaller flat cake. It was necessary to pinch edges and to grease top with the beaten egg white. It is possible to puncture with a fork or a knife in the top flat cake of a hole for an air outlet.

the Stuffing - any:

1. Apples fresh with a lemon dried peel and sugar, it is possible to add raisin.

2. Cabbage fresh fried with chopped boiled egg.

3. To scald 2 lemons boiled water, to pass via the meat grinder, to add sugar.

4. The fresh fish fried with fried onions.

5. It is possible to create balls, to roll them, on each circle to put the cottage cheese pounded with sugar and egg, to turn, without pinching edge, receive wonderful sochnik. We very much love them.

6. And in the summer this pie can be baked with any berries.

If a stuffing unsweetened, sugar can be not put at all.

And still I with pleasure thin lacy pancakes would treat you...

I do them at all not as my many acquaintances. The fact that they at me - the most prevkusny, you can be convinced come on a visit on Saturday or on Sunday morning!

I do not write a proportion, I do everything approximately that and to you I advise. I will tell the only thing - do not feel sorry for some eggs! So...

I shake up Three yolks in the blender with sugar to foam good.

I warm up Milk to a state lukewarm slightly.

I Mix, adding everything in turn and on slightly - slightly:

milk + foam from a yolk + flour + the melted butter...

and so on: milk + foam + flour + oil...

Now gradually and the foam which is shaken up in the same way from proteins (practically meringue) I add, + milk + flour + oil + foam yolk again.

And now when dough of a kiselny consistence is ready, I add a baking powder spoon (it can be replaced with soda, extinguished vinegar, and it is better - juice from a lemon).

And still I always add couple of spoons of vegetable oil on which I bake pancakes, practically without greasing already a frying pan.

I fill in the Layer such thickness that holes were at once formed.

Not the secret, of course, just next recipe of pancakes. But, for example, nobody so exactly bakes an environment from mine, and my pancakes but praise somehow especially!

Bon appetit!