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Whether the diet at periodontosis at children is necessary?

the Food of children has to be various and contain full-fledged proteins, mineral substances, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins B certain ratios.

For children of 7-10 years food has to be characterized by the following simple figures: 2400 calories which “appear“ thanks to reception with food of 80 g of proteins, 75 g of fats, 350 g of carbohydrates.

In 10-14 years the need for the listed products increases and has to make 2800-3100 calories. Caloric content of food is replenished - we remember other figures now: 100 g of proteins, 95 g of fats, 440 g of carbohydrates.

Proteins as necessary plastic material for creation of fabrics is recommended to teenagers at the rate of 3 g on 1 kg of body weight a day, and not less than 50 percent (50-70%) have to make proteins of an animal origin. The same and concerning fats.

The need for carbohydrates makes 11-12 g a day on 1 kg of body weight.

Food are simply obliged to contain amino acids - is well-cared, methionine, lecithin, lipokain. And if products of these amino acids do not contain - means, such products should not be bought, most likely!

The listed amino acids are available in cottage cheese, barley and grits, fish (smoked fish try not to give to children), in bean (haricot, peas, soy - it is desirable to know that there with gene modification … as percent of the 70 or 80 soy in the market - genetically modified, and animal experiments concerning result of consumption of such products have very sad results; experiments in public are, seemingly, made directly “in real“), cabbage, egg white etc. of

Children in whom periodontosis is found, should appoint the products rich with phosphorus and calcium - for example, the same cottage cheese, fish, milk is obligatory! From synthetic preparations doctors usually recommend a calcium gluconate, phytin or glycerophosphate.

Improvement of a metabolism in an organism of the child and for a kaltsifikation of teeth requires moderate solar radiation (at midday it is not necessary to sunbathe - enough one or two hours in the morning and before a decline), and in the winter radiation by ultraviolet rays moves to the forefront of “the line of defense“ (rtutno - a quartz lamp). Do not mix a dose! All understand that it is better slightly - to nedoobluchit slightly, than to exceed norm.

In districts with the lowered content of fluorine in drinking water appoint 1% solution of fluoride of sodium, on 4 - 5 drops three times a day.

If the doctor appointed to your child vitamin complexes with minerals, be not too lazy to peer into a small print on packing: there copper and zinc, gold and nickel, Arsen and cobalt, and also a number of mineral substances have to be listed: iron, silicon, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, bromine, chlorine and manganese. Naturally, in admissible - more precisely, in vital quantities. That is in quantities microscopic!

It is desirable to expand the range of the carbohydrates coming to the child`s organism at the expense of glucose and a maltose. It is clear, that glucose can be formed due to sucrose splitting (notorious candies, chocolate, and many OTHER, more useful products!!!) in the child`s organism - but also the couple of the tablets appointed by the doctor will not prevent.

Many saw how cheerfully Mikhail Zadornov “walked“ in the performances on “stupid Americans“, without having forgotten to pay a tribute of respect to their maniacal aspiration “to scrub teeth as the sailor the deck“. Education - piece serious. And if accustomed “to scrub since the childhood the deck“ - that and in an adult state will be, do not doubt!

Nevertheless, recently there was a number of the publications showing that more than 40% of Americans are sick with periodontosis. We believe, “the dog is buried“ in improper feeding, “hot dogs“ (all know that “hotdog“ are quite so translated into Russian), abundance of greasy and fried food, other delights of “the advanced way of life“. And they correctly brush teeth, all so!

... In so abused “zastolno - stagnant“ times there was a paste under the name “Ocean“. Quite natural product received from shrimps (unlike modern “crabsticks“ concerning which the famous humorist told: “I do not understand why to crabs of a stick?“ - in them, by hearsay, is anything, except crabs and shrimps).

In that paste everything successfully was balanced - proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals …

In 100 g of Ocean paste 18,8% of proteins, 8,2% of fats, 2,3% of mineral salts, vitamins contained (including vitamins of group B), the required biologically active agents - irreplaceable amino acids, polynonsaturated fatty acids, phosphorus and calcium, iron and zinc, the most important minerals (copper, manganese, chrome etc.) got to an organism of the child .

Generally, I wish you to find the products similar to above-named “Ocean“. And concerning prevention we already talked in the previous article (ru/archive/0/n - 39661/).

I wish health to you and your children!.