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System of a drain. Is it necessary in a country house?

Influence of rain water on a condition of a country house and an adjacent site are not limited to destructive impact on its base. Bring not less efforts and dirty smudges on a facade, long not drying out pools on paths and lawns. The system of a drain will help to reduce these troubles. Its task is in taking away the moisture which is flowing down from the rooftop, providing thereby durability and durability of a construction.

Certainly if it is about the subsidiary construction having an odnoskatny roof, then it will be rather simple to extend its eaves plumb that rain water did not get on the base and a blind area. However the organization of a drain on a roof of a cottage or a big country house - work necessary. Besides performance of functional tasks, the modern system of withdrawal of roofing drains gives to the house grace and esthetic completeness.

Standard systems of a drain of a house consist of the trenches strengthened horizontally on perimeter of a roof, the drainpipes located vertically on corners of the building, drain funnels for a water exit from trenches in pipes and various assembly details. There are advanced options of systems of drains which are in addition supplied with drainage pipes and wells.

Many, begun to build a country house, write: help to choose system of a drain. Let`s give them several useful tips.

The important factor to which it is necessary to pay attention at the choice of system of a drain is a material of which it is made. In Soviet period such designs were made only of galvanized iron. Steel models of modern systems of drains differ from them to the best. So, the bilateral plastic covering protects metal pipes and trenches from corrosion and emergence of stains and whitish spots which arose on galvanized drains already in a couple of years. It is important that color of a modern steel drain can be picked up that which will be in harmony with a facade and a roof of the house.

The main advantage of metal system of a drain is a resistance to shock loadings and pressure which is put by snow and frost on roofs in a winter season.

Here it is pertinent to mention copper water waste systems. They possess exclusively high wear resistance, but also their price, naturally, transcendental. What to do, non-ferrous metal was expensive at all times.

In recent years metal drains had a plastic competitor. These are pipes and trenches from PVC which surpass metal in many parameters. In particular, they it is simpler in installation and is much cheaper, are not subject to corrosion and negative impact of chemicals and sunshine.

As PVC has high coefficient of sliding, in the pipes and trenches made of it dirt less often accumulates there are blockages less. They, besides, less noisy in comparison with steel. Those during a pouring rain can strongly rattle.

And, at last, various forms of elements and PVC colors - drains allow to enter them in any architecturally - the design project of a country house.

However and they have the shortcomings. In comparison with metal plastic systems of drains are less strong and under weight of ice and snow can crack.

To resist to it, there is a system of antifrosting of trenches and pipes of a drain. The matter is that in the winter as a result of differences of temperatures and thaw in pipes and trenches freeze frost which interfere with removal of thawed snow from the rooftop. If it is short, then cable heating systems of a drain represent the heating wire fixed in gutters and pipes.

What to do with the water which is flowing down from the rooftop? If not to take away it far away from a structure, then it can fill in the cellar, wash away the base and turn the house adjoining territory into the real bog. The simplest decision - to establish under each pipe of a drain capacity for collecting rain water or, on - simple, a barrel.

However solid country houses and cottages usually equip more thoroughly. For this purpose use system of a linear drainage. It consists of the wells located under drainpipes closed by lattices and drainage pipes. For drainage of recreation areas and garden paths all country site can be equipped with such underground drainage network.

The final price of system of drains pays off individually. It consists of the cost of its elements and work on installation. For example, the price of running meter of a pipe or a trench of PVC approximately makes 200 rubles, metal - 500 rubles, of copper - over 1000 rubles. By the way, accessories and assembly accessories: any there corners, branches, drain funnels, caps, lattices and other details - not such and cheap.

The quotation on the installation of system of a drain which is carried out by professionals makes at least 300 rub/rm. Costs of installation are, usually, equivalent to 70% of cost of the purchased equipment.