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Rest in eko - settlements … What is it?

Are considered to be that the real man`s rest is thought out by men who do not have relations with women. The real female rest does not exist in general … It is curious what such interesting organizers “exotic“ eko - rest in some settlements managed to make out in Russia?

Not to be the grumbler and the bore, I decided to leave memories of the barefoot childhood spent in a village from six houses on the edge of the wood at myself. Also addressed only advertizing texts of modern services in liberating from slavery of a civilization of our fellow citizens.

I was not disappointed. Moreover, some advertizing texts were so good that I re-read them several times more vividly and more brightly to submit the picture of the forthcoming rest on a nature bosom. I even began to think in the spirit of and style of advertizing texts. And I liked it.

Very much it was pleasant to me that eko - settlements have nothing in common with settlements from the Criminal code. These are small villages - small villages or just izbas to become gray an open country to which for small money it is possible to get easily and to leave freely from there. Continuous eko - asceticism.

“However, meet also “densely populated“ eko - settlements. What here eko - the asceticism can be?“ - many will mistrustfully frown. Can. In our Russian hollows and ravines the whole city can be hidden. Yes so that from windows only fir-trees and sticks will be visible. And all will be eco-friendly also the fan - shuyno: in the east - a nettle, in the north - a spring.

Programs of ekolyub - from careful attitude to those who are afraid here then to sever relations with a civilization (and suddenly back will not let), and a down feather-bed for them in ethnohotel before evening conversations at a fire about tricks of a world order and an extreme - a lodging for the night under a dense magical fir-tree in the maximum unification with prickly flora were pleasant and it is opposite the vampire fauna ringing under an ear.

And vacationers are glad to try - go on a grass - to pebbles - to a sand barefoot, develop a beautiful bearing a yoke with pailfuls, admire adult cedars and dam streamlets. For lunch salatik from a green grass eat, wooden spoons sup soup from dandelions, from korenyev savor roast and, drinking a tea from with own hand collected herbs, Vedic cuisine all this call.

As antidepressant hunt for mushrooms and berries, macrames from a rod spin, learn to saw and chop firewood, mattresses hay fill, cunning glancing at each other. Improving exercises with garden stock make also a zemlepashestvo try to be engaged …

Let call, call and try. Let dream and play as children, about the children without forgetting. All life human - one imaginations. Let there will be only good games and imaginations.

Good rest was thought up! Very much it was pleasant to me though I was not in one of eko - settlements. Or rather, I did not leave from there. How many I live - so much and I am near the mother - the nature.

Separate thanks and low bow to masters of the art word. It is so beautiful to make the text, to find such correct words that wake in the person initially good can only the kind and wise, talented person.

It is easy and pleasant to have a rest with good mood! Often the good mood begins with good words. From the good text.