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How to live life for itself?

Are one very good wisdom which all have to remember, without exception, the woman: “Each woman has to live, first of all for herself, then for children, and then for the husband“.

To live for itself, it is impossible to understand at all how manifestation of the egoism in a family, submission of all to the whims.

A duty of the woman to be a good wife, the careful, loving mother, the excellent hostess.

What means to live to itself - it means to love itself, not to allow to humiliate itself.

Not to turn into “free supplement“ to the husband and children. That the husband and children never had a desire to offend you, to say you directly dirty shirts and socks, only to demand, to demand from you something, anything without giving in exchange.

It is necessary to put himself in the house so that all loved you, respected, appreciated. Reckoned with you, respected your opinion.

Did not turn into the humiliated, hammered being - in the Victim.

The patient woman the boundless patience can turn even the best, decent man into the monster, and from children to grow up egoists.

In constant attention to the husband, in excessive care to children and absolute indifference to itself big danger - to turn into the victim is concealed.

Wisdom of the woman is in that being able to balance on the brink of rationality egoism: without forgetting about itself, without sacrificing itself, to be a beloved, desired wife and dobra, the loving mother.

But happens so that many lonely women do not build the private life, and grandmothers, and then mothers-in-law or mothers-in-law begin to lead mother`s life, then. Absolutely forgetting about itself, they sacrifice the life for the sake of wellbeing of children.

Mother who offered the life for the sake of wellbeing of children will begin to demand from them the same victim sooner or later.

Children are the egoists in the childhood demanding from mother to devote only to them the life, not to have personal when grow to face its same requirement of the victims and maternal egoism.

Sacrificial mother will aspire, as long as possible to leave near herself the already adult child. She never led the private life, she always led only life of the child.

Wishing well beloved the baby only, she with all passion of the maternal heart begins to interfere with his life, very often, without wishing that, destroys it.

The son or the daughter cannot suit the destiny because to mother not in love with their partner, all his shortcomings are visible.

Often interposing in the family matter of children, it brings them to divorce, sirotya the grandsons.

It does it not intentionally, just she wishes good luck to the child.

Having quarreled, the baby runs to mother, to complain of “half“. Having reconciled, forgets about quarrel, and mother does not forget how offended her child, she remembers everything, and it weight lays down on her maternal heart.

Perhaps, in this desire of adult children to devote mother in problems of the family, one of the reasons of centuries-old dislike of the mother-in-law and the mother-in-law to the to the daughter-in-law and the son-in-law is covered.

Adult children, never devote mother in the family problems, protect her maternal heart and the family happiness.

Each woman lives the unique destiny, often difficult, not always happy.

But that your life was happier, you remember, life it is necessary to live for himself, without sacrificing the only life to anybody: to neither beloved, nor the children.

Do not forget about eternal wisdom: “Do not create to yourself an idol“.