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Why Austin call strange? Originality of the Texas capital. We will pass part 2

After small digression to history of the city of Austin to its inhabitants and interesting places.


As we consider strangenesses of Austin, it is necessary to begin, undoubtedly, with Lesley Cochrane . This homeless inhabitant who arrived to the city in the middle of 90 - x, actively supports the motto of Austin by a personal example. Lesley likes to dress up in a women`s dress (generally in thongs or pass - skirts, prefers to carry the third size of a breast, still loves shoes high-heeled), and also supports the rights of the homeless of the city.

Nevertheless, Mr. Cochrane, or just Lesley as he is called in Austin, considers themselves as the man. From time to time Lesley announces the candidacy for mayor. In 2000 it was on the second place after Kerk Watson elected the mayor... Usually Lesley dangles on 6 - y to the street where with him it is possible to chat and be photographed.

In Austin it is also possible to meet often the actress Sandra Bullock who has the house in the city and also is the owner of couple of cafe and little shops. Residents of Austin, however, do not arrange races behind celebrities. It is possible therefore Sandra also chose Austin as the residence.

The actor Mathew Makkonakhyyu , known according to movies “Contact“ from Judee Foster and “The wedding consultant“ with Jennifer Lopez also lived in Austin. In 1999 Mathew was arrested on a charge of rest violation - early in the morning it banged in the African drums, being in the buff, however, at home. All charges eventually were dismissed though Mathew was necessary to pay a penalty of 50 dollars.

In Austin there lives Michael Dell , the founder of widely known company on production of computers, and also the famous athlete, the seven-time winner of the races Round - - Frans, Lance Armstrong who in 2008 opened bicycle little shop. And at last, from 1882 to 1895 in Austin there lived the famous American writer O. Henry . At this time he practically did not write stories, and worked in bank.

of Sight

In Austin is a lot of museums, beginning from historical and finishing art galleries. But we will stop on those which correspond to the motto of the city “Support Austin strange!“. For example, the Museum of strangenesses on 6 - y to the street. It is on backs of little shop “Happy lizard“ and represents typical cabinet of curiosities - with mummies, various freaks, and also cryptozoology miracles, for example, the certificates on stay of the yeti in the territory of Texas.

The garbage Cathedral will be the following item of a route in unusual and strange places of Austin . Vince Hannemann began to build the Cathedral in 1988 because considered that “it is cool“. At construction of the Cathedral Vince used more than 60 tons of garbage which to it mostly was brought by neighbors. However Vince was quite captious in the choice of materials though at survey of the Cathedral of it you will not tell. Outside the Cathedral does not seem very big, but this feeling changes after an entrance inside.

Corridors of a multilevel Cathedral coil and turned, making impression of a potustoronnost, neon fires of old signs sparkle everywhere, objects house and not really use dangle, and in the center of the Cathedral there is a huge chair in which Vince usually sits, answering questions of visitors. In the Cathedral weddings were played and graduation parties were carried out.

Unfortunately, in June, 2010 the owner and the creator of the Cathedral Vince was forced to close access to sight from - for the fact that the city authorities carped at legality of similar construction in the yard of the private house. It would be desirable to believe that under pressure of the city public the Cathedral will be open for visit again. So far it is only possible to pass down the street and to look at a structure from - for a fence that is all the same rather interesting.

Having admired the Cathedral, it is possible to go safely to the next unusual museum - the Museum of Changeable Things . Owners of the museum took away a half of the house for an exhibition both strange, and short-lived. Exhibitions periodically change, for example, surprising tools - from a mechanical piano to the device defining existence of ghosts were a subject of one their last exhibitions.

The current exhibition invites visitors “under the earth“, actually and allegorically. The vault brings into the Crystal cave, underground passages are gradually replaced otherworldly where monsters and ghosts govern, and lead us to the hidden motivation of human acts. The top and a bottom are interchanged the position, and what was a vault, becomes the atmosphere and vice versa... In a word, “all to a stransha and stransha“.

After all these city and informative excursions it is possible to go to the lake and to bathe if, of course, outside summer. By the way, in Austin the sunny weather costs 300 days in a year. Where to go?

If to continue to follow “strange“ spirit of Austin, then, undoubtedly, in Hippie Hollow . It is nudist park in 20 minutes of driving from the city, on the lake Travis where residents of Austin gather to sunbathe and bathe stark naked.

At parting we will note that the number of the tourists coming to Austin annually makes about 19 million people. For comparison: Niagara Falls attract 14 million, the Eiffel Tower - 6,7 million, and the Disneyland - 15.