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Why Austin call strange? Unusual capital. Part 1

What we know of the city of Austin? Austin - the capital of Texas. In Austin the biggest university of staff which number of students makes about 55 thousand people is located. It means that 14 percent of the population of the city are students of university! The Ostinsky building of the government - the Capitol - is built of the Texas pink marble and 7 feet above, than the Capitol in Washington. Austin is considered the least conservative city in conservative Texas.

The city stands on the river Colorado, however, within the city it is partitioned by a dam and carries the name of the lake of Lady Byrd Johnson, in honor of the wife of the President Johnson, the native of Austin. On the lake the most expensive are at home in the city, and also numerous small restaurants - from expensive to cheap. By the way, Austin is also known for the exclusive restaurants, many of which do not belong to a network, and are on the family, so to speak, contract and offer unique dishes.

Austin is the world capital of “live“ music. The number of musical representations, festivals and just the groups acting in the well-known bars on 6 - y to the street, impresses. On the street it is often possible to see also certain musicians with hats on the earth... Quality and musical styles vary considerably - from a simple guitar and “country“ to hooligan fate and classical variations.

In Austin there is a huge colony of bats living under the bridge on Kongressa Street. In 1980 engineers built the bridge under which they unintentionally turned out very attractive to bats pseudo - caves where animals and began to lodge with pleasure. Now under Kongressa Bridge about one and a half million bats - the biggest city colony of mice live in North America. In Austin there is even a monument to bats established near the bridge.

Every evening from March to September of a mouse take off on hunting by a black cloud, publishing shrill cries and exhaling not less shrill smell. Every night they eat from 10 to 30 thousand pounds of insects, and more than 100 thousand people a year come to the bridge to admire this show. If you appear among these hundred thousand, do not forget to put on a hat, it is desirable with wide fields...

However the above-mentioned facts are known practically to each inhabitant of Texas, as well as what the motto of the city of Austin is “Support Austin strange!“ Let`s look on absolutely strange strangenesses of Austin - in the history, the facts, inhabitants and sights of our Texas capital.

History and the facts

B on the place of future Austin was 1839 a small small village of Waterloo which in 1839 became the capital of the independent republic Texas and was renamed into Austin in honor of “the father of Texas“ Stephen F. Austen. However in 1840, according to Sam Houston`s decision, the capital was transferred to Houston and then to Washington - on - Brazos. Only in 1846, after enough difficult negotiations and double vote, the capital returned to Austin.

In Austin still there is a building put and built in 1840. This building of the French Embassy located at the address: street San Marcos, 802. It was constructed on the project of the first ambassador of France in the republic Texas Jean Pierre Isidor Alphonse Dubois de Salinii. Now in the building the museum is open.

In Austin the barbed wire was for the first time used. It happened in 1857 when John Grenninger in the smithy wound two wires around iron prickles and fenced a kitchen garden that neighbour`s boys did not steal water-melons. Ben Thompson who over time became the chief sheriff of Austin confessed that more than once tore trousers about grenningerovsky prickles. John Grenninger was killed in 1862 by the robber, and the first patents for a barbed wire were taken out only in 1867 absolutely by other people.

Biggest “factory“ in Texas on production of ice cream opened in Austin in 1878. Clay Jones bought the 17 horsepowers steam turbine and began to let out up to 250 gallons of ice cream a day. Ice cream was on sale both wholesale and retail, in Jones`s shop on Kongressa Street.

By the way, Kongressa Street long time remained one of the widest streets in America - width made it 120 feet. Only Vostochnaya Street of Austin - 200 feet was wider than it.

The biggest loaf of bread in the world was baked in Austin in 1912. The bakery product created by A.S. Nyyuburg weighed 162 pounds (about 80 kg), length made it 10 feet (3 m), height and width - 18 inches (36 cm).

The biggest party took place in Austin in 1941 when Daddy Li O`Daniel invited all Texans to a dinner in honor of election as his mayor. 20 thousand people were accepted by the invitation. 10 thousand pounds of a barbecue, 1000 pounds of potato salad, 1100 pounds of onions and pickles were eaten, and also 32 thousand cups of coffee from 1000 pounds are given to sugar.

And in 2008 Forbes recognized Austin as the most drinking city of America - 61,5% of residents drank within a month at least once. Though it also does not seem excessive, however it turned out that even in Las Vegas people drink less...

Be continued.