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Where it is possible to have a rest in Texas in the summer? San Marcos. Part 2

In the first part of article we got acquainted with history of the city of San Marcos, and now let`s walk on the city - what San Marcos is interesting today by?

Aquarena Center Park

the Main sight of San Marcos still remains to

park which is called Aquarena Center now. By small part of the lake it is possible to walk and get acquainted with local flora and fauna, having used the flooring made of plastic utility refuse. The lake of Sources and the river San Marcos are a habitat for five animal species and plants included in the Red List: Texas blind salamander and salamander of San Marcos, fishes key darter and gambusiya, and also Texas wild rice.

In park walks by boats with a glass bottom are also offered. Your guide, most often the student of university, will tell you about history of local places, about a water-bearing layer, about geology of the area and will show the main sources beating at the bottom of the lake. In total sources about two hundred, but the main - only eight. Their names are rather interesting, for example, “Salt and pepper“ or “Somy hotel“. By the way, at sources it is often possible to see the huge catfishes of blue color lying up a belly and scratching a back, precisely as cats - not without reason in English they and fishes - cats“ are called “(catfish).

In a year the park visits about 125 thousand people.

World of Miracles Park

is In this park the Cave of miracles, the first cave which was open for visits in Texas in 1903. In it it is perfectly visible how earthquakes and later motions form underground emptiness, just and known as caves.

From a bottom of a cave it is possible to rise on the elevator by height of 190 feet - on a survey tower. Besides, in park it is possible to sweep by small train which passes through falls and to marvel at miracles antigravitatsionngo a lodge where water flows back, and the things thrown up not always fall down...

the River San Marcos

Descent on the river San Marcos on inflatable “tires“, on the purest water fed by sources (water in the river is 10 times purer, than drinking) is an unforgettable adventure. Slowly the river flows, by float green coast, white clouds thaw in the blue sky - full feeling that time stopped or turned back - any traces of a civilization, but in the meantime you float by the downtown San Marcos. Descent takes about one and a half hours, the river is quiet, it is back possible to return by bus. Except inflatable watercrafts, it is possible to rent kayaks though why to wave oars when it is possible to be given on will of a current. . As the river San Marcos differs in crystal-clear water, it also perfectly is suitable for swimming with a mask and divings. And for just swimming - to or after other entertainments.

Since 1963 every second Saturday of June in Texas there passes the Texas water safari. The safari begins in San Marcos and comes to an end in the city of Sandrift on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Conditions: it is necessary to pass the rivers San Marcos, Blanco, Guadalupe and the gulf San Antonio. At the same time your watercraft has to be put in action only by means of your muscles - any motors. A watercraft design - on your discretion. Some designs were very unusual... If your travel took more than 100 hours, you are disqualified. The best time for all history of a safari was shown by the team of six people which passed a route in 1997 in 29 hours and 25 minutes.

Residents of Austin or San Antonio were strongly lucky because they can go to San Marcos and come back home on the same day. It is better for residents of Dallas to allocate for a trip, at least, couple of days that without hurrying to examine all sights. Residents of Houston can keep within one day though they should take into account that on 10 - highway m - just on the way to San Marcos - are located the Texas churches in which there are icons, unusual to Texas... But it is already other history.