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Where it is possible to have a rest in Texas in the summer? San Marcos. Part 1

in the Summer when in Texas there comes the heat, the best vacation spot is the place at some water. Strangely enough, there is a lot of water in Texas: about two hundred lakes from which only one - Kaddo`s lake - is natural the others were created in the artificial way, and the Gulf of Mexico which Texas coast makes a little more than three hundred miles. So the choice of water at inhabitants of Texas big.

If Texans want to lie on the beach, then they go to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. If there is time, then in Corpus Christi or on the Padre Aylend where the situation reminds the resorts of Mexico - blue transparent water, white sand, a set of hotels and private lodges for life. It is possible to go also to Galveston or in Serfsayd Bich where the ocean is dirtier because of the river Mississippi flowing into it, but these cities are closer to Dallas and Houston and it is quite possible to leave on one there - two days.

However there is in Texas very interesting “water“ place which is not on the coast. It is the city of San Marcos. Near this city there is a water-bearing layer of Edwards Aquifer, and the water following from this layer feeds the river San Marcos and the well-known sources San Marcos. The water-bearing layer constantly is replenished at the expense of rain water (unlike many others in Texas), and it explains the fact that sources never dry up San Marcos.


of Excavation near San Marcos showed that people lodged in these parts already 11 thousand years ago. Some scientists consider that this place is one of the most ancient places in the northern hemisphere where people lived constantly within these long years.

The first Europeans appeared in these parts in 1691 and were members of expedition Domingo Teran de Los Rios, the first governor of the Spanish colony Texas. But expedition did not linger on river banks. In the next years Spaniards lodged in these parts, but for a while, generally from - for attacks of Indians and frequent floods.

The fort San Marcos constructed in 1840 for ensuring safe journey from San Antonio to Austin became the first more or less constant settlement of white people. The exact location of a fort is not established still. In 1845 the general Edward Berleson bought the land and sources at successors of former owners and began land development around a fort.

In 1849 the general and his sons constructed a dam, having blocked the river and having created the lake of Sources. Under water the huge number of historical exhibits disappeared - in the 20th century more than 50 thousand various archeological finds were made at the bottom of the lake. A year before, in 1848, the two-room house for a general family was built.

In the next years different people owned the earth, in the settlement mills, factory on production of ice, plants on processing of the wood worked. In 1926 Berleson`s possession were bought by A. B. Rogers and in 1929 constructed hotel which existed within many decades.

But the real blossoming came to the city of San Marcos in 1949 when A. B. Rogers`s son, Paul, constructed on the parental earth the well-known amusement park Akvarena`s Sources. In park there was an underwater theater which was called miracle of a century the Popular Mechanics magazine in 1952. In theater Ralfi, a floating pig, and a great number of “mermaids“ acted. Besides, in park there was a tower by which it was possible to rise on the elevator for the review of vicinities, and drivings in the transparent sphere under the name “Flight in the Sky“ and by boats with a glass bottom were still offered.

For many years this park became one of the main entertainments for inhabitants of Texas and one of the main sources of the income for the city though defenders of environment already then opposed similar “defilement“ of sources, many years which were sacred for inhabitants of this district. In 1991 the university of Texas redeemed park from Rogers`s successors, but only in 1995 the decision to get rid of “thematic“ park with mermaids and a floating pig and to transfer park to more scientific course was made.

Be continued.