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How soap washed away evolution? Once I read reasonings on the future accident of

that mass use of soap broke the natural course of evolution of the person. Arguments which were given by authoritative scientists are persistently convincing: evolution of the live world is based on selection of the most durable and most adapted for a survival his representatives - the strongest survives!

To the middle of the 19th century in the environment of homo sapiens so evolution also worked: the mechanism of selection of the strongest individuals in the conditions of general epidemics, mor, diseases, hunger from ten born babies from couple of individuals left in live one - two. And, not only the strongest survived, but also the cleverest as the most adapted thanks to their mental abilities. Genes of physical health and mental abilities were transferred in the evolutionary way all to new and new generations. But development of hygiene, medicine and improvement of living conditions brought serious failure in evolutionary process, and evolutionary process was broken - reproduction of people became chaotic. To deny the axiomatic fact that survive now not very best, only the blind person can.

Scientific geneticists and eugenics of all advanced countries of the world as sound a century alarm - the gene pool of mankind is threatened by accident. Last century in many countries desperate attempts of conscious selection of parental couples, a ban of marriages between the alcoholics, criminals sick with hereditary diseases, intellectually defective and even between representatives of other races became. But here Hitler with the theory of the defective people and destruction untermenshev appeared in time, and sensible grain of concerned scientists was poured out as child with water, from the list of sciences of priority value.

And we came to what came - all observe degeneration of mankind sobstvennoglazno, but to discuss and furthermore to investigate and to invasively solve a problem of preservation of a gene pool it is considered nearly a crime against humanity. The problem is obvious, but now right there someone will tell me: “You are right, but so it is impossible to speak“ …

we Will leave alone a physical condition of a gene pool of the planet, we will address the most important - to decrease in an intellectual index (IQ) of a gene pool. And here what picture familiar to all to pain, appears for today:

To achieve vital progress, education is necessary. For which receiving mental capacities are necessary. People of the low social status are very limited in receiving a good education. Even notorious school education in the majority of the countries of the developed world is very socially selective. And the school is only education minimum minimorum, only a basic platform for further education.

And further post-secondary education just is also the share of the most childbearing age. The advanced young couples or lonely women motivated on education and successful career in 20% of cases from 100% refuse a child-bearing in favor of education and career. Whereas 80% from 100% of the women who are not aspiring to them, and at times even did not leave a full course of secondary school fill growth of the population. And, the educational and social level of such women is lower, the it is more and more often they give birth. And as a result have 50% more children, than the woman advanced. And here still disturbing figure of statistics: the women having IQ from 5% of the lowest level give birth to the first child for 7 years before women from 5% of the highest level.

Concentration of genes - carriers of the highest level thus constantly decreases, and the lowest level - increases. Moreover, the number of abortions in the highest group by 10 times exceeds the number of abortions in the lowest. Plays the role and financial side put - in the majority of the developed countries pregnancy interruption paid and that the advanced woman, not really well unadvanced can repeatedly afford.

With pleasure I anticipate reproaches in the address for conditional division detorodyashchy on the highest and lowest level. But also you, and I know that it will be only reproaches for the sake of reproaches - in practice - that we know that not all will be born with identical inclinations and in the identical social environment. Someone will be born as at us speak, with a silver spoon in a mouth on ermine feather-beds moreover from parents - intellectuals with magnificent physical data, and someone in the hostel of garment factory from the sewing machine operator with formation of 8 classes and with bad physical heredity, not to mention intellectual. Yes, we are not equal. Let`s it recognize though someone already pulls me a hand: it so, but so it is impossible to tell!

Society is not idle in destruction of a gene pool of IQ: school programs are formed for the pupil`s level much below than an average, and such sphere of society as culture as if intends reduces a level of perception of literature, art to the level of intellectually not burdened consumer of culture. Mass media actively hill low grade and yellowness of the field. Everything is average under “mediocre pupil“ because the future belongs to them because of extinction of “pyaterochnik“.

You respect Platon? Then let`s esteem: “The statesman wishing to achieve improvement of breed of the people has to follow an example of the shepherd wishing to lift breed of the herd. The shepherd begins with cleaning of herd - from removal of all bad and weak copies“. “So same fascism!“, - you cry. Also you will be wrong. Because any will object you that it is very civic stand of the philosopher who cares for future generations. Now it is called the clever word a fyyuchernost.

Let`s argue: we live only in afternoon and only in the care of at most two generations: children and sometimes children of our children. In total. Farther wall. Rested. To us already somehow on a drum destiny of the third, fourth and, God forbid, the fifth generation. And about people of the fourth millennium somehow in general to get into the head ridiculously. We act with resources of our planet precisely this way. And scientists say that our earth ALREADY gave us all resources which are available for it and that the terrestrial ball one and a half times more than our planet is necessary for us for preservation of present level of their consumption.

At present birth rate of underdeveloped countries the population of Earth increases in a geometrical progression. Conclusions are axiomatic: money, this stamping freedom, according to Franklin, will not work in economy of the world exhausted on resources any more - the economy of ACCESS to the remains of these resources will begin to work. And now read the bitter truth above - yes, litter, we are not equal. There are those who more exactly than others. Here who will get access to resources, here who will start the paw in reserved granaries of the nature - intellectuals. The relicts of intellectuals which Or rather, survived in fight against mediocre pupils.

That is why after Platon scientists with fyyucherny thinking sound alarm: what it is bad to speak about, should be done immediately! It is necessary to select immediately a gene pool, it is necessary to approach a question of systematic regulation of birth rate reasonably. And already today the moment when, according to Marxist dialectics, the relentless law of transition of quantity to quality falls upon us came.

Already only casually mentioning it that the mankind is threatened by degeneration from - for mutations of chromosomes at an issue of parents - carriers of defects. You look: 98% of Americans live to 25 - summer age. (At least 7 years of reproductive age!). Natural selection of viable genes is almost brought to naught! Here what to us is told by Britannica: 3-4% of newborns have congenital defects, and a half of these defects are the share of defective genes. 5% of human embryos have major chromosomal defects. 30% of the nursery and 10% of adult hospitalization are the share of gene diseases. 40% of child mortality are the share of genetic diseases! Yes we already mutate, dear comrades.

In our politically correct world to forbid sexual reproduction genno - to defective parents sounds just blasphemously, to enter compulsory sterilization of certain groups of the population - yes what you speak about?!

But something it is necessary to do - that. We know (Malthus of a chityvala!) that the gain of food occurs in arithmetic, and the population - in a geometrical progression. And we see that the valid increase in population comes not from its genetically healthy part. We are threatened by accident about which all speak: yes, all this the truth, but so it is impossible to tell.

After this bad news I have for you well very good: and let`s pretend that we know nothing about it … To what to bother. After us yes though a flood!