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We go to Karelia? About mosquitoes, ticks and vipers of

I Hope, for a trip to Karelia decided on a season? So, about the Karelian summer.

Part second. Summer

If on a calendar June, it still does not speak about anything. June in Karelia, frankly speaking, not hot. The first warming in May is no more than a week, and then rains and a cold snap come.

If on the thermometer +15 - rejoice! Till June 15-20 of heat, as a rule not. East winds, frequent fogs blow, water in lakes practically does not get warm.

But the nature behaves violently. And where to disappear with it? Only 3 months of heat - also should manage to be otzelenet. What is regarding tourists, that this season for campaigns not absolutely successful. There are no berries and mushrooms yet, fish is caught badly, rains cold.

In the woods there is a lot of of pincers . It is a lot of. Especially at settlements. If in Soviet period they were regularly strewed with a poison, then now it becomes only in territories of camps and camp sites (and that, apparently, not all).

Councils to put on jackets like “entsefalitka“ - self-complacency. For such small insect there are no barriers. Here of steam of councils on the basis of own bitter experience for those who are going to travel a pedestrian order around a taiga.

1. Before a campaign impregnate clothes with sprays against pincers. Not universal, “a la blood-sicking“, namely those which kill specifically ticks. Buy expensive, you do not stint. Believe, it is worth it. You take a package, you stack clothes, you spray and you allow to lie down a couple of hours. Before coming into the wood, you change clothes. Old fishermen and hunters apply for this purpose a dichlorvos. Smell? Life is more expensive.

2. Ticks love wet weather. During a heat and on their sun it is much less. In Karelia they appear at the end of April and are active sometimes till September. The percent of the ticks carrying encephalitis grows every year. As the number of the summer residents bitten by them, fishermen and fans of picnics grows. The official statistics is over-modest.

3. Ticks do not fly and do not climb trees. Maximum height of their dwelling about a meter. Favourite places are a high grass along roads, footpaths, animal tracks. Where it is possible to have a bite for free. And the more living creatures in this area, the there are more pincers. Especially they love elks and hedgehogs. Sometimes it is terrible to look at the last. Ticks do not jump, and cling to the grief trousers rubbing about a grass - the pedestrian.

4. And still. If you are going to spend some time in a taiga, it is the best of all to do vaccination in the fall in advance. The guaranteed treatment.

Did not refuse travel on a taiga yet? Then there is a little about mosquitoes .

Here what in Karelia in prosperity is mosquitoes. Appear in June and fly till September. You should not look down on this problem. It at the dacha one evening it is possible to wave with a branch, dispersing krovopiyets.

If you intend to spend week in the wood in tent, this trifle will develop into a problem. On some lakes of mosquitoes so many that the float from a rod sometimes is not visible. Thousands of ringing creatures are ready to drink all your precious blood. Therefore stock up with ointments from blood-sicking. Nelishneybudet packing of plates for the fumigant injector. If to set fire and smoke a little in tent, you can sleep peacefully. If you have bents to a sado-masochism, can ignore and indulge all this in pleasure.

And the last trouble from “dumb animals“ which you can meet in the wood. It is a viper . There are enough vipers, but they meet the person quite seldom. Manage to hide. A viper at us one, ordinary. Coloring from gray in rombik to black, as a brand. Gray (from personal observations) is much larger than black. Repeatedly stepped on reptiles, stepping over the tumbled-down trunks of trees. But I have a habit to go to the wood in boots therefore managed.

Here, perhaps, and all fears. Fly into a rage in the wood you should not be afraid. To them not to you. They live life and try to steer clear of unpredictable and inadequate beings what all of us are.

From clothes the warm sweater, a raincoat or a cape from a rain will be suitable for the Karelian summer. For walks on the wood it is better to have boots. We have also enough bogs. And to wander all day in crude boots it is silly. Legs of it will not forgive you. On the head a cap surely. Any nonsense from trees pours.

The warmest period in Karelia is a July and August. The last - to the middle. Up to one September more rare. There are mushrooms, cloudberries, bilberry, blueberry ripen. Then cowberry and cranberry. Cranberry, unfortunately, not in sugar and to collect a bucket, it is necessary to popolzat on a bog the letter “Re“!

In the following part we will consider ways of movement and not only...