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Whether there is periodontosis at children?

Many think that periodontosis belongs to diseases which come if not in old age, then on average, mature age - and to young people and the more so to children such trouble is not terrible. Alas, it is delusion. By various estimates, at 10 - and % of school students are observed initial stages of this disease. As for the children having various chronic diseases (first of all, diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path), periodontosis is observed almost at a half of such kids - and it is, you see, not very comforting statistics. Let`s remember

in brief what the illness such is, periodontosis - and then will become clearer as to fight against it.

Periodontosis belongs to so-called fabric dystrophy at which all complex of fabrics of a parodont is surprised (i.e. the fabrics surrounding teeth). The atrophy of alveolar shoots (tooth cells) leads to mobility and loss of teeth. As a result of action of a number of factors (external and internal environment) of fabric of a parodont degrade.

Symptoms of periodontosis - bleeding of gums, morbidity when chewing, viscous saliva, an unpleasant smell from a mouth.

Periodontosis often arises at diabetes, other endocrine violations (here not superfluous would be to pay attention and to a thyroid gland), at chronic diseases of internals. In the trigger of development of periodontosis each of great variety of external and internal irritants can play the leading role.

I now the phrase which you, dear reader, can consider as an inappropriate joke:

Many researches devoted to pathogenesis of periodontosis reflect three main concepts which explain pathogenetic mechanisms of an illness: the theory of a nervizm of I. P. Pavlov, vegetativno - gormonalno - the humoral theory of F. Gough and the hormonal theory of G. Selye. According to the theory of a nervizm, the main role in development of this pathology is assigned to the central nervous system (CNS) and its highest department - a cerebral cortex. Developing of a disease Pavlov connected with change reflex - adaptive reaction of nervous system to influence of adverse factors of external and internal environment …

… In total - everything, the head around goes from all these theories and reactions! Let`s try somehow more simply. What for action of adverse factors? And here it: vascular disorders and metabolic disorders, a lack of proteins, mineral substances and vitamins, endocrine frustration, diseases of nervous system, pathology of internals and a lot of things are many other things …

generally, clear. And what there experts tell about local factors? From them move to the forefront: insufficient hygienic care of an oral cavity (clearly, children! - it is necessary to brush teeth!) tooth deposits, surplus of microflora, nasty seals (and “the left crowns“ too!) addictions, the wrong arrangement of bridles of language and lips, traumatic occlusion …

of Feet - stop! What for “traumatic occlusion“ such?! - and this change of articulary balance of teeth of the lower and top jaws, the raised load of one teeth - and an underloading of others.

Here, now more - less …

as if dealt With the reasons. We go further. How to treat children - that? Well, except “it is regular to brush teeth“, it needless to say. Massage of gums, the fifth - the tenth, not till it bleeds to be zealous, certainly. Though if the illness quietly “blossomed“, blood from - under gums will exude. Unambiguously.

In - the first, treatment is strict individually, and the dentist, but not the neigbour has to appoint it (unless you were largely lucky, and neighbors have a direct bearing most on the section of medicine under the name stomatology).

Is desirable that the pediatrician, the endocrinologist and the neuropathologist took part in purpose of treatment.

In - the second, the doctor appoints, as a rule, vitamins - and the desensibilizing therapy.

Two words about vitamin therapy: the growing organism needs vitamin C. And also vitamins P, E, A and others. In more detail about them you can look in other articles on this website for now we do note that vitamin therapy has to be carried out 2 - 4 weeks, and it is not necessary to overfeed with vitamins of children. Follow the instruction of the attending physician!

the Desensibilizing therapy. One more obscure concept. It is necessary to remember what is a sensitization: from a Latin “sensibilis“ that means “sensitive“ that is “increase of sensitivity of an organism to influence of any irritants“. By the way, the sensitization is the cornerstone of a number of allergic diseases (but about it as - nibud other time, in other article).

the Scheme of the desensibilizing therapy includes alternation of the terms of application of the preparations (appointed in policlinic, but not chosen by you instinctively in the next commercial drugstore!!!) - for 7 or 10 days. A course of treatment usually - month. At the choice of a preparation the doctor has to consider a condition of nervous system of the child. And still - it is very important! - contraindications often are sharp diseases, including kidneys and a liver, and also possible reactions on scale - globulin.

Now about phytotherapy. Or broths for drink you select infusions for rinsing of a mouth with the doctor or the doctor appoints them. It is not that case when it is possible to experiment though phytotherapy (more precisely, scientific aspects of phytotherapy in particular and medical biology in general) I am engaged the most part of life that you can see on the majority of my sketches on the website “Schools of Life“ (ru/archive/0/n - 30467 / + ru/archive/0/n - 30050 / + ru/archive/0/n - 30044/).

However, you can modestly remind the doctor of the devyasil, an acorus, oak bark, ekhinatsy both prochikhinteresny plants and their parts.

Unlike phytotherapy, here in general you should not be fond of homeopathy. And here we will talk about a diet slightly in more detail!

Value of good nutrition at children`s age, apparently, does not demand proofs. Though some parents are vegetarians “put experiments“ on the children, depriving of them not only veal, a boiled chicken pad, but also elementary meat broth. Kids will grow up - for God`s sake, let choose the vital philosophy! - for now they have to develop well, without turning into pale dystrophic persons.

The food of children has to be various and contain full-fledged proteins, mineral substances, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins B certain ratios.

For children of 7 - 10 years food has to be characterized by the following simple figures: 2400 calories which “appear“ thanks to 80 g of proteins, 75 g of fats, 350 g of carbohydrates.

In 10 - 14 years need for the listed products increases and has to make 2800 - 3100 calories. Food caloric content is replenished now - we remember other figures now: 100 g of proteins, 95 g of fats, 440 g of carbohydrates. the Main, main details of an obligatory diet (without smart recipes) I promise

in the following article - whether “The diet at periodontosis at children is necessary?“