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Whether Megafon is right? Unpleasant situation.

One of numbers Megafon I allowed to use to the brother. It, having gone to Moscow, the Optimum Internet forgot to turn off service - left a sim card at parents. At the beginning of the next month, the operator Megafon, from my account withdrew the remained money for the Optimum Internet in the advance payment, but they were not enough - the debt was formed and number was blocked. Because number is registered on me - the debt, for service which I and who another, used and could not use was, in writing, shown me, so - as the operator deprived of me this opportunity. The paradox turns out... The mobile network operator withdrew from me money for service which it refused to render, having blocked number (?) . I tried by means of the computer, through the Guide Service, to turn off service the Optimum Internet, being afraid that, at replenishment of balance, from me still will withdraw money for other months, for service which nobody used from this number. But not here - that was... Called help service - explained to me that so far number is blocked - service I cannot disconnect. The vicious circle turns out... Here, I think, swindlers! Catch the subscribers in a network, without caring for the reputation, without being afraid to lose the excess subscriber. And recharge I - from me will withdraw still money for the services which are not rendered to me. It was necessary to refuse this number - time me was put in such conditions. Eventually - I to the operator what damage did not cause and my conscience am pure. On the contrary - from me took money for anything...

But, on September 10 to me the message came to other number of Megafon that from the account the amount of 108,3975 rubles in repayment of a debt on the account number such - that is transferred. Checked - really so. Approximately in an hour - the operator again “got of me into a pocket“ - already without any notice, and pulled out 12 more rubles from there... Now I am afraid that will leave absolutely “naked“... So, it is asked for what I could run into debt to the operator if he has to take from me money only for the services provided to me? It is simply offensive for me to pay for anything. Now I have only one desire - to change the numbers Megafon, number of the daughter and parents - for numbers of other operator. Not to be dragged on vessels from - for it. Though someone, perhaps, would arrive quite so. However - in soul there was very unpleasant deposit from such injustice. whether

Is right the operator in a concrete case?

According to “Conditions of rendering communication services“ of MegaFon mobile operator, item 10. 1., - “Fee is made for the volume of services which is actually rendered by the operator...“ According to the same document, the mobile network operator would arrive quite reasonably if, in a type not of enough money on the account of the subscriber - the Optimum Internet, before account replenishment in the sum necessary for payment of this service would refuse to it providing service. At the same time the subscriber would need to confirm the intention to further use this service, i.e. to anew connect it. In this case - the operator, using easy access to accounts of the subscriber, illegally took control of money of the last, without having provided what services instead of the withdrawn sum.

Alexander Mulyukin.