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Cyrus Bulychyov: optimist or fatalist?

In the preface to one of Bulychyov`s books are very correct words: “... The real fantasy is interesting to the reader only when she tells about our problems when it is actual .

It, first of all, is characteristic of a fantasy domestic at which origins Gogol, Alexey Tolstoy, Mikhail Bulgakov who addressed feelings and thoughts of the contemporaries stand. It does not deny the general orientation scientifically at all - fantastic literature of our days in the Future.

The fantasy tries to give answers to questions:

- As we live?.

- Why we live?.

- What happens to us?.

And on the question at issue following from this:

- What with us will be ?

Unlike the fairy tale which conditional characters act in the conditions of a fantastic situation, good a fantasy, doing a fantastic assumption, creating fantastic surroundings, inhabits the movie (or the book) real heroes - recognizable and close to the reader.

Now we will address historical literature.

I can tell with confidence that any well-known or at least the popular historical novel or the movie deals with the same art principle, as a fantasy: a reconstruction of an image interesting to the reader, the living, modern hero in fantastic surroundings.

Historians can as much as necessary and it is quite fair to criticize Alexey Tolstoy for the novel “Pyotr the First“ where a historical background - language, psychology of characters, life details etc. - is recreated very conditionally, for the sake of the solution of the main art task - a molding of human character. People, their acts this novel is strong.

“Andrey Rublyov“ of Andrey Tarkovsky is vulnerable from the point of view of severity of the historical truth. Was interested Tarkovsky other: our eternal problems, essence of the human relations.

Also pay attention as naturally Tarkovsky at the same stage of the creative destiny creates “Andrey Rublyov“ and “Solaris“.... Historical work and work fantastic give the chance to the artist, being discharged of a reconstruction of realistic life, to address philosophical problems of life...“

Should tell that Cyrus Bulychyov for many years had reputation of the optimist. Probably, there was a wish to believe that our life nevertheless will change for the better, and light at the end of the tunnel as if not for nothing (one satirist indignantly spoke - why the tunnel, with …, does not come to an end in any way?) …

Sceptics and various fighters for freedom sometimes reproached it, hanging a label of “the writer of stagnation“ (would try to create at least one standing story). In vain. To everyone - the. Cyrus Bulychyov appeared as a result of the rights. On all hundred. And sceptics, having left ranks of dissidents, organically joined other ranks, held posts of presidents and began to fight against opposition. So furiously. Them energy yes to the peace course.

Yes, very much differently people understand freedom. Often running the personal liberty into freedoms of other people - close and far.

And here at this moment when it was not forbidden to be the optimist, the writer offered readers a number of pessimistic opuses. If he was more similar to all those sceptics, then would print all this davny - long ago in “the free democratic press“ and would come from there to advise the intellectuals (at the same time and all the rest) as she should live. The phrase from the talented movie said by the talented actor is remembered: “I you will force to be happy!!“.

Cyrus Bulychyov not from those who forced.

Having thrown off, figuratively speaking a mask of the optimist under which there was a face of the optimist, the writer put on the fatalist`s mask. He wanted to live in free society (free from much now and, unfortunately, sometimes from honor, conscience and other useful properties), but he was not sure that the destiny will give it such opportunity for long time.

... And time remained less and less. Time and forces which are taken away by the rising old age and diseases. It was reflected in its last works penetrated by shrill grief and aspiration to open for us truth - let and by means of receptions of a fantasy. Bulychyov since 1989 worked on the big novel which had to consist of many parts, many volumes. The name of the novel is symbolical - “River Chronos“.

For the life he was in time a lot of things. And how many remained in plans, in thoughts?.

Cyrus Bulychyov died at the beginning of September, 2003 (in the morning, 5 - go numbers), on the eve of opening of the international festival of a fantasy “Zvyozdny Bridge“ where waited for it, hoped to see once again … It seems to

, the answer to the question which is taken out in the first heading is obvious: Igor Vsevolodovich - Cyrus Bulychyov - created both for adults, and for children as the best representatives of mankind promising to become over time quite good adults.

Probably, it is more reasonable to listen not to sceptics or critics, and to admirers of talent of the Master.

Whatever you may say, and in army of admirers fantastically kind, sincere, sincere - the presents - Cyrus Bulychyov`s stories, in this army of deserters do not happen.