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Cyrus Bulychyov: how pseudonyms and characters are born?

... Here we also come back to prose. From humdrum of life - to just good prose.

Soon after fantastic stories also the novel “Last War“ in which there was first rather constant hero that the author afforded extremely seldom was written.

Background is as follows: in 1967 the Round the world magazine sent the writer to “cruise“ across very cool Northern Sea Route on the Segezha bulk carrier. In the Kara Sea the ship broke the screw and, having beaten out from the schedule and all terms, was dragged to Dickson where got stuck very for a long time. Flight was internal, quiet. Employees of intelligence agencies (for example, KGB) in similar “cruises“ did not get.

Cyrus Bulychyov shared the cabin intended for some important person with the artist sent to the Arctic to imprint valorous work of the Soviet seamen, and the appeared person boring.

Other seamen were wonderful children, but very drinking sometimes excessively - both concerning cold weather, and concerning the broken screw. Bulychyov made friends with the ship doctor, Slava Pavlyshom. It was promoted by slow conversations during research of desert vicinities of Dickson and Khatanga.

And here the feeling of the Arctic open spaces giving few chances to survive to the person, feeling of solid ship team, character of seamen, situations onboard flowed in the first fantastic novel somehow by itself.

Another “a constant subject“ of the writer - the town the Great Gusla player too having the prototype geographical. And too at the level of associations, no more.

Somehow there went Cyrus Bulychyov with friends to Vologda, and from there to Velikiy Ustyug which left just indelible impression. The town literally fascinated the writer. Also it should happen, on one of streets (at the time of stay of the writer in the city) there was a failure - the piece of a pavement “went“ down, in some ancient course.

And to Bulychyov the Great Gusla player dreamed … The green court yard surrounded with two-storeyed houses; at a mighty table people in undershirts “slaughter a goat“ (by the way, in 68 stories and stories about the Great Gusla player his characters too quite often play dominoes), the pharmacist in a drugstore, the strange shaggy cheerful citizen with a kite an armpit, the old man with whom the writer got to talking in the dining room and which claimed that in Ustyug under each street underpasses and treasures … the center of action So was born

. And so fictional biographies of inhabitants began to develop. And the first guslyarsky story in Bulgaria, in the town of Borovets, under a ring of hand bells of the sheep who are coming back from the Alpine meadows was written. Bulychyov who was in mountains by the invitation of friends composed the fantastic story for the Kosmos magazine. So the first guslyarsky history was issued in Bulgarian.

By the way, Cyrus Bulychyov took names of characters from the “Telephone book of the city of Vologda“ for 1913 presented to it by the cleverest and charming Elena Sergeyevna, the former director of the Vologda museum. So Cornelius Udalov together with the wife Ksenia, the old man Lozhkin, Sasha Grubin and professor Mintz “were born“.

The pseudonym of the writer appeared approximately during that “dinozavrovy“ time, almost along with the first fantastic story “When Dinosaurs Died Out“ published in the Iskatel magazine.

We will address the primary source, the playful quote of the author about circumstances in which environment the pseudonym was born: “Well, there will be a fantastic story. Will read it at institute. Also it will become clear that the junior researcher only yesterday protected about whom it is known that he ran away from collective farm shirked vegetable warehouse … also writes a fantasy!. Generally, I was frightened. And one minute thought up to himself a pseudonym: Cyrus - on behalf of the wife, and Bulychyov - from a surname of mother“.

We will remember also Igor Vsevolodovich`s words about gradual emergence of idea of a fantastic cycle about the girl from the future Alice Seleznyovoy (the kind one hundred fairy tales of this cycle was published in one and a half tens remarkable books - remarkable and adored by children, and also their parents): “… In our family the daughter was born. She was named Alice. Alice grew, and here she learned to read. And then I thought: and what she will read?.

To our children to live in the twenty first century, to fly to stars, to open new planets, but that they will read when they learn everything about the Baba-yaga and Kashchey? Perhaps they will read nothing? Will watch video, to chew “snickers“ and will do without books? I did not agree with it and decided to try to write stories for children who will become adults in next century“.

Next century came. Children grew up - talented, courageous, quite educated, mostly fair - and not least because of wonderful stories of Cyrus Bulychyov. It is a pity only that the space brotherhood and flights in space almost did not develop. On the contrary - much good of what was safely collapsed together with not really good.

Adults with it “… we will raze something to the ground, and then …“ whether touched, whether overdid. And it leaves “then“ now - from time to time the devil knows as leaves! We warn at once: there is no fault of the great writer here. He - did that part properly, unlike some.

So, the third millennium came. And new generations of children, of course, will read and re-read excitedly wonderful books about space adventures of the brave girl Alice - to read excitedly, the same as their mothers and fathers read, being only going to grow up, but already directing to stars!

Literally two words about Bulychyov as about the scientist - the historian. Books on the stories written by Igor Vsevolodovich - “Pirates, corsairs, raiders“, “Medea`s competitors (women - murderers)“, “Awards“, “A riddle of 1185. Russia - the East - the West“ and others - the most fascinating reading (the popular word “reading matter“ seems to me here inappropriate) and for students - historians, and just for students, and in general for many adults considering themselves (at least in soul) young people.

We will note especially that the subject of “Medea`s Competitors“ has something in common with four books from the most fascinating cycle about the agent 003 Intergalaktichesky polices Cora Orvat, and especially with the fantastic novel “Attempt at Theseus“ (by the way, in one of these books there is “binding“ to that “guslyarsky“ series - for example, the girl Cora`s mother, appears, had a surname of Udalov - probably, she is “guslyarsky“ Cornelius`s great-granddaughter).

Dynamics, squall of events is better fashionable Hollywood “action“, the irony beating on the spot, and times laughter through tears and that, real that it is inherent only in high literature, Slavic, east or western, all the same (truth - it also is truth, it borders between the states - not a barrier)!

All this can be embodied in the future (the word - for masters of the film industry) in tremendous scripts of wonderful movies which can become among “Patrols“ and “Lords of the Rings“... And perhaps, and to press them!

Be continued.