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Cyrus Bulychyov: writer children`s or adult?

the Real name of the writer - Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheyko. He was born on October 18, 1934 in Moscow, near Pure ponds, and at the first opportunity moved to the romantic Arbat.

Remembered school days (Igor Mozheyko joked somehow) badly because was an average pupil, but all summer vacation deeply sank down in memory. And, when graduated from school, it was sure that will be learned on the paleontologist, however as the fates decree got on translation faculty of Institute of foreign languages. For now studied there and went to hikes, Stalin died, there came the new era, and it turned out that abroad there are other countries.

In 1957 when Igor Mozheyko successfully finished the higher education, the need appeared in translators in all remote corners of Earth. And then all graduates who managed to marry by then were dispatched to the remote countries.

Our hero got on construction to exotic Burma. (Actually, only Burma, but not construction was exotic.) “… It turned out that our country is not lonely on Earth at all, and there are a lot more states with which it is possible not only to be at enmity, but also to be on friendly terms. Many freedom-loving, hardworking and progressive former colonies which do not need to be helped divorced … We build in Burma Institute of technology, modern hotel, hospital in mountains, in Taundzhi. And Burma gives us in reply the corresponding amount of rice“.

In two years, having come back home, future writer came to postgraduate study of Institute of oriental studies, to Hugo`s department - East Asia. In “History of Burma“. Especially occupied its splendid state Pagan existing in the valley of the river Irrawaddy in the XI-XIII centuries.

In 1960 familiar to mother brought the young graduate student into the Round the world magazine which in 60 - e was the wonderful edition, and remarkable people worked there. Exactly here the first sketch about Burma was issued. Five years later Igor Mozheyko`s story the “Hospitality debt“ which was officially called as the translation from Burmese was published in the same wonderful magazine, and somebody appeared the author Maun Seyn Dzhi. (By the way, according to the knowing people, Cyrus Bulychyov the first serious art story - the story for children - considered “A sword of the general Bandula“. Action of this history is developed in Burma the middle of the last century, that is in almost modern Burma.)

At the beginning of 1960 - x Igor Mozheyko, being already quite diplomaed historian - the orientalist, worked in Iraq and West - the African Ghana washed by waters of the Gulf of Guinea. Future writer for one and a half years came back to Burma where added the thesis, and to the middle 60 - x years, having reached Christ`s age, having for a long time endured Lermontov, nothing cardinal - as to it seemed - did not create. He was a keen reader of a fantasy, but not the writer yet.

And here, in 1965 Igor Mozheyko created the first fantastic stories about the girl Alice from the XXI century. The purpose - to find ways to the children`s literature adequate to the generations growing at the TV screen, and then the computer - was reached. Let`s add, as the way to children`s hearts was found.

And here the first “adult“ work appeared incidentally. In the Iskatel magazine (the appendix to mentioned earlier “Round the world“) in 1967 there was a work involving all hands: censorship “killed“ the American translated story. “In a gloom of centuries“ it was hidden what the story was, but to it with a circulation of 300 thousand copies it was already printed color (and it is expensive and at present, hi-tech and somewhere inflationary!) cover. Of course, it was accident …

Then all gathered and solved - it is necessary to write in a night the story on a cover. The task is not so simple. Judge for yourself - the chair, on a chair a big can, and in it - a dinosaur is drawn. What to do? Cyrus Bulychyov spent sleepless night, and … history was published in the magazine soon: in one of editions receive the telegram - the dinosaur is caught! Alive. Turmoil begins, on a railway platform the cage is constructed. And meanwhile there is a press photographer who sent the telegram. Appears with a can in hands. In bank - the live brontosaur, is slightly larger than a solid lizard. No, antediluvian dinosaurs did not die out! But strongly crushed … the Story printed

. It is difficult to believe, but the fact demonstrating deep modesty of the writer is that till 1982 at Institute, except for two - three friends, nobody knew about “a writing sin“ of the research associate.

And in 1982 Cyrus Bulychyov received to Gospremy for the script for the fallen in love audience to movies “Secret of the Third Planet“ and “Through Thorns to Stars“. In newspapers the pseudonym collected from names of family members was foully opened. A secret was revealed, and chiefs, having learned truth (I ask not to confuse to a formula “having learned truth“!.) ran to demand “taking measures“ to the director of Institute.

Fortunately, the director had rather developed sense of humour (both feeling of conscience, and, probably, a set of other very high qualities) therefore he said the historical phrase: “Implements the plan? Carries out. Here let carries out it further“. Since then Cyrus Bulychyov continued to implement the plan and to create wonderful books.

By the way, except movies “Through Thorns to Stars“ and “Comet“, were - in cooperation with directors Richard Viktorov and Roman Kochanov - remarkable animated films (well-loved by children and adults who are, in confidence, no other than the grown-up children) “Two tickets to India“ and “Secret of the third planet“ are created. Later the writer managed to work with such good directors as G. Daneliya, P. Arsenov, Yu. Moroz, V. Tarasov and others.

All scripts for 20 movies, including short films were written. But in recent years Cyrus Bulychyov departed from cinema - whether rate of life so changed, whether movies began to be shot others …

So far we see only books for Cyrus Bulychyov`s children (and only one history for adults) - but further it will be more interesting!

Be continued.