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“Negotiations went in Bern …“ - and in Trebizond!

Millions of people perfectly remember the phrase “Negotiations went in Bern …“ from cult as now it is fashionable to speak, the movie “17 moments of spring“.

About half a million citizens remember it from Yulian Semyonov`s book.

I only several thousands of grateful readers know that there is this phrase and in Igor Vsevolodovich Mozheyko`s book (a literary pseudonym - Cyrus Bulychyov) “River Chronos“ - in that its part that “Return from Trebizond“ is called.

Of course, you understand that all this “introduction“ - only the occasion to talk in more detail about the book, frankly speaking, is not enough parallels with that movie! Unless Switzerland - and a set of secret parapolitical intrigues of leaders and other leaders which are now perceived, to put it mildly, ambiguously. And, you see, not without the bases!

However, and Germany where wonderfully well the working Soviet people legendary Stierlitz so nicely worked, in the book enough attention is paid. So far as it concerned Russia.

“… the Germans tempted with a devil of revolution, mister Ganetsky believed in the fact that these Bolsheviks will disorganize the Russian state soon - then it will be possible to take the Ukrainian steppes barehanded.

Ganetsky did not deceive. Before failing, the German empire without any advantage for itself gobbled up a half of Russia.

Negotiations went in Bern … and most of emigrants lived in kinder, cozy Zurich. When from Berlin cabled that the protocol is signed, Vladimir Ilyich rushed to the room, began to throw in a thing suitcase...“ - on the first train Ulyanov were in time.

Warsaw well remembers Ganetsky - Yakov Stanislavovich exactly there brightly proved in 1905 - 1907, and by right it is considered the participant of revolution. In 1907 - m he was elected the member of the Central Committee RSDRP, and died in 1937 - m (forgot, whether naturally?) having worked also in Narkomfin, Vneshtorge, and in the Museum of Revolution of the USSR - the director. Well Let it pass, Ganetsky - further he, apparently, will not be published in the book any more.

“… The first train Ulyanov were in time to Bern. There, in People`s house, their friends and acquaintances - Zinovyev, Usiyevichi, nervous and attractive Inessa of Armande, violent March, stubborn Dan, Olga Ravich, Kharitonov, Rozenblyum, Abramovich from Sho - - the Background and just Abramovich, Mikh Tskhakaya, Sokolniki already gathered, Radek - shone socialist thought, rebels, conspirators, dreamers …“

Hardly in the most dreadful dreams these dreamers, including Caucasian Tskhakiya, could uyavit to themselves gray and bloody consequences of revolution in the form of paradoxical “it is optimistical - gloomy“ tyrannies of other Georgian - Iosif Dzhugashvili!.

the Car was smart, there were even cooks put to socialists. Friedrich Platten is the Swiss socialist, solid mister accepted in Embassy of Germany - took care also of them the day before when he signed with Germans the agreement under which the German side undertook to take revolutionaries through the territory.

“… In terms of agreement there was a number of curious points on which did not expatiate in due time. Enemies of socialists because they were not known, and socialists because did not want publicity. In the agreement it was said that everyone, irrespective of their views of war goes. In their car has no right to enter any German official or the military without the permission of Platten. Any control, any check of baggage - if Russians also carry bombs, they will be able to use only on that side of border. Socialists undertake to get in an exchange for themselves several German prisoners … The last point turned the agreement into the transaction, rather gumenny, than political character …“

Socialists enjoyed life, joked, laughed and had a snack - many of them ate the last time very poorly. Many, but not all.

“is to you, Ilyich, not the deaf-and-dumb Swede, - Zinovyev who knew about unfulfilled plans of Vladimir Ilyich to go through Germany under the guise of the deaf-and-dumb Scandinavian laughed.

I Lenin agreed that that, rejected, the plan was aventurine - any accident, a mention, a mistake could lead to arrest. And suddenly Ilyich would be taken for the English spy?

All laughed at such opportunity, and Radek even drew a caricature - against the Cologne cathedral two hefty German agents conduct crooked Lenin in prison, and on a breast at it the plate: “Agent of artful Albion“.

Lenin long was by the window … near clean houses of Germany so lovely to his heart only old men or disabled people - war already of a podskrebl the last remains of men were visible. Even in fields women and children worked. Germany was close to the end of the forces, the patience, and Lenin, without knowing still that it waits for it at home, began to reflect on revolution in Germany - revolution the easiest rises where the patience of the people is on an extreme limit …“

Soon socialists came to be in Stockholm. To Russia - one step.

of the Russian companions were met by the Swedish colleagues. “Travelers“ were brought into the hall decorated with red flags - there and there was cozy, respectable, quite western type a meeting. All of us remember that the word “meeting“ is meant first of all just by “meeting“.

A went then Finland - Russian - almost native landscapes rushed towards to windows of the car of the third class - smelled then and sausage.

cooks, alas, was not This time. But, as the Swedish companions supplied socialists with white loaf, sausage and an other yum-yum, citizens revolutionaries did not vanish.

“Emigrants were divided into groups and destroyed supplies. The car was filled with the teasing aroma of foreign food that separated emigrants from, local“.

Before station Beloostrov on a platform froze meeting, and among them the sister Lenina. After the first pleasure of a meeting the difficult brother asked it a question:

“- We will be arrested?. We will be surely arrested.

- I do not think, - Maria Ilyinichna authoritatively answered“.

Here Peter!. To the building of the station socialists became hollow noisy cheerful crowd - but right there their mood slightly changed:

“… Doors already had guard. Some of emigrants felt a chill in a breast - it was similar to arrest.

But from small group of people in the center of badly lit hall separated mister in a black coat with a velvet collar. He removed a kettle and moved towards arrived.

- I am glad to welcome homecoming of our recognized fighters for freedom! - hoarsely he exclaimed.

In the speech of the speaker was felt the Caucasian accent.

the Speech of the chairman of Petrograd council of working and soldier`s deputies Georgian socialist Chkheidze was short and corresponded to the moment. Lenin who did not take out Chkheidze since party split twirled by the head, noting all trifles so habitual already to residents of Petrograd, but new at his tenacious look. And the fact that guard is armed and well dressed, but without shoulder strap and what women in Petrograd follow the fashion and how Chkheidze …“ grew thin and grew old

… And here the meeting went not according to the scenario:

“- That there, on the square? - Lenin to Chugunov turned back. - You brought together people?

- There several hundreds of people.

- I will Say!

- But not all came to meet you, - naive Chugunov who will not promote in party and the state answered. - Here March!

Lenin was lop-sided on Martov who already wound the turning gray mane, expecting when he is able adequately and beautifully to answer Chkheidze`s greeting...“

… Ulyanov jerked forward - loudly told “thanks!“ also shook hands with the hated Georgian. Having crumpled thus Martov`s celebration, promptly “the leader acquiring revolutionary flesh“ jumped out of the hall on station steps. It was, of course, not on - friendly in relation to other emigrants, but - the time of the Geneva discussions ended.

“- Above! - Lenin told. - I cannot speak from here - me it is not visible.

- We prepared the car, - Chugunov told. - Companion Kerensky always acts from the car.

- Nonsense! The car is insufficiently high, - Lenin told. - It is whose armored car? Not hostile?

- Is sent by Council for protection, - Chugunov told.

- Here from there I will also tell the speech!

- Well you, Vladimir Ilyich, you will hurt, - Chugunov told.

- Volodya, you will surely fall, - Maria Ilyinichna told. - Start up

speaks Sokolniki. It is younger and stronger, - Inessa told Armande.

Vladimir Ilyich only waved away from them. All of them are friends, relatives, close people - remained in yesterday - in emigration, in way, in theoretical debate. Only Lenin saw in the dark, tired of expectation, but waiting nevertheless crowd that force which only he can grab and hold in hand … then it is invincible!

you Will unclench a fist for a minute - she will escape and will gobble up you.

I is an understanding, this FEELING of CROWD did it strongest who surrounded it and resisted to it.

… And he told the speech!.“

passed Night in a mansion of the mistress of grand dukes - the ballerina Kshesinskaya. And early in the morning accompanied by the sister and the wife Vladimir Ilyich went to Volkovo a cemetery.

Tam it stood before graves - that`s all that remained from mother, from the sister Olya.

“… as the person bourgeois, firm family foundations, Lenin felt deeply guilty to mother and Olenka … And he sincerely regretted that mother could not live till these days - and it could not be on ischerchenny beams of searchlights of the square in front of the Finnish station where it safely snatched out all honor and glory of a meeting at the rivals.

Mummy died … humiliated with circulations on indifferent and stupid high instances, begging for the brother`s life, then for him, Volodina, freedom … She still would live and lived if not these Romanov if not the mean car created by them if …

Tonight, standing on an armored car and seeing under itself the thrown-back blue faces of hundreds of people in darkness he understood that he took one more step to VENGEANCE“.

We will leave Vladimir Ilyich here - especially as he still will seem on pages of the book - lateral branches of Romanov, by the way, too.

Well God with them, Vladimir Ilyich, Romanov - at all at them a hand up to an elbow in blood (we will remember at least Khodynka - nearly one and a half thousand innocently murdered, crushed by the enraged crowd - and what it was worth listening to councils of skilled fighting officers, and to divide the area tapes of soldiers, ordering, without serious consequences dissecting faceless weight that it was torn to free gingerbreads) - except for, of course, young offsprings. But imperial children were killed almost at all times revolutions - both in the east, and in the West. Here Russia caused a stir in nothing special.

Is a pity only for the servant who refused to leave an imperial family, and died together with all - did not canonize its church only for some reason. And, on my understanding, it - that first of all …

God to them the judge - Romanov, Lenina - we will return for a minute to the smooth current of the narration of remarkable clever and slightly sad book. Let`s return to so-called simple people - they the main fabric of the narration, the main subject line.

Here we have Crimean Robin Hood - Oglou (a joke, only a conversation fragment):

“- … That`s it, - Ahmet was delighted. - I forgot how he was called, and it is inconvenient to ask. I am Robin Hood Yalta.

the Droshky quickly swept on the road to Yalta curling in the pine wood …

- I am a fighter for freedom, - Ahmet told, - and do not laugh! I went to the wood to try to obtain justice to return the Crimea to those who always inhabited it!

- to Scythians or Sarmatians?.“

is enough For today.

farther will be more interesting. And in advance “to show cards“ - all the same what to tell friends who in detective series are the real criminal.

Especially as this book - “Return from Trebizond“ - can be carried to a genre of both the detective story, and adventures, and even a peculiar fairy tale for adults … But first of all - to a genre of the most interesting historical sketch - let art, not quite documentary. But so it is even better!. I can only sincerely wish to you to find

it So far - the book - considering that it is not on sale, apparently, any more. Unless casual copies in the spontaneous book market.

… And still I will wish you good luck!