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In transit in Brest - what to look at interesting?

you forgive, but I will dare to be very biased. Because this city - my native I also love it so that after two years of study I in capital higher education institution, did not sustain and ran away back. And I in a root will not agree with Paustovsky who called Brest flat and gray. Anything similar! At least, not now.

Last year Brest celebrated the 990 - the anniversary. It on a mention in chronicles. As excavation testifies, the city can throw safely with one hundred - another. But nevertheless that is considered official date that is recorded documentary. Therefore festive maraft in the city began already now. A year ago, having returned from the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea, I did not learn the hometown - in two weeks it changed cardinally, having added the shape several lovely amazing strokes which adequately entered a city treasury. So, seven places which should be visited in Brest.

1. Brest fortress. to Visit here and not to see it - means, to commit a crime against itself. And I recommend to visit not only the wide and licked Tseremonialov Square with a bayonet - an obelisk, an eternal flame and two monumental sculptures. It is better to study the card and to make the way on the territory of the former military unit on Kobrinsky strengthening. Thanks to military, this territory kept spirit of 30 - 40 years. For this reason this area became the main place of shootings joint Belarus - the Russian movie “Brest Fortress“. Or it is possible to pass Holmsky gate and to get on the Volynsk strengthening on which the hospital (the truth, in very bad condition) and one of the former barracks where nowadays there is a monastery remained. On Volynsk strengthening it is necessary to visit one more place by all means. It …

2. Archaeological museum “Berestye“. Speak, it is the unique museum in which wooden constructions of the first city remained. Initially it by tradition was under construction at confluence - the Western Bug and Mukhavts, later began to extend on the island formed by two sleeves of Mukhavts. And when began to build the Brest fortress, in general transferred the city to two kilometers of vostochny. Nevertheless, at the end of 70 - x years of the XX century scientists dug out the ancient city in which outlines of wooden constructions and streets remained. Later on this place the museum was also formed.

3. Fifth fort. Is branch of the museum of Defense of the Brest fortress. But actually strongly differs from more visited memorial complex. Here you will not meet traditional museum pieces, but will feel how in the concreted strengthenings there lived soldiers - to go on dark underground passages intriguingly - terribly, and traces from bullets eloquently remind of those fights that they went here. However, with himself by all means it is necessary to take small lamps and heat to put on.

4. Museum of railway equipment. In Brest very much like to shoot historical film. Thanks to the unique museum of engines where it is possible to find rail transport of different types and eras. Is a match for equipment, in several kilometers from Brest the railway stations constructed at the time of imperial Russia remained untouched.

5. Pedestrian street. It carries very ordinary name - Soviet though was divided into two earlier and was called Police and Million. Pedestrian it was made relatively recently - about 30 years ago, and since then this favourite place for youth promenades. A year ago to the street added more charm, having established a monument of the Millennium here and having employed real …

6. City lamplighter. Every day this person lights on Soviet lamps. In the summer as soon as begins to darken, near the place of its work crowds of children which chase the lamplighter while he does the work gather - with the forged ladder important approaches each lamp and lights a kerosene match. Of course, thus not all lamps on the street but only within one quarter are lit. But after the last lamp in its territory will be lit, fires at all Soviet light up. Improbable show!

7. Levanevsky Street. it has several features. In - the first, it conducts straight to city park. In - the second, it began to be built up in 20 - 30 - e years when Brest was the Polish city. The street is built up with farmstead houses in style of the Polish Is dug. Approaching this street, on a main square of the city you by all means will see the historical building. Nowadays - regional executive committee. The structure is known on documentary shots of a newsreel - near it in September, 1939 there took place joint parade sovetsko - fascist troops.

Seven places are a little. I chose only the main, without having seen which, you will not be able to tell that you really were in Brest and experienced this city.