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Garbage removal in Moscow of

Today the subject of ecology has abstract character. The ecology is a science which studies life of different organisms (plants, animals and the person) in their habitat, and also their interaction among themselves.

Each organism, be it: the person, an animal, an insect or a plant in the course of the life influences environment. Waste product of plants is oxygen, bees produce honey, the person in the course of the activity leaves many substances which, which we got used to call garbage or waste.

The problem of fight against garbage waste exists for a long time and completely is not solved and today. The quantity of household waste collects and grows annually. New landfills are under construction, and already existing considerably extend.

At the time of the Soviet Union the city authorities were engaged in garbage removal and waste disposal, but now a significant amount of construction debris and household waste (MSW) gathers, taken out and processed not by city services, but the private companies which occupied the niche in this field of activity. Garbage removal is a profitable business, respectively the market of rendering services in garbage removal has fierce competition. Today only in Moscow more than one hundred companies are engaged in export of garbage waste, and no it apart from private traders and small offices which take out exclusively construction debris and is had by licenses for garbage removal and waste of the I-V classes of danger.

One of the large companies on garbage removal in Moscow is the LLC Laurence company. LLC Laurence renders services in garbage removal, the municipal solid waste (MSW) and industrial wastes since 1998, and has all allowing normative documents and licenses. In property of the company big vehicle fleet of specialized equipment. All garbage trucks have the admission in the center that substantially allows to carry out services in garbage removal at the highest level. For years of existence of the company, tens of the large enterprises and construction companies of the city of Moscow became her clients. LLC Laurence - Garbage removal at the modern level!