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What could be St. Petersburg? About people and about animals of

we Will continue our virtual travel on “twin-city“ of St. Petersburg. Began it - in the previous part.

Infrastructure (continuation)

Separately should telling

about water supply.

Sixth difference: water in a usual water tap - drinking, near the crane is available even a special support for glasses. On personal experience I can confirm that water is really transparent, has no smack and it is really suitable for drink.

the Seventh difference is supermarkets. No, by quantity of grades of cheese or sausage our country already quite at the European level. But here that surprised - going on shopping center, get to a supermarket, more precisely, absolutely imperceptibly it appear there.

Why it is imperceptible? Very simply - on an entrance to a supermarket there are neither iron protections, nor turnstiles, nor protection posts. Everything is opened: on the one hand an entrance, from other cash desk. There is no left-luggage office for bags which I on a habit looked for also. Probably, here it is not accepted to steal products or to run away with them, it is difficult to tell. Though in the supermarket nevertheless there are inscriptions warning about video surveillance. But in general the atmosphere of trust to the buyer causes only positive emotions.

the Eighth difference concerns more likely vacation spots, it is shown in the photo below. Who can guess, what is it? there is no

, it is not the wood, it … a zoo in the downtown at all. The part of park is fenced, on eminences paths for visitors are laid, and in such here conditions there live animals.

On a photo of so small size it is not visible, but readers can take the word that on a boulder on the sun the wolf sleeps. And on animals in such conditions strikingly other than close iron cages of our zoos, it is really pleasant to look.


the Ninth difference - the relation of the government to the people which is visible even in trifles. As our guide told, once in a local supermarket she found some revival which reason was explained by the following: to a supermarket the king arrived behind purchases in person. It is interesting whether it is possible to present such picture in our country? Probably, if our dear President also decides to come to a usual supermarket, it will be blocked for visitors in a half a day before, and in addition will block also couple of nearby streets for the period of arrival of the high-ranking official … Probably, the respect and love of the people to the government begins with such here trifles.

However, it is enough about the government, it is more interesting to talk about ordinary people.

the Last difference which wants to be noted - people appreciate inviolability of personal space of each other. On the street nobody jumps up closely and puts advertizing in hands, even in shops there are no importunate sellers who at us follow on heels, and is unclear, whether seek “to push“ something more expensive, whether watch that something was not stolen. Even in the museum the ubiquitous grandmothers who are sitting at us in each room and watching visitors are not visible.

Surprised also the fact that on the street practically nobody uses cell phones. It only at us “trills“ are heard from all directions and every third, probably, is the important agent who is urgently transferring important information to the Center. Really, whether so urgent calls are so often necessary to shout at all street, outvoicing noise of cars in a tube? About exclusively “our“ feature to say by phone so that it is heard on all bus, even there is no wish to mention …

On it the short review of differences wants to be finished though, certainly, he is not stout.

For example, it is possible to note still that in hotel as a key the cardboard card with a bar code which affects only the given term is used, and at the end of it it is possible just to throw out, it is not necessary to spend time for delivery of keys.

It is possible to note that even on the ferry going to the neighboring country is not present on an entrance of verification of passports, and landing of passengers goes quicker, than by our train St. Petersburg-Moscow where conductors will surely verify all figures of the passport, trying to discover, probably, enemy agents …

Can be mentioned about purity, the number of ballot boxes and toilets on streets …

About absence on the street of big dogs. Really, whether so pertinently to support a wolfhound in the city apartment?

Yes however, not important, I hope, it is quite enough above-mentioned to transfer the atmosphere of how it is possible to live and what it is necessary to aspire to.

Though all - I cannot pass by an amusing episode - in city park it was succeeded to see a chain here of such vehicles.

If who is not aware, these are completely automated pass - the electric cars Segway, cost of everyone of about 10 thousand dollars. The fact that it is possible to see them freely in park speaks about much too … In St. Petersburg I, for example, did not see any.

In end there is a wish to note that, despite external similarity, the cities were really very different. So there is a lot of all these trifles that they also form, probably, the whole layer called by culture. Which is measured not by ostentatious gilding of palaces, monuments and the number of theaters on square kilometer which is concluded in mentality, which in us.

With regret it is necessary to recognize that to a rank of the real European cultural capital of St. Petersburg it is necessary to pass still very big way. But, probably, in the long term it is quite solvable, and depends, first of all, on residents, on us …

the Author hopes that this article will set readers thinking and, maybe, though will a little bring closer our country to more civilized and worthy future. For 90% it depends only on inhabitants.

PS: The author deliberately does not call the city which photos are provided in this article. For those who are interested in geography information to find its name, it is quite enough.