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What power psychiatric diagnoses have? Part 2

If we try to escape “on - to the adult“, somehow to explain to itself and surrounding the inadequacy though, but rescue from sincere chaos definiteness of the diagnosis can become temporary.

Even the most not very comforting sentence everything is gives us though some stability. Gives the long-awaited soil under legs. Fixes an internal form. In the diagnosis there is a list of symptoms. Signs which make related you with the same sufferers as you. Yours the loneliness and confusion come to an end. Also there is a hope that you will be “cured“. Will relieve of torments.

You can begin to tell seriously what you are a paranoid or the hysteric woman, or depressive. To begin to be interested vividly scientifically - popular or quite serious articles about the reasons, the course and opportunities of treatment of “illness“. By the way, interest in psychology and desire to become in this area the professional grows sometimes from an urgent need “to receive medical treatment“. To find instruments of the self-help and self-support. Well and “to a heap“ also others to try to support and treat.

In the basis of this version there are still facts that all great opening in psychology are made by such … far people from sincere steadiness. Freud, Jung, Lakan, Adler, Eriksson, Perlz. Everyone - with “cockroaches“. Having tamed whom, they became capable to offer the world real ways of a survival in the internal conflicts.

Mentality of the person for me - as a picture from a mosaic. In which there are many different pieces. If all these pieces together make - first of all, on the person - the impression “whole“ - means, with the person more and more than less as it should be. If suddenly they begin to be confused and scattered, or one - two fragments eclipse all the rest and such picture is fixed for a long time - yes, there can be a problem here. And diagnoses in all the definiteness, in my opinion, only aggravate this problem.

In each of us there are different lines. All of us from time to time, depending on what happens to us in life are both schizoid, and maniacal, and hysterical, and depressive, and paranoyalny. And obsessivno - compulsive too. But here key - from time to time, in the context of reality.

When studied in University on a course on psychiatry, precisely found at itself traces of all psychotic states - except a patrimonial fever. It was frightened first, then together with fellow students had fun. The remarkable MMPI test for all times gave me peaks on an isteroidny and disturbing scale. Well, sometimes I like to show myself - the clear head and the beauty. Well, I am anxious often excessively. Darlings (read - the most unconscious) protection - hyper control and regress.

And what? I think that my personal therapy was just directed, first of all, to opening resources of other my parties. And if now sometimes in unconscious acting out on hysterical type also brings me - there are opportunities quickly enough “to get out“ of them. On understanding - what I it now here show it - I do? And what for?

When someone from my clients reads to me “diagnosis“ - begins to tell about himself as schizoid or depressive, first of all, it is interesting to me to find out what meanings of people it gives to the symptoms. For example, called depressive can sit opposite to me in a pose of “low start“, strained by a body and with gloss in eyes to tell about the depression so: “I am sluggish, weak, absolutely flat-out“. But its state which he calls “slackness“ can differ very strongly from mine about it representations. And from what I observe in direct contact with it “here and now“.

I begin to ask: “And you are with me sluggish now?“ And in reply I can hear: “Of course - unless you do not see? And in general - earlier I ran five kilometers in 20 minutes in the morning, and now I need on this distance half an hour“. No comments …

Before taking the diagnosis “on trust“ and to try “to treat“ at once the client, well to try to clear his vital context from which the requirement this diagnosis increased to appropriate. What in his / her life of it occurred that acceptance of such semantic form was the best means to make the life such … taken out.

In each diagnosis there is both a resource, and a trap. The resource is its explanatory part. At the moment of confusion or pain the meanings borrowed by us “Oh! What it it happens to me?! Why I so react?!“ “make out“ experience. Dull suffering. It seems as justify our actions. But then these fixed meanings can turn into a trap. Having got used to convert the feelings only one, in a way chosen by the diagnosis once defined, we drop out of time stream. The situation around us already many times exchanged, and we “pinned“ by the symptoms made to themselves once, time from time give the same reactions … when also the psychologist your diagnosis constantly confirms

A to you - you “stick“ even more and “are fixed“. On the only color - a smell - taste. And other your, quite viable and resource parts, fade into the background.

So, on my feelings, clearing of personal meanings of the diagnosis appropriated by the client - the first step to release from its shell “close“ for today.

- I have a depression.

- How you in yourself define it? What the state for you is? How you live in this state? Why to you such life?

And still questions and questions … to

And if the person is on these questions, at least partially to answer - business of the therapist attentively to assemble the releases card from these answers. Which the person already has. Simply he finds it difficult to read it.

Still a good way to get rid slowly of any fixings and a zhelezobetonnost of protection (read - episodes) - to develop the observing part of mentality. Someone calls it the Adult, someone - the observing part of the Ego, someone choice function. For me is “thread“ which holds a balloon of my mentality in touch with reality. Or this feeling that I at any time can lean on the earth. Both legs. Strongly.

The most real part of our organism - a body. Mentality - in most part - a product of its activity. And the better you feel the body, the simpler to you to understand the corporal feelings. Which are before - feelings and before - emotions.

Initially our corporal feelings are always connected with what now happens to an organism. In the context of its contact with Wednesday. And if to return itself sensitivity here to these primary reactions and to depart from instant - often unconscious, and therefore fast “meanings“ of what now and here occurs - quite possibly to begin to react to life every time in a new way. Spontaneously. And to return itself children`s pleasure of daily opening. Feelings of unpredictability of life. Yes, of course, slightly - slightly frightening. As well as all new. But at the same time and exciting your curiosity. The refreshing your perception.

In conclusion here that I will tell. That with pride and with the basis, full on that, to bear the High name of the Psychiatric Diagnosis you should have his full picture. Which - in psychiatry - consists of three syndromes, in each of which on three symptoms. At the same time the picture has to remain invariable within at least half a year. I.e. your mentality has to be strongly fixed in the states determined by the diagnosis, reactions to world around, forms of protective behavior regardless of the fact that happens to you and around you every day - month - year. And here if you always and react to everything “according to the textbook“ - then yes, is here what to psychiatrists to think of.

But in my psychological practice there are no such clients. And there are people who in some situations, difficult for themselves can be frightened, lost, be upset. Remaining at the same time such … susceptible. Looking for. Live. Though, maybe, sometimes lost in the elections - as when, on as than to react …

A for me experience of confusion is a good opportunity though sometimes to meet in the life something new and is sensitive frightening and still uncertain, but at the same time exciting curiosity and interest. Proving that life goes on in all its variety …