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What power psychiatric diagnoses have? Part 1

seems to me that each person is afraid of madness. With body diseases it is somehow easier for us to reconcile, than with soul diseases. The leg or a hand, or the head hurts you - it your some part just “failed“. But there are you as all - healthy whole. And while there is a feeling of integrity of the organism - you keep an opportunity “to correct malfunctions“. Or - let and with restriction of opportunities - somehow to live further more than less “assembled“.

And madness is a chaos. Loss of reference points in time and space. Feeling that you break up to parts. And these parts with each other are at war. Pull you in the opposite directions. Tear irreconcilability of contradictions of the values, opportunities and desires. The world becomes unpredictable and menacing around. Crowded with dangers from which there is no place to hide. In you - war. And it is difficult for you to identify what you in all this chaos.

Even in such states, in my opinion, to address psychiatrists rather early. Just their patients are quite sure that is with them - everything is all right. Simply “green little men“ loosened Earth. Or angry people refuse to admit the obvious fact that I am Napoleon Bonaparte. Or “divine voices“ sound only in my head because I am an Electee, and all others - wood-grouses and freaks.

If you read this article - is sure, with you more and more than less as it should be? Yes, can be, at you happen sometimes - or it is frequent - vague feelings that there is with you something not so. But you sincerely want to help to cope to yourself with this left from - under control by life. Means, your integrity remains. And precisely there is a healthy part which still in contact with reality.

Everyone can get to a psychotic episode. On overfatigue, a stress, a deep shock, loss of the loved one, in the mountain. In sharp change of living conditions - at divorce, unexpected dismissal, a serious illness close. I think each of us at least once endured this feeling of crash of stability and predictability of the world, the hopes and expectations. Let`s try to understand what is it - a psychotic episode?

Mentality - first of all - the instrument of our communication with reality. If absolutely to simplify, then this communication is realized through perception - data processing - our reaction. On each of these stages there can be “episodes“.

All of us have bodies of perception - they are sense organs. Their of everything - five, and four of these five are in the head. These are eyes, ears, a nose, language. Respectively, for visual, audialny, aromo-and flavoring ways of perception. For tactile perception to we serve skin - the biggest member of the body. Skin - border of contact of our body with environment. And on the one hand, she acts as body of perception, and with another - as body of protection.

Mechanisms of protection are at each body of perception. We can narrow eyes, close ears, “otvorotit“ a nose, slam a mouth. And all this will be corporal devices - manifestations of protective properties and bodies, and mentalities. Because both the baby, and the aged man know that the reality can be dangerous. The menacing physical and mental integrity of our organism. Frightening. And “fears and horrors“ it is necessary to be protected from these. How?

For example, careful processing of signals of perception. The previous life experience can be big help here. Knowledge base on how the world is arranged. We all life collect this baggage. But we gather the main part of ways to cope with alarm and any horrors (read - to be protected) in the infancy - the childhood. And sometimes, unfortunately, they «grow“ into us as the most effective. Still - they helped us to survive and grow up when we were absolutely small, weak, strongly dependent on absolute power of adults.

And than more sharply, more difficultly and more gloomily we had to fight in infancy and the childhood for the survival - especially grandiose and firm children`s, archaic ways of protection can be recorded in our experience. And the most important - we can inherit from the adults or as result of the life experience - strong knowledge that the world around is dangerous by definition. And that the only way though somehow to survive is to hold perimeter defense. Always. Irrespective of reality signals.

Such way of perception just also disposes to any psychoses. Because, first of all, psychosis is a separation of the person from reality. When his eyes and ears are constantly ready for viewing, very different from reality, plots. How to dress a guard with earphones with broadcast of some thriller - and to go for children`s morning performance.

By the way, I heard that in some Moscow stomatologiya there is such “advanced“ service: while to you drill tooth, you watch some animated cartoon or the comedy … Such … peculiar idea … Peculiar …

It is fine, I gave absolutely “foreign“ example here. We - more than less normal - have not enough, proper responses to reality happen all - incidentally. How it can occur? In a situation of strong nervousness, surprise, a stress. The mentality - from the best motives to help out us and to support somehow - can “palm off“ on us the mechanism of avoiding of alarm, habitual since the childhood. At such moments our consciousness gives way to unconscious otygryvaniye. We act on “autopilot“.

And only then, having looked back to the behavior, we can establish with regret the fact that the program of this autopilot became hopelessly outdated. And that today we have much more adequate ways of reactions. But the ambush is that our function of the choice at the time of an episode is blocked. And we - it is real - we turn into five-year Musyu or three-year-old Vanya. We regress “on full“. Well also we react respectively …

Be continued.