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You love compote from peaches? Grow up vegetable marrows! There are no

, it - to God, would be a man - the foreigner, itself would marry only the Russian (to the Slav, that is!) . It economy what! What flight of fancy! What sharpness and inventive cunning!

If not lazy, feeds according to the recipes which are thought up by the best culinary specialists of all centuries and the people. If lazy, is even better - at the hostess - idlers sometimes such dishes of own production are born that simply can hardly come to mind.

Placed the recipe of salting of fresh-salted cucumbers on one site. I sit, I wait for applause, I rejoice. One comes to madam`s forum from the Far East, my friend virtually - real Alisa. Speaks: “Ô - fi, maids, and to what tortures - that such? And time at you free from where it was gathered? And I do so …“ Cucumbers fresh-salted from Alisa

we Take

1 kilogram of cucumbers, we cut them in length at six (approximately) of parts and once - across. We stack them in a dense cellophane package and there we cut randomly 2 - 3 zubka of garlic, an ukropchik, we add 1 tablespoon of salt and one teaspoon of granulated sugar.

We let out the air from a package, we tie it in strong knot and we mix accurately cucumbers directly in a package. We clean for 2 - 3 hours in the refrigerator. During this time it is possible to mix them once more. Then we open a package, and... the hand itself reaches for fresh-salted cucumbers.

“Nonsense“! - I thought, but all - right there made a trial zasolochka and polished potatoes that for lunch to palm off on the husband, on is mute and to check. Ochchchen it is happy remained so I adopt. Suspected nothing. Only was surprised to the forgetfulness - it seemed to it that I “yesterday, it seems, only salted“ … the Secret I did not give

to it. Bye.

Further - more … Agata, the girlfriend - the neigbour came. She is from Yekaterinburg. We sit it is stirred. We drink kompotik which it brought as an entertainment. And I just to the public decided to start the recipe of salting of fat - on the Internet to publish “Fat on - shukhsk“. Well, and at saliva already to a knee, and I set on it transfer of ingredients - spices, spices.

And again - a blow below the belt. Did not manage to load article on the website, right there - the comment from Ukraine: “Oh, girls, you are such good fellows! You have so much time! And I have no time, I here so, fast do … Vkusnoti - and - and - looking for …“ Fat salty from Ksyusha from Ukraine

we Take

a piece fresh (not salty!) fat, it is better with a prosloyechka meat. We rub with spices ready (they and are called “For fat“) if you do not find “For fat“, it is possible any, for a shish kebab, for example.

Still garlic we insert a couple of cloves into small cuts. Everything, we turn in two polyethylene a kulechka now and we cook an hour and a half. After cooking fat needs to be pulled out at once from paper bags and when cools down, to put in the freezer. Tasty, quickly and cheap. Fat will go any hardness as as a result it turns out soft anyway.

Well, we with Agata esteemed, laughed at an ingenuity of the girlfriend - Ukrainians. For now here a kofeechok yes kompotiky its peach we play about, decided to check and revenge the answer to her comment - a pier, nonsense, but not fat turned out.

We sit, we watch the movie, children to the street were sent. They, having caught from mothers since morning culinary mood, too in a sandbox borsches - rassolniks began to cook in general from sand! We neigh. .

Through an hour and a half extracted fat, cooled, in the freezer put, added a frost. Hardly waited until it became cold, cut off on a piece … Listen! Tasty! Moreover and with our cunning fresh-salted cucumbers! Mm - nyam … I tell the truth.

Absolutely I became gloomy from not my such ingenuity. Well, and the girlfriend, having noticed such business, decided to finish me absolutely to ruins … - Listen to

, expensive, - says cunning so, - and how to you my compote peach? Whether it was pleasant? It I to brag and retseptiky came to share. And you here …

- Well and. Class! I adore peach. Here something else is added, I hear. Only I will not understand that … Very pleasant smack. And such dense, real. Not that store. And I this year of peaches also did not buy. Only this way, to be indulged. In the market few times took children. Very expensive something were this summer.

- So anything, not late. Such you will manage to make compote always! At you to eat vegetable marrows on a kitchen garden.

I also sat down, having absolutely become dejected while it educated me. My God, well as people guess it, I do not understand!

Compote just divine! With feeling of envy I recovered quickly and now here is how time I cook peach compote from Agata, from time to time running here that and to share with you!

vegetable marrows peach Compote from Agata

a vegetable marrow is cleared by

of Average size of a core and a peel. We cut cubes and we put in a pan. We pour 2 liters of water and we put to cook.

When will begin to boil, we add 3 glasses of sugar. When the vegetable marrow becomes yellow and a little transparent, we add 3 pieces of a carnation.

We remove from fire, we add 0,5 h l. acetic essence (70%). We spill on banks (at me one turned out 3 - liter), we will sterilize 20 - 30 minutes.

Well, how to you? I - am excited!

I wish all the hours which are pleasantly spent in kitchen and, of course, bon appetit!