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American rural house: and what inside?

If ask the American whether the house, big at it, then he will not tell you how many he there rooms, and will call quantity of bedrooms and bathrooms.

In the previous article I told how I am arranged and the American rural house functions. Today I invite you to look what is available inside. Our house rather small to the American measures. Its area about 150 sq.m, plus the covered court yard.

So, we will enter. For this purpose it is possible to choose one of two entrance doors: central entrance or lateral. Everyone, in turn, consists of two doors: internal - iron and external - easy, glazed. Besides, it is possible to get to the house through the sliding door conducting in a patio.

Several words about windows. Frames in them consist of two parts: top (motionless) and lower - sliding up, it can be fixed at any level. Outside at all windows special filters are put: they pass usual light, but detain to 80% of ultraviolet rays. Indoors illusion is created that outside a pleasant shadow which, for example, the growing trees give close. Such protection of the house against a heat is very useful during a summer season.

In our house initially there were 3 bedrooms. One, the biggest, still that also is, and two were less transformed to offices for the husband and for me. When I for the first time crossed a house threshold, I was struck by a scope in rooms. There was only the most necessary furniture, everything was organized rationally and functionally.

the Bedroom

Well, is clear that in a bedroom there is a big bed with two bedside tables, on the contrary the huge mirror in all wall located on a big dresser at other wall - a dresser is less. Here and all situation. On a ceiling the big fan with four lamps which can burn as ordinary lamps and can change lighting in the room, depending on mood.

My husband - very handy person - with a big invention and the imagination organized each corner of this house. The fan is necessary and very useful in a hot season. I already mentioned that in each room there is an air duct which gives air from a cooler to the house, and during the operation of the fan cool air is evenly distributed on the room, and the pleasant cool reigns in the house.

From a bedroom 3 doors conduct in a bathroom, a drawing room and to the storeroom. Separately It is necessary to tell about storerooms. They are in each room of the house, the different size, but quite big. In total their six. The clothes are stored in them: at each of us “wardrobe“, certain storerooms for products, for bed linen and towels, for household appliances, for outerwear. Therefore in the house there is no case hammered with various things as it is accepted in Russia.

the Drawing room

Is the central, biggest room of the house. Its area is about about 30 m 2 . The furniture is very modest: a sofa, couple of chairs, a coffee table, an electrofireplace with artificial firewood and a holographic flame and the audio system. Here I want to tell about the last especially. It is the TV, two the writing-down DVD, on one it is also possible to reproduce or write down videotapes which were in former videorecorders, the tuner, the cassette tape recorder, powerful radio and the player for vinyl disks.

The husband told me that else before the carpet on a drawing room floor was laid, he established on its perimeter of 8 mixed columns. Then adjusted a sound so that at various programs it is possible to gain effect of the fact that you are in opera theater, at a variety concert, at stadium or in a chamber situation. Now these private theatricals are connected to all equipment which is in the audio system. I was shocked when the husband for the first time showed me the audio system in work.

It is necessary to tell some more words about the remarkable device which costs in a drawing room separately on a small little table. It is the meteorological station display. Outside we installed sensors of temperature, humidity and the anemometer for measurement of speed and the direction of wind. All these data are reflected in the display, it is possible to compare temperature and humidity indoors and outside. Besides, Moon phases are reflected in the display, record of change of atmospheric pressure in a week remains and weather forecasting for the next day is given. In the same place there are atomic clock working due to receiving a radio signal of calibration from the next transmitter and a calendar. A meteorological station - my favourite toy. Each my day begins with viewing of weather information. Offices

As I already mentioned

, the former bedrooms were transformed to two offices: for me and the husband. The area of each room is about 15 m 2 . From furniture, for example, in my room there is a big and convenient computer table, a bookcase and a bedside table with folding top for the sewing machine (I sometimes like to be engaged in needlework). Also there was a place and for a racetrack. The office of the husband is more loaded, but it is his territory where I especially also do not want to interfere.


Very spacious and convenient for the hostess. All its equipment was ordered and put together with the house. On a ceiling the big lamp which does this room to the lightest is established, and a row built in lamps which give effect of a daylight. In kitchen there are two big counters in the bottom of which a set of cases, additional cases hang on walls. There is a gas stove (with an extract) which is supplied with the liquefied gas from the tank which is on the street, the big refrigerator, the dishwasher. For heating of water in the machine the electricity, and for drying of ware - propane is used. The double big sink is very convenient too: is where to be developed. Hot water for a manual sink of ware arrives from a water heater. In our economy there is also a lot of any equipment which facilitates cooking.

the Dining room

Near kitchen is the small dining room where there is a dining table with chairs. On a table there is a copper fountain with local lighting. This our most favourite place, in the evenings we have supper here. It is possible to look at the falling water, the turning wheels and a sphere and to have a rest from works just.


In the house are available two bathrooms. The area of one - 6, another - 5 m 2 . Mine - smaller. In a ceiling the fan with an extract is installed. In the room there is a cream acrylic bathtub, walls around it are revetted with the same material. The bathtub is slightly lower, than usually do in Russia. Under a sink there is a spacious curbstone for any things, nearby the small mirror locker for trifles, before a sink - a big mirror hangs on a sidewall. Lighting in the room double: over a mirror and under a ceiling. Between a bathroom and a case the toilet bowl settled down, over it is 12 - the liter tank for water descent. Water from a bathroom and a toilet comes to the septic tank. At the correct organization of its work it is not necessary to clean the tank practically.


is provided by

In the house the room for a laundry. There is a top-loaded big washing machine and the separate unit for drying of linen. In a laundry opposite to the washing machine the gas heater which joins in a cold season is located. Heated air on the special air ducts located under the house moves to rooms. Windows of air ducts in all rooms are taken away by special lattices with protective blinds. In off-season when the cooler or the heater is not used, lattices are closed.

As we see, in the American rural house there are practically same conveniences to which we got used, living in city apartments. Of course, there are nuances. For example, in our house water goes not from the central water supply system, and arrives from a deep-water underground well. Liquid household waste gets not to the sewerage, and to the septic tank. The liquefied gas from a local source (tank) is used in the gas stove for cooking, for heating of the house and for drying of ware and linen. Instead of the conditioner to we serve cheaper unit - a cooler.

Here and we live!