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9 / 11: Kamo of a gryadesha, America? Around the world

Ya I want to tell memories of the victims of terrorism to the Russian reader as it was what I personally witnessed and to give those feelings which were had and citizens of the blown-up country test today.

Morning as morning. Over all country solar. Weather is flight. I gather for work. The TV, as always in the mornings, is installed on the local channel with turning on of news blocks from New - York. The attention gets the idea only on messages on a traffic on roads of Chicago, all the rest - just sound background.

All the life in America I changed works so that over me, at last, there is no chief left. Therefore and that evil solar morning I in the office did not hurry - waited until the traffic falls down. With pleasure sat down on a balcony with the first morning cigarette to a coffee cup. Or on the contrary. Under grunt of a TV set admired a view of the lake with a chain of the planes which are low coming in the land in O`Khara. Beauty!

You remember how Stierlitz told the resident about Cat? Giving birth, it “mummy!“ will shout in Russian! I cried not in Russian. Oh, as I shouted “O, No, O, No, NO!“ … Dayana Sawyer from the screen, with mad eyes, in tears shouted the is NOT PRESENT! Prayed, sobbed …

Then we saw attack of the second murderer - the plane, then we saw a ram of the Pentagon, heard about the pennsylvanian plane … There was a feeling that all this happens in a dream and not to me that there is no figure of the people who are jumping out of the burning skyscrapers - animation and that all this is some surrealistic animated cartoon - a horror story that all this is oh, no, no!

Not I one did not come to work that day - people stuck into the TVs and every minute observed this terrible repetition of falling of Twins. And at this time …

A at this time in areas of compact accommodation of Muslims adult men in white attires to the earth brought the sons (!) on city streets to dance under cries “Allah Akbar!“ Somewhere on the city green flags of Islam were thrown up, the opened cars with the shouting Muslim teenagers somewhere rushed. And we saw it who with own eyes personally who on television too. And then we matured in anger!

Already on September 12 belorubashechnik and their women in black vestments we did not see on streets, all Muslim benches and businesses were closed, their cars with green tags were hidden, from the cultural centers the Arab ligature of their signs easily disappeared, at mosques the police was on duty, in a cordon of people in uniform there were Muslim areas - were hidden, filled into holes, covered … And our President - younger personally popersya to the mosque to show the second cheek.

Not to return people, not to destroy pain, not to appease vendetta in soul. This 911 was for us not yesterday - it with us today. I did not pursue car with numbers “US PAID 4“ and did not dump in a ditch of bearded men. My husband still protects health of women in black, my children still work with people who since afternoon of Friday leave workplaces for a Friday Mohammedan prayer. We remove footwear at the airports for control of the security guard and we do not grumble on restriction of transportation of breast milk for our grandsons.

From now on we live according to the color schedule: yellow level of alarm, orange, red. Green in our palette is not present any more. There is also no former freedom to come easily to the White House, to pass without search to any public place. We renounced much that more any terrorist attack was not conducted in the territory of the USA. And we see how our patience and law-abiding works all these 9 years. According to the press for these years 174 attempts of these or those acts of terrorism were stopped.

We became adults, we became vigilant, we began to look under a veil to our uninvited guests. Though doors of our houses still glass, and borders are open for all active. The built in religion, our political correctness forbids us to connect Islam with terrorism. Though not Buddhists or Krishnaites shouted “Allah Akbar!“ in Boeings - the kamikaze or on streets of our cities.

9 years passed, and all these 9 years the people fasten to be politically correct. To whom the condition of the person, zamakhnuvshy a fist on the rascal and forced to give instead a friendly tolerant hand is properly not familiar?! To whom how powerless pain of this breaking blow of a fist which is taken away from is familiar not to the average American who never got used to be afraid of anything who was never hit in the face which did not know historical humiliations, a shame violence?! The nation not just was given this nine-year political correctness, believe me - I speak with simple people, I know what they think of that they test.

The mosque on Graund Ziro … One more check on our tolerance, on our endurance, on the right to love the country.

Let`s present that your author knows how to solve a mosque problem without incitement of opposition within the country. And I precisely know. I buy a pig and I throw her to the building sold under the mosque. At the same time I will try that it was found surely and advertized. Now the imam can build the Turkish baths or bowling alleys there. The mosque on the profaned place will not be built. Point. ru!

(To many author will not give: the maximum offense - trespassing, i.e. violation of inviolability of others territory. The pig does not treat business and is not sewn. Broke the territory and incidentally dropped, lost, forgot the pig there. And in general it is necessary to prove that I was there and that I am I and that in the childhood I had no experience of sexual violence in a family …) the Idea about pork is not new

- the surprising Israeli Avigdor Eskin mentioned by me in article about Pulse to a denura suggested to use it as an ideological stinger in fight against terrorists long ago.

Also also the idea to arrange production of the flying molal flying carpets whose charm is that at creation of a Mohammedan prayer they easily blow up is not new.

The idea of burning of the Koran is not new - history already knows both fires of Inquisition, and fyurerovsky torches, and fires gorlitovsky Soviet period. The church at us is separated from the state - the pastor who took offense for the mosque is free to burn also the Bible: where the Lord looks and what of him looking if he allows it …

Ya I will take myself by hand. I will strong take so that it became sick. Also I will not go behind pork. And it is as if painful to me was for the fact that our President did not forbid the power construction of the mosque on the place of our struck cheek, I am proud and I will be proud of this person. As guarantor Konstitutsii of the country. As simply the politician having courage to sign to itself falling of a rating and to sentence itself to not re-election for the fact that it holds our brought fists, our flying carpets and svinometa.

Today we will honor our dead, we will pay a tribute of respect and respects to all who showed the courage in the rescue of people, to all volunteers working on Graund Ziro, all country for the help who with what is rich to all citizens of the world who felt sympathy to our grief (and even to the citizen Prokhanov who declared to “Ekho Moskvy“ that to it a drum and he does not miss very much Twins - my personal thanks for a reminder to all of us about an original mask of a scoop and a personal assurance that it I will not burn books).

Today to us it is painful. But today we became others - we could elect the President with other skin color and with a name Barack Husain Obama. And it means that we as - nibud in ourselves will get rid of the mosque on the way to the Temple.