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How there are “teflon“ leaders? Whether

seem to you that we seldom think of how people come to the power and who makes imperious elite? For example, how the ordinary emigrant writer Vladimir Ulyanov at the age of 47 years turns into the founder of the new state - the Soviet Russia? Or how imperceptible 47 - the summer lieutenant colonel of state security Vladimir Putin becomes suddenly the president of Russia, already Post-Soviet? And why all this happens to them in 47 years?

Still I am tormented by a question: how “teflon“ leaders are born? Certainly, are born not in literal physiological sense and as the politician to whom amazingly that negative does not stick that collects during its activity turns out, and on the contrary - its board is associated only with a positive, sometimes in many respects virtual. Well, isn`t that so, the love to Ulyanov - Lenina who arranged bloody revolution is amazing national (the most part of the population), cast the country into civil war?!

And we will remember events rather recent: explosions of houses in Moscow and Volgodonsk, the second Chechen war, death of “Kursk“, “the North - OST“, explosion in the Moscow subway … Another would have enough also a little bit from this list to sink into a political non-existence, and the lieutenant colonel Putin won presidential elections twice. In the first round, with an enormous separation. Then the list of tragedies proceeded explosions onboard two passenger planes and the Beslan drama.

In Russia all good can be connected with a name of the national leader, and all bad mysteriously avoids the leader. Certainly, similar happens when in mass consciousness the light image of the national leader is one way or another already created. So was with Lenin, so happened to Putin. The former intelligence agent - the spy literally is slid off by all charges in large political and bankruptcies. This supernatural ability of Putin became long ago a reason for envy of other Russian politicians including his political opponents.

Evil tongues (E. Limonov, the book of “Lemons against Putin“, Moscow, 2006) claim that in the school certificate at Vladimir Putin on physics, to chemistry, algebra and geometry is cost by “three“. Nevertheless, Vladimir Vladimirovich graduated from faculty of law of university, however, not capital and nowadays having very doubtful reputation.

In the book of “Lemons against Putin“ it is also noted: there are data that in 1975 V. Putin was in Bonn, was arrested as the Soviet agent and soon extradited to the USSR. After this failure it could not work in investigation any more, was unpromising and respectively switched to policy.

Something similar took place in the history of the state Russian earlier. Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) was unpromising as the barrister. In one and a half years of work at this position in the Samara district court V. Ulyanov participated more than in 30 criminal and civil cases; an unconditional prize on business - in three cases. At such “progress“ Vladimir Ilyich switched to policy.

On the other hand, the Samara barrister who could write subsequently “As to us to reorganize Rabkrin“ and all other similar compositions, cannot but cause affections.

To be the fireproof national leader against civil war and hunger, or against the fires, a smog and falling of prices of oil - it is not simple at all. For this purpose the log is necessary on a community work day in the Kremlin personally to transfer, organize for children “Society of pure plates“, to accept walkers in the Kremlin, or to soar in clouds with a watering can by fire plane, to establish web - chambers on construction of houses for fire victims, to drive the zhyoltenky domestic machine, without having forgotten to ask for reliability a rag on a gas station and to sing the touching song “What the Homeland Begins with“ with unlucky spies... A lot of things still similar should be executed to become the political leader - the populist.

We will remember a slogan which is used in advertizing of frying pans of “Tefal“ with a teflon covering. “Tefal always thinks of you“. As if specially composed about teflon leaders - populists. It in them also attracts, causes national love - well as, does not sleep, always thinks... Very few people guess that the pretext “about“ in a popular slogan should be changed for a pretext pro.

* * *

at the beginning of 20 - go centuries Russia on population took the third place in the world after China and India. Century later, at the beginning of 21 - go centuries, Russia is found far from the beginning of the list. How you think, it is connected with activity of the Russian imperious elite and with quality of our leaders?

I - that personally consider that now we live in the country which is sick. The nosological form - a tandemiya, an etiology is not found out, duration is unknown, the forecast adverse. Teflon is fragile. If to scratch a teflon surface, then it loses antiprigarny property; at strong heating teflon cracks.