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Coronary heart disease. How to save parents?

Correctly speak - our parents - only a thin side between us and eternity. It is possible to envy my father-in-law - him under seventy, but his mother is still living. Mother of my friend died when she was only seventeen years old. When my father told me that he in hospital, and, appeared not in a planned order there, and arrived on “Ambulance“, I very strongly was frightened.

Because my father - the strongest and healthy in the world. The father taught karate - to, the father swims in the pool and shakes on exercise machines, and in fifty eight years looks on forty. Well, a few heart ached a bit, he was examined and called to me the unclear diagnosis - coronary heart disease.

Later, having come across this definition on the Internet, I learned that ischemia is a state at which the cardiac muscle lacks oxygen. In it toxic products of a metabolism collect that causes pain. It seems, everything is simple. And why there is not enough oxygen? Because blood supply of a cardiac muscle is broken. Reasons? Atherosclerosis and an angiospasm are blood-groove causes of infringement on coronary arteries. Atherosclerosis is a formation of cholesteric plaques on walls of vessels. At women excess cholesterol is laid straight in cellulitis. At men - in vessels. An angiospasm - from nerves. Certainly, there are also other reasons, among the major factors causing coronary heart disease, the main are the age, smoking, obesity, the increased arterial pressure (hypertension), uncontrolled reception of medicines and others.

An extreme case of this disease - a heart attack. The extensive heart attack is a mass dying off of a cardiac muscle. The father did not enter in one risk group - did not drink, did not smoke, regularly played sports and had no excess weight. Only genetic predisposition took place - my grandfather Nikolay died of a heart attack. Father`s father.

But then I it knew nothing, and waved away:

- So it at all now, unless is not present? And, how to be told if after forty years you woke up, and you nothing hurts - means, you died.

But - an attack, hospitalization - here everything is already serious. It turned out the most terrible that an illness, this coronary heart disease, at the father developed almost instantly. A month ago the father ran on the wood, rode a bicycle, and then came to me on a visit and all evening rolled grandsons on a back, playing “horse“. Three weeks ago he began to feel “zagrudinny“ pains, in a week - to test severe short wind at insignificant physical activity. At this stage the father was frightened and went on doctors. To it prescribed vasodilating medicine which should have been puffed under language and which the father safely left at home, at work. Once again, taking houses a bath and having felt severe pain in heart, the father remembered that he left medicine at work, and called “Ambulance“. The father was brought to a hospital, and not let out any more.

The father has other family long ago. But when it was put in the hospital which is through the road from my house I felt an urgent need, to strive properly. If to trust psychologists, then it turns out that any illness is necessary to the patient as an opportunity to look at the life in other foreshortening. I wanted to understand - why to be ill to my father, and to be ill in clinic nearby. Perhaps, it needs my attention?

I thought always slowly. By the end of the second day of father`s stay in hospital and my reflections, as if so to show the attention and love, reached me that the patient carry food. For the speedy recovery I prescribed the father the strengthened food. Since morning cooked soup and the second with a garnish, and carried to it in hospital, well and the children, two and seven years in addition. Because communication with children has unprecedented curative force (on my modest belief). It is a pity, my mother does not know about it, and that would take a thicket to herself grandsons. The father, sitting on a shop, it is diligent and with appetite ate brought, and my heart rejoiced. Even somehow there was no wish to believe in gravity of an occasion of stay of the father in hospital and I long did not trust in a father`s illness. So far somehow did not walk with it on the hospital avenue. Before fast and prompt, the father could hardly take several steps and stopped, choking. From father`s smooth cat`s movements there was one hobble. Heart two - three times a day regularly strongly hurt and disturbed not that to go - to live.

I doubled efforts as regards the food, bought containers in which I carried to the father soups, meat, fish, nuts and dried fruits therefore and so almost not moving patient put on the weight of three kilograms in a week.

We walked on the wood, ate wild strawberry, looked for mushrooms and discussed the research which is coming the father - coronary angiography. Research of heart on passability of vessels and on a possibility of operation. Speaking by the own words, substance which soon reaches heart and fills all vessels there is entered into a vein on a hand. Substance brightly shines in X-rays therefore at its introduction it is possible to trace, what vessel in heart and as far as we pass. On the basis of this research the decision on further treatment (installation of a stent, coronary shunting or angioplasty) is made. Sometimes (that the most terrible) operation is not offered at all - too everything is started.

After coronary angiography the issue of father`s operation had to be resolved.

When research (that coronary angiography) it appeared already tomorrow, I got into a fuss. All morning of day of “X“ waited for a call. The father did not call. Understanding that already nothing depends on me, I brought together children and carried them on the beach where met the brother Lenya. Lenya, resembling, reported that the father on operation because results of coronary angiography appeared so dreadfully (one vessel is sealed tightly) that the father was sent to clinic of Meshalkin at once. For installation of a stent, that is, stentings.

Stent is the thin metal tubule consisting of wire cells, inflated by a special cylinder. It is entered into the struck vessel and, extending, is pressed in vessel walls, increasing its gleam. Blood supply of heart is so adjusted. As far as I understand, this stent will be entered to the father into heart under anesthetic through a femoral artery (or through a hand).

My parents divorced when I was eleven years old. And to my younger brother to Lena - six. Since then I not really often saw the father, and communicated heart-to-heart - and it is less of that. But he always remained the important person in my life - because the father accepted me completely, such what I am, and not really - tried to correct that.

We approached the father only the last two - three years - when to us happened to work in one firm where the father was the chief technologist, and I am a sales manager. The brother Lenya - the director. I rediscovered for myself what I my father - the person of rare mind, sense of humour and intelligence, And am still grateful to the brother what gave me the chance to recognize the father from this party - whether remembered it much since divorce, among infinite vessels, the broken plates and sections there are apartments?

The father likes to come to me with a bottle of cahors wine and gifts for children, to watch fresh photos, to drink with me couple of shot glasses and to complain of wholesale buyers. Or on suppliers. I tell about everything and is madly happy communication with the person who takes of you the hint.

In health the father “is not pleasant“ to me year. Too he grew thin. During family holidays he began to fall asleep at a table and to frighten me by failures of cheeks and yellowness of the person. I saw the press of other world on his face and took great pain to drive away it. Then I for the first time learned that not to banish such things even money.

And then I went to the next decree. And then the father was hospitalized. On operation. And I paniced. Also went to church.

Everything that I know about church - it is that it is necessary to be in a skirt. And to tie a scarf on the head. It is necessary to put candles “for health“ and “for the peace of“. And the same should be written on pieces of paper plus names whom to mention. My poor knowledge were enough to deliver the biggest candle to the father “for health“.

I knew only that today the father has an operation. Therefore decided to call a father`s new family. Not such it and new - twenty years live, I have a summary little sister Yulya - it and picked up the phone. Yulya not that knew about operation - she did not know in what of clinics of our area father operate. Therefore I made the decision to go to hospital itself and to ask about father`s health. Especially as to phone there it did not turn out, and the brother Lenya got stuck at friends at the dacha.

In clinic I suited practically a gipsy dance with an exit. It is still a shame. The security guard on watch suggested me to call on offices, to learn where my father lies. Five offices told that “it is absent“. When the sixth office reported that such patient is, and at present was “on operation“, locks opened, and carried away me in a blue distance. I raised a howl in the receiver.

- How on operation??!!

On that end took alarm.

- The girl, what you cry - that?

- And why so long it on operation?

- Anything not long, twenty minutes only. Operation began recently.

… Since this end of the receiver around me the security guard and the nurse running by strove:

- To give you waters? Calm down, it lies in the easiest office. Yes to it stenting is done, even without anesthesia such operations are performed, you that, the girl! Sit, calm down. Who to you patient, husband?

- The father - And - And.

- What to transfer to the father? You will write a note?

Actually, I not that to write - she was not able to speak. I knew the main thing - the father is living. Its operation began on the dot after I delivered in church a candle to it “in health“. It is possible not to believe in God, but it is necessary to trust in power of the benevolent thought directed from one person to another. Crying from the red swelled-up nose, blowing nose in wet towel wipes, I started wandering to the car.

Back to hospital opposite to my house the father was transferred next day. There were many problems - and the swelled-up hand through which entered stent, and bleeding from a simple prick - because the father was stuffed with the drugs which are slowing down coagulability of blood. The father should take this medicine constantly now, and every month on them the considerable sum of money leaves.

All this was then. I had no feeling any more that I hold in hand egg with the burst shell in which there lives a chicken. And if to press more feasibly - the chicken will die. It is necessary to store carefully this shell in palms, to press to the mouth and to breathe warm air because life of the one who inside, too it is weak and helpless to cope most is very fragile.

The father was discharged from hospital in three days. With a new stent he felt excellently, again went to a long distance, climbed up mountains, and tigerish grace of movements returned to it. The father called, thanked and told something like “All thanks - all freedoms“. The only lesson which the father took out from all this history, this strong belief that all men after forty years need to undergo procedure of coronary angiography in surely order. In our city it costs thirty thousand rubles, but it is possible to make and is free if to take care of the direction from the doctor. Because in 90% of cases the diagnosis “coronary heart disease“ is made during opening. The father was just lucky.

Me it is important that he lived. In other family or one, with me or without me - that my father was live and healthy. Simona de Beauvoir the work “Too Easy Death“ writes to the: “All people are mortal, but for each person the death is a disaster which overtakes it as not justified violence even if the person obediently accepts it“. We did not talk about much yet, it is a lot of where together did not visit. It is not time for the father yet. It is not ready yet. And I am not ready yet.