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Injuries of your car. What to pay special attention to? I know

of Scratch on my car better, than scars on own body. Because for quite some time now my car is my body. Big it, white and thick. I care for its safety, purity, I feed with gasoline … However, badly I wash because still I do not know where there is a washer, respectively, I cannot pour water there in any way.

But also on this case I already thought up the scheme of actions: to pour water in a bottle from - under “Karachinskaya“ and with this capacity to arrive on the next sink - let there to me and will show where a washer. At the same time - how to open a cowl. But I the whole time arranged washing of the car with cleaning of salon - when the younger daughter crumbed cookies and scattered sweet popcorn.

The car with a body has enough analogies - I arrange to the car moderate physical activities, I decorate as required and even I care for that in salon there was a pleasant smell - I buy the various flavored jewelry. By the way, whether it is possible to draw analogies between technical condition of the car and health of its owner?

I will return to scars - upon purchase my white car of scratches had no. In general looked ideally. In half a year I decided to sum up some results of operation and was unpleasantly struck with abundance of the unpleasant moments.

The very first horror (a big crack on a rear bumper) appeared almost at once - when my husband adjusted the alarm system and kicked on an above-mentioned bumper for to adjust sensitivity level. Dopinal to a crack, sadly. By the way, difficult business - the autoalarm system. It was necessary to tinker quite recently when the big company left from the beach.

The summer in Siberia indulged us this year extraordinary - the whole seven days of good weather (that is without rain and with a temperature over +25 C). And so, when the group consisting of two adult women and four children, age from two to fourteen years we tried to leave the beach, found out that my car is tightly locked by Toyotoy Rav 4. The middle of day, children were tired and got hungry. I (having thrust children into a car and having turned on the conditioner), in perplexity resembled around the car of the opponent and knocked with a leg on wheels. The car published a gentle sigh.

I called the husband who advised to continue attempts. Having carried out a ceremony of ritual dances with periodic ejection of a leg towards enemy equipment, we with the girlfriend felt fatigue. Especially as to knock the leg on firm wheels appeared extremely painfully. On the sixth blow recently bought dear barefoot person tore. I told the bad word and went to the administrator of the beach. The administrator showed full sympathy of a situation, complained about lack of a public address system on the beach and advised to continue to kick wheels.

Children smashed salon. I monotonously beat with a leg as the horse eliciting an entertainment. My friend went around the alien car and commented:

- Olka, it is obvious the woman., look, its lipstick lies. And magazine glossy. Kick, give, here a parazitka how to us now to leave?

The jeep only sighed under blows and (in my opinion) even did not try to inform the owner on the trouble which comprehended me. Once again, having brought together the children who ran up on the parking and having pushed them in salon, skhodiv to the administrator and having told the bad word (already another), I began to consider the opponent`s car personally.

The first that was evident to me - a white envelope with the cell phone written on it, a name and an appeal “Call, Svetlana“ in the car under a windshield.

Having inhibited itself keen desire to tell unfamiliar Svetlana we wash opinion on her abilities to park the car, I dialed number. The woman expressed readiness to approach quickly and to give me the chance to leave. I included a backing and prepared for maneuvers.

I will not hide - there was a strong wish to row. There was a wish home even more, to take a shower, to feed children and to put to bed younger therefore I silently left from the beach and left home. For what still I respect myself.

Coming back to marks by car - I do not remember the following three scratches at all how I earned. They are at the edges. It looks as if the large, knowing the own worth woman, having put on a white skirt, shakes hips and inadvertently touches dirty edges of a bench. On a skirt there are horizontal traces. Here and I have on three corners of the car from four traces at edges. And maybe, it not I, and me was clung because in two cases from three by car others paint.

A door and a front bumper - again the husband. Once in the day off in it the instinct of the pioneer leaped and Roma went to submit the impassable wood in hope to find the road to the reserve which is nearby. The road - that it found, despite bumps on the case, my groans and nausea of children which elementary rocked to sleep on forest buyeraka. And I found two big wounds on a surface of my favourite only during a sink.

I love the car and I know it almost by heart - a fur cover on a wheel, number, color and a beautiful blue butterfly on a windshield. I know all its whims as, for example, often and suddenly sitting down battery in an alarm system brelka. Here and yesterday, there is a dry-cleaner, a rain, cold, peak - peak - zero attention. That is the charm shows that the car is opened, I pull the handle - is closed. The normal situation, sometimes helps to take out the battery and again to thrust into a charm. I make all this under a drizzle with zero result. Nothing, I on this case have three spare batteries in a bag.

I begin to experiment. All batteries are sat down, at a brelka cause strange spasms. He ceases to open something, but sings by a bad voice and vibrates.

Slowly I move under an entrance peak, having despaired quickly to solve a problem. I insert the only working battery. The charm recovers, but the car still remains closed. I remember instructions of the husband “as a last resort“: to open a car door a key, the secret button to switch off the alarm system. And I will arrive, it will not turn out - I will beat out glass. I accept low start (because the rain goes with might and main by this time), I raise eyes and I understand: It is NOT my CAR.

Already I spent half an hour at others car similar to mine only by brand and color. My car costs slightly at some distance, honestly blinks headlights, opens and closes doors, and in general - reacts as can. So far I am trampled down at others car, being obviously going to be engaged in opening.

It became a shame to me to a chrezvychaynost. Fast reached the car, sat down and left out of harm`s way. It is still a shame. It is time in holiday, probably.