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How cheerfully to say goodbye to life? Deadly pleasures of

When the dolce vita wants, and in the menu only sour Russian cabbage soup, is not present and you will think of the future end. And if life was not honey, then, maybe, though in the final to arrange itself sugar syrup? Let`s leave sticky death in jam to flies and we will concentrate on purely human ideas of pleasure. We, the only representatives of intelligent life on the planet, it is far better, than any brainless insects, we know how to make to ourselves, darling, it is pleasant to death.

Fun too much

the Most available and effective remedy for achievement of a condition of hilarious fun and terrible pleasure is alcohol. The lethal dose of favourite drink of physicians, engineers and polar explorers under the name “pure ethanol“ makes from four to eight grams on kilogram of mass of the drinking body. Fortunately, most of people is reliably disconnected on a half of a lethal dose.

The stronger alcohol is diluted, the more strong it is necessary to have a bladder. It is necessary to fans of beer especially hardly - the drunk-off bucket of foamy intoxicated drink can bring feeling of easy discomfort. And long before there will come the pleasant sleep of members. And to be poisoned with alcohol, present at kvass or kefir, the medicine does not advise at all. So drink for squaring of accounts with life should be chosen deliberately. Begin to weigh from yourself.

That to the person it is good, death

to All is known to a horse that the drop of nicotine kills a horse. Authoritative sources claim that the dog has enough half-drop. And the sparrow or a pigeon say goodbye to life only having smelled the stick moistened in nicotine.

The person is much more hardy. To dump from hoofs of our not most well-fad contemporary, it will be necessary at least two, and three drops of pure horse poison are better. Only one and a half packs of the cigarettes with the filter smoked for an hour and a half guarantee cardiac arrest. Cigarettes or cigarettes without filter there will be enough pack.

Worst of all the situation is with ladies` cigarettes and so-called “easy“ grades. It is simply unreal to manage to smoke enough smoking sticks even if to drag on them on five pieces for time. It is much more effective to use good expensive cigars, them it is necessary vsego3 - 4 pieces an hour or 15 - 20 pieces a day. The last place in a deadly rating is taken by a hookah. It is a smart subject which will allow the smoker to kill itself(himself) in a big way. Only it is necessary to swing more feasibly.

Simply add water

If it is not possible to drown in a jacuzzi, it is not obligatory to arrange to neighbors a flood. It is rather simple to begin to sip directly from a bathtub. Solution of chloric lime and soap in which we usually bathe, substance not so deadly. But the water drunk in a significant amount perfectly washes out an organism from vital potassium and sodium.

Such condition of deficiency of minerals on the one hand and excess of liquid - with another, is called water intoxication. The amount of water, necessary competently to get poisoned, almost does not exceed a lethal dose of beer. In principle, if to gulp, there will be also 8 liters for two enough - three hours. So we advise those who chooses between tragic death from greed and cheerful, but expensive “departure“ at a barrel with kvass to drink more water.

Death in a bed

Most of the interrogated respondents agreed that death in own bed - it, of course, is good. However the death in others - is much more pleasant. The lethal dose of sex for everyone is individual. And some physicians in general claim that regular sex prolongs life. Therefore the task to fall the hero on the love front at first sight becomes unsoluble.

The statistics nevertheless says that chances to die during an orgasm exist. And at men is them in tens times more, than at women. It not only because the stronger sex in general approaches a question more responsibly. The matter is that some men very much like to combine incongruous, for example, brown socks with a blue tie, beer with vodka and viagra with nitroglycerine.

Pleasure in the morning

If, despite all efforts to leave this world, undertaken in night, in the morning all of you woke up, then a cup of strong, fragrant, hot coffee is that it is necessary … Again to try to commit suicide. The last case of poisoning with a lethal dose of caffeine was recorded in the USA. The girl - the waitress drank 14 cups of double espresso on a workplace. And cruelly paid. Fortunately, the resuscitation car arrived in time and the girl managed to be rescued. But in its blood by the time of clinical death the improbable amount of caffeine lapped.

Even better energy drink and night club is suitable for the suicide purposes. Strangely enough, the more you will drink some drink which “gives wings“, rather there will come dehydration. In combination with caffeine and physical activity, there will be enough five cans of power tonic. And if to add with alcohol, cigarettes and viagra, then will be to die at the height of fun will be trifling matter.

the White death

Death from delirium tremens has no relation to about what the speech will go below. Both doctors, and nutritionists frightened by the phrase “white death“ … This term does not belong to drugs too. It is about banal salt. The famous nutritionist Paul Bragg wrote in the best-sellers that sodium chloride is not useful to the person, and advised to exclude from a diet.

Oh, as it was not right! Not only that he tried to deprive of mankind of pleasure from food, so also supplied with obviously false information. Table salt is the valuable source of sodium necessary for functioning is warm - vascular system. It is necessary to add to the products subjected to heat treatment, salt. Another thing is that norm of consumption of salt - 3 - 5 grams. And the adult with only one morning sandwiches eats a daily dose.

Generally, all on light poison, and all medicine, matter only in proportions. How many “the white death“ should eat to get poisoned for certain? I have enough third of a kilogram pack. I did not check, but toxicologists so claim. Your dose can be higher, but all the same eat a salt pack in a day and nobody managed to survive still. As a matter of fact, I do not know who in general is capable to eat a salt pack. And anyway, the kilogram of salt should be washed down with a water bucket. Therefore it will be unclear, all - will die of salt or water the fan salty … by

Sweet death

If to me was allowed to choose a way of death, then I would prefer death from cocoa. Theobromine which very much in dark chocolate is not only the substance causing easy euphoria, it is fatally poisonous … For dogs. The chocolate bar floor it is never more to spoil at an entrance will be enough for a little slovenly Pekinese. Therefore do not allow furious neighbors to treat your pets with chocolate bars.

Alas, the person showed endurance miracles again. To die from chocolate, to me it will be necessary either to get diabetes, or to order to itself a fifty-kilogram plate of chocolate. But as so much food in the person for once is not located, half-centner of chocolate it is necessary to drop on me.

Ways to derive pleasure remained a lot. But it is difficult to adapt some of them for the mysterious visitor with a braid. In particular, it is almost impossible to choose a lethal dose of music for the average consumer. To one to leave forever, there are enough two steps of the Betkhovensky Symphony No. 9, and you will not get at someone even the whole album of Dima Bilan.

And the destructive power of such powerful drugs as friendship, love and happiness - at all does not give in to laboratory measurements owing to the unstable nature. So it is possible to dare to be on friendly terms, love and to be with a clear conscience happy to the death. That is all life.