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How to find a way out of a desperate situation?

Life present to each person the most different, sometimes unimaginable situations. We also cannot imagine that we are prepared by tomorrow.

In ordinary efforts and cares seldom who thinks of the security. As a rule, we begin “to be christened“ and “to spread straws“ when the thunder already burst when it is necessary to recede not on in advance prepared positions, and in uncertainty, in anywhere.

Often begins to seem that in an abyss. In the famous song there are words “… the love will unintentionally appear suddenly, and every evening at once will become surprisingly good“. And if the trouble unintentionally appears suddenly? The sun grows dim, the earth leaves from - under legs, and it seems that nobody and anything will rescue, will not help, will not come to the rescue.

In the misfortune the person becomes vulnerable, and troubles begin “to stick“ literally to it. “Misfortunes never come alone“, speak in such cases. Two primordially Russian questions rise before the confused person and begin to torment him: “What to do?“ and “Who is guilty?“. Or rather, even on the contrary: “Who is guilty?“ And only then - “What to do?“. The majority of us all - begins the analysis of a situation with search guilty of the misfortune, but not with any constructive reflections and steps.

And so, the first rule to which taught me life - do not look for guilty, forgive all whom you want to accuse, and yourself first of all. Forces will be useful for search, for fight, for an exit, for restoration.

Of course, it is possible to accuse all this world, to hide in a corner and to wait when the situation resolves in itself. All children act this way. They never try to solve the problems rising before them, and try “to forget“ them, to postpone in the consciousness for boondocks waiting for happy end, the wizard in the blue helicopter or a miracle. Nothing good follows from such position. Therefore - that parents also have to form the confidential relations with children always to be aware of their problems and in time to come to the rescue, showing ways of an exit from difficult situations. And at all not for taking measures in the form of punishments and other sanctions.

So, get it together. Gather. Be engaged in the analysis of a situation. Call to the aid all whom you can. Also do not think that your problems are indifferent for people close to you. They love you and will help both council and concrete business. It is very important that the person on whom it is possible to rely was near. But it happens not always.

“You ask, and it will be given you“ - you remember? You ask not only relatives, friends, acquaintances. First of all, you ask and you ask about the help of the Lord and the highest patrons. Find the temple if you do not have it yet. Bypass everything which is nearby at an opportunity, and somewhere you will want to remain.

And maybe, you will just find the place about your closest soul of an icon in the only thing near your house the temple. It is obligatory to eat this place, and the soul will prompt, will respond on it. The main thing - go and you ask. You apologize, the help, protection, protection. Say prayers (or affirmation if you the atheist) instead of going deep into gloomy thoughts or to indulge in despondency. In other words, control the thoughts. You cannot think of something productive - you say prayers, and gradually the consciousness will clear up and the necessary decisions, ideas, assumptions, hopes will come to mind.

Learn to relax both emotionally, and physically. Be engaged in meditation. It is possible to reach relaxation in the different ways. It is possible to concentrate attention

- in - the first, on the breath;

- in - the second - on relaxation of the body (At first tension of all muscles, and then relaxation is carried out. It becomes gradually, since a foot and finishing with muscles of a neck and the person.) ;

- in the third - on any vision or a sound (It can be an image of sea waves which run on the coast or singing of some sound “îîěě“, “aaa“. In Robin Sharma`s book “The monk who sold Ferrari“ is the description of the “admiring rose“ equipment).

At desire and present opportunities of the Internet such the technician it is possible to pick up a little - what will be to liking more than others, on that and stop. The yoga very well helps irrespective of, you are engaged at home or in specialized club. Choose for yourself several exercises and carry out them under pleasant music, and still there are records for a relaxation to nature sounds: wood, sea.

And still water. Ordinary water. Or rather, water procedures. Various bathtubs - weakening, calming, sea, coniferous, with aromatic oils etc. Sauna or steam room. The real holiday for a body will give relief and your soul. Pool. You swim to yourself as fish, and through muscular loading nerves and thoughts come to an order. Douches. Shower.

Walks. If there is a partner, he is an interlocutor, - it is good. If suddenly it does not appear - nothing terrible, go for a walk alone. Only it is desirable to choose rate of the movement average or fast, depending on your fitness and to come back with small physical fatigue. Remarkably, if your route passes across the river bank, park, quiet not bustling streets.

Very well care of a garden, plants influences our mental state: landing, change, weeding and any other efforts. Open the books - catalogs - atlases on floriculture, look through them, admire beauty of the nature.

One more method to distract the thoughts from a difficult and unpleasant situation is a viewing of favourite movies, reading books which once gave great pleasure.

If at you problems with health were saved long ago, and to be engaged in them there was no opportunity - now it is a high time. Begin a course of preventive treatment of the osteochondrosis, gastritis, migraine. Even if there is no aggravation. And it often happens in stressful situations in the presence of chronic diseases, and then treatment especially cannot be postponed.

There is one more good way of fight against a stress which accompanies difficult vital circumstances, it perfectly proved, especially among women, but also has to help men: shopping. In other words - you walk on shops, find what dreamed long ago of (a unique hook for knitting or fishing), or buy a gift spontaneously.

Here something was pleasant right now - buy and rejoice. Earrings with diamonds, a silver ringlet, a beautiful dress, a tie, the car or … a toy. Please yourself. And if no desires arise - that the loved one, the child, any person.

Execute dream of the non-material plan. Long ago dreamed to jump with a parachute, to drive on the river tram, to pass barefoot on water, to tell the neighbor the kind word, to plant a tree, to throw out the bothered service, to stand on the head, to learn a melody for a piano with an orchestra, to get a kitten or a puppy, to go to Paris or to the village? Act.

The main thing - not to go in cycles in a problem, not to steep in it, and to realize an opportunity to put the thoughts and feelings in order, to begin to analyze and take reasonable steps to permission of a situation or to awareness of need of existence for new circumstances.

And here during prayers, meditations, walks, occupations by swimming, a garden, during viewing of movies your consciousness will gradually bring you to the necessary way. Earlier adverse circumstances will turn other party, events, joyful and necessary for you, will begin to take place. In your life changes to the best will begin, new opportunities and chances of success will appear.

With the God`s help, with the assistance of close people both own quiet and positive spirit to you the Door about which some time ago you also did not suspect will open.

Also there will be this Door not only the Exit from a difficult life situation, but also the Entrance to new, wonderful, huge and happy Life.