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How to force laziness to work for itself? A method Had

of Whom in the childhood did not bring up by means of tales of hardworking and poor heroes and lazy, but rich villains? You notice paradox? In our culture few fairy tales where the slogger worked are insignificant - worked, earned to himself one million, hid it far away and continued to work further because could not stop any more. But ours of Emel who once descended behind water, received then all he wished, just lying on the furnace.

Whether there is a rational grain in such labor policy? Let`s try to tear apart the fairy tale on quotes and to comment from the point of view of modern realities.

The old man had three sons - two clever, the third - the fool. Those brothers work, and Emelya lies, the nobility wants nothing.

Morals: if you do not want to strain once again, then do not pose as clever. Responsible and low-paid work - destiny of workaholics.

Wives of elder brothers sent Emelya behind water, promised a gift. the Real idler will move

a body only in exchange for benefit. And at first will thoroughly bid up to himself.

Instead of fast bringing waters, of a bucket scooped Emel, put, and itself began to look in an ice-hole. Also saw a pike there.

Anywhere take your time. And you will have time to notice favorable prospects. Bede of those who hurries to live, that they often miss favorable opportunities, seeking to finish unpleasant business somewhat quicker. The idler, if him forced to rise, will surely find for himself an opportunity to derive pleasure and advantage even from the most not palatable work.

Emel ordered to cut down to the axe to itself a bludgeon - such that to lift a nasila. Prepare for

powerful arguments against those who do not like your way of life. Hold closer to a body weighty volumes of works of Epicurus, Lucretius, Kation and the other advertized Ancient Greek idlers. Call yourself the philosopher and throw books in discordant.

- Emelya, Emel, what you lie on the furnace? Let`s go to the tsar.

- Me and here warmly...

do not change comfort for doubtful pleasures of secular entertainments. Take for the rule - to receive those who are interesting to you. And to ask to send for you a taxi if you are necessary for someone.

- On pike command, on my volition - well - the furnace, go to the tsar...

Here it is so quiet, without hysterics and brainstorming the idea of an internal combustion engine was born. Long ago it is noticed that brilliant ideas visit great minds at those moments when these minds recline in easy poses. Horizontal position not only relaxes a body and leads to improvement of brain blood circulation, but also disposes to a comfortable dream. And, as we know, Mendeleyev saw the table of periodic elements exactly there!

Emelya uvidat Marya - the tsarevna in a window and speaks slowly:

- On pike command, on my volition - let the imperial daughter me will fall in love...

Also told still:

- Go, the furnace, home...

And the tsar in the palace has a shout yes of a tear. Marya - the tsarevna misses Emele, cannot live without him...

In affairs warm do not show excessive speed. Allow the partner to take the first step. Then allow the second, third and the subsequent pases. Eventually, the more the person puts efforts in the relations, the more he values them. The real idler will manage to make so that he was adored, cared and cherished.

- Emelyushka, where we will live? - the tsarevna began to grieve. Construct what on is an izba.

- A reluctance to me to cut a log hut... On my volition - be built the stone palace with a gold roof! If had to change

to the laziness, then you should not execute foreign desires and to be exchanged for trifles. The energy which is saved up for years of fruitful inaction has to be spent for the worthy purposes! Do not hesitate to be immodest in the desires.

- Emelyushka, and you cannot become a handsome man?

Here Emelya not for long thought:

- On pike command, on my volition - to become me kind molodets, the hand-written handsome...

Idlers look better than hardworking fellow citizens. It is less than cares - less wrinkles. It is less than wrinkles - more friends. It is more than friends - less boredom. It is less than boredom - more gloss in eyes.

And in general if you already became on a difficult and thorny road of the true idler, then accustom itself to be lazy in a bath with massage or SPA - salon. Also remember - the most advanced idlers are lazy in gyms and pools of sports club.