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What to present to the person who has everything? An ideal surprise of

Evil tongues claim that the most unexpected and pleasant surprise for the woman is the shinshillovy fur coat which is accurately tied up by a diamond necklace and packed in not striking color of Ferrari. It is a lie. Such gift can please really the fair sex twice, well, at most, three times a year. The fourth Ferrari will bring only disappointment - the gift will be so predictable! And makes soul of a surprise and its explosive action on mood... Effect of surprise we Will tell


directly, not any surprise can be called a surprise. Behind examples of unpleasant surprises I far and should not go. It is enough to remember how my friend brought the whole suitcase of medical cosmetics from coast of the Dead Sea.

A half of a suitcase intended as a gift to me. So I learned that, according to the girlfriend, I madly suffer from cellulitis and seborrhea. And the last illness affected me, probably, especially strongly: for treatment of dandruff the girlfriend presented to me the whole four bottles: balm, shampoo, lotion and poultice. A little only that fact that its half of a suitcase was hammered with creams from wrinkles calmed me.

What it is an ideal surprise? How not to be trapped, choosing a gift to a significant event or trying to please expensively to the person just like that, without any occasion? for What

of surprises we do not wait?

at the time of Elizabeth I the envoy from the English power John Deyken tried to present to the Spanish princess really rare, precious and unexpected gift - the very first pair of stockings connected by car. And nearly paid with the head, 400 years ago any foreign man did not need to know that beautiful Spaniards have legs. And especially it is allowed to hint nobody at this circumstance so tactlessly. Business could end with armed conflict, but flexible British diplomacy rescued a situation.

And here the queen of England presented to Ivan the Terrible the African lions and banal silver cups. Alas, poor cats burned down in one of the Moscow fires. But the cup escaped. What conclusions follow from:

- it is better to give linen and other intimate objects only to the very best relatives;

- even incredibly rare and beautiful animal - a bad surprise for the unprepared person;

- when you do not know what to give, give ware.

the Surprise is the carefully prepared surprise!


That was successful a surprise, it is necessary to become caustic as hydrochloric acid, and careful as the sapper. Then at you it will turn out to get imperceptibly all necessary information on the subject of a surprise, carefully hiding the fine motives. Your purpose - not to show own originality or welfare! It is important to you to touch feelings of the one to whom the surprise is intended.

Now it became fashionable to make before birthday and in advance to hang out on the Internet or on a refrigerator door so-called “vish - sheets“. These are lists of desirable gifts that people around did not puzzle and did not give unnecessary things. It is possible to use, of course, this hint, but then the gift will not be unexpected. An ideal surprise is what the person dreamed long ago of, but all the time “postponed for later“ or did not consider that on it in general it is worth spending time. The pleasure from a surprise is not proportional to gift cost. It was already proved by scientists. And not only British.

That the surprise was really unexpected, it is better to make it not occasionally, and in the most usual day. However it does not mean that significant dates should be disregarded.

The more you know about character, habits, preferences presented, the it is more than chances to please it.

Friends and relatives presented - your best allies at collection of information.

the Small and inexpensive gift seasoned with an invention and capable to present good mood can become an excellent surprise.

the Surprise reflects not only your attitude towards the donator, but also is urged to emphasize the best parties of the one to whom it intends . the Surprise it is necessary not only to prepare

well, but also it is correct to present!

to Wrap

in the newspaper, to rewind a cord and to put in hands, having muttered instead of a congratulation “It to you here, hold, it was not useful to me“, it is possible only diamond for couple of hundreds of thousands of conditional money. Then contrast between packing and its contents will be the additional cause for explosion of emotions. In all other cases ritual of delivery of a gift is very important. Even the simplest gift can become a surprise if it is presented in the unusual place, in unusual time or under the circumstances which are not disposing to gifts.

Beautifully issued gift in itself is capable to create feeling of a holiday. Even if you give the meat grinder. But also there are nuances:

Bad option: to present beautifully issued meat grinder for March Eighth to the girl - the vegetarian.

Satisfactory option: it is effective to pull out from - under beds the hidden food processor in response to a request of the wife to run to shop behind ready forcemeat.

Excellent option: instead of the meat grinder it is not obligatory to present to the wife new, but surely clean and accurate small restaurant with Italian the chief - the cook. Traditionally gifts are presented to

personally in hands, it is desirable to look to the recipient in eyes and to tell couple of sincere and warm words. But also options are possible.

the Surprise should not become a reason for a call of ambulance!

the Staff of one Kiev enterprise decided suit with

a surprise to the manager of the department which was never late. They agreed with militiamen of road traffic police that those on each post on the road from the house of the manager to his work carefully checked documents, a luggage carrier and the first-aid kit. Militiamen honestly treated a task and five times stopped the poor creature.

On a workplace the infallible employee arrived with fifteen-minute delay and it was caused right there to the chief. In an office the administration kept cold and demanded to write an explanatory note then unexpectedly the chief called meeting. The employee was is live dead when in office the staff of its department with balloons and cake became hollow. The accountant handed to the manager an award and forced to undersign for the column “award for the First delay“ then absolutely become puzzled head of department was congratulated by subordinates - on increase.

It is good that the manager had strong nerves and healthy sense of humour. The good manager if he dreams of increase has to possess these qualities. However, arranging such draws, it is worth safeguarding. Who can help

with the organization of a surprise?

Even if the choice of a traditional gift demands time, the imagination and certain actions, what to speak about nontrivial surprises? Modern rate of life not always leaves us resources to show the creative abilities in attempt to please dear person.

Professionals come to the rescue. Various ivent - the companies, professional animators - inventors and the firms trading in gifts during crisis started and switched from corporate clients to needs of mere mortals. For example, it is possible to find unusual gifts on the Adventure in a Box type in gift departments of hypermarkets. It can be fascinating excursion, flight on a parachute with the instructor, the master - a class on making sushi, search of “treasure“. It is possible to activate service within a year from the date of sale of “an adventure in a box“ so the gift handed for New year will allow to brighten up summer holiday fine.

So, everything is simple how a balloon: creation of a stunning surprise always perhaps in the presence at least one of resources - money, time or just of surplus of good mood which wants to be shared . And, of course, the main component of an ideal surprise - that person who wants to be made happy.