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How to help fire victims - 2010 and whether it will turn out at you?

the Fires in the district, it seems, abated. The suffocating smell of burning was dissolved as a bad dream. In the subway already practically you will not meet people in gauze bandages (by the way, I tried such to get on on myself, but it turned out that to breathe even more difficultly). Already here and the prime minister ceased to fly in heaven in attempts to bring the personal contribution in suppression of ruthless, terrible fire.

But there was the most regrettable consequence of environmental disaster: fire victims. People homeless, without property, out-of-pocket. Bitterly. And it is only not necessary if it wants to whom, in this place to mention about state compensations and so forth. I do not believe that and to everyone will reach all in such size that it was possible to be equipped again though as far as it would be possible decently.

Why I do not trust? I in principle - “the extreme optimist“, but saw enough in years and years, and years … When I was attacked by the street hooligans who cut out a lower lip to nobody before there were affairs when... all right, will be enough, I know why: you help others, give out for them on full.

And there is a wish to help - that everything-. Though to someone, though somehow: to share things, for example, to transfer toys, - well, than it is possible, well. I think that much would like to arrive also, and many tried. As well as I. Left here that.

At first was delighted to the announcement on an entrance which said that the ware help is accepted there - that, and monetary - on it - that to the account. Well, in financial part at me now a crunch: repair that at present takes off “for such kopek“ that is more expensive than gold if to count …

But can touch things especially as they were transported from the old apartment quite recently. And it is possible to look at home. Especially, if to present that it is necessary for the person who is thrown out by fire on the street that is called - “without a thing“. Best of all - having imagined itself on its place.

Here I to myself imagined it and went on the apartment. Gathered which - what:

- a whistling kettle, / at, but quite decent;

- tacks, napkins and polotenchik kitchen - one - two washings passed, look as newcomers, would suit me too, but it is possible and to manage;

- a bathing towel, pretty it, with all the heart tore off, it is possible to tell;

a teapot scalded with a gold kayemochka, someone presented: never used what the nose which did not “sunbathe“ from tea leaves a droplet testifies to;

- circles clean, almost “not nadevanny“;

- couple of soft toys etc.

generally, not God knows, but - in all sincerity. Having collected a trunk, was surprised what voluminous it was. Also weighed too decently, unclear why. But intention to help from it did not decrease, even on the contrary. Having charged a shoulder, went to the specified address, having providently correlated visit time to the schedule of reception of things.

Looked for the marked point not too long though directly in the yard of that house where it was, there were difficulties with hints which asked from the grandmothers walking at a playground from local malyshny. It did not guard me at all: at old women, clear, other cares, to be operated by him with the children …

I here - oh, pleasure - I on the place. Having unloaded a trunk from shoulders, quickly I inquire at protection: far farther to move with the feasible help? It turned out that already arrived: it is accepted directly at an entrance to the social center. Of course - it is convenient. More precisely, it would be convenient, but it turned out that not quite. However, in that momentya did not understand it yet.

The woman - the security guard (or the porter and what difference!) in the same brisk tone with what I addressed it, asked: “New things“? Honestly admitted that is not present. Also heard: “We are not allowed to accept not new“. She apologized to me as she could, speaking rapidly words and accompanying them with a mimicry and gestures, but nevertheless inserted few times between apologies that it is the best of all to help money. Like, more reliably.

I absolutely sincerely parried: “And on what to live? We share, than we can“. Again apologies. Having moaned, the woman nevertheless accepted circles and a teapot. Wanted to have a look at other things, but to me it became somehow awkward, and professional psychological reception rounded off conversation, having dragged back stuff on itself.

Having remembered unforgettable Tolkien and, vskhokhotnuv it is sad regarding “travel there and back“, further on the road all thought: “Yes if at me, God forbid, everything burns down, would be glad to each rag, and would not check for novelty in any way, at once - in business“. But also not only reflected on it, the benefit the way pedestrian allowed on time: for example, of what the host can be afraid?

Well, for example, the fact that negodyaystvuyushchy subjects will throw a poison some. But it is possible to check. However, the equipment and staff are for this purpose necessary that is unprofitable. And unless new things cannot be processed by some muck? Here-. But I to check what went to if was, my financial aid to fire victims - so just could not.

And generally, having loaded as appropriate and having rejected all the affairs, maybe, also could (optimism, however!) . And would become? Well, hardly. And more there is also nobody to check - that. There, above, other temperature, other winds and in general other atmosphere from which on us just sneeze if zasverbit in a nose.

* * *

of the Thing returned and is lain at home in the same trunk. I cannot unload. Passing by, I look and I sigh. And to take out - the hand is not raised. Someone needs a whistling kettle, bu, but in working order?.