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Who such Dieter Bolen?

In the countries of the former USSR Dieter Bolena (“the Priest - the Titan“ as for fun calls him the European tabloid Bild) are remembered in two cases - when the speech comes about “Modern Talking“ and in the run-up to the television festival “Disco 80 - x“ when step on the stage matured, and often and the grown old performers of its hits.

“You`re My Heart, You`re My Soul“ (Modern Talking), “Cause You Are Young“ (C. C. Catch), “Midnight Lady“ (Chris Norman) - these songs, thanks to the nostalgic radio stations and music lovers choosing by their ringtones for the mobile phones, still in a system. As well as their author!

57 - summer Dieter (“Dida“, quite so without special ceremonies it is called by all young and old in the homeland) is the national hero. Since in 2002 he signed the contract with the private RTL television channel (Cologne), rare action does without its participation.

After secondary disintegration of Modern Talking he at numerous requests of admirers and journalists wrote two scandalously - ironic books of memoirs “Anything except the Truth“ (Nichts Als Die Wahrheit, 2002) and “Behind the scenes“ (Hintern Den Kulissen, 2003) and personally read them in studio, is unexpected for all having opened in itself literary and actor`s gift.

Both “paper“, and audioversions of memoirs of the master became best-sellers in Germany - in them he appeared the most ordinary boy from the North German Bern near Oldenburg, the poseur whom nobody perceived seriously - neither teachers, nor schoolmates. And he wanted to resemble the father - the business owner, the owner of civil engineering firm who was respected by subordinates.

Once in a class where Dieter studied, the newcomer - anything special came, “the zamukhryshka pimply“, but at it was “counter“ - he played “Beatles“ the guitar and behind it a tail all class went, asking to teach and it is also exciting to play them, well or at least to arrange a concert according to applications. Looking at it, dawned on Dieter: “And so as, it appears, become leaders! It is necessary to get a guitar - and it is ready!“

Though Hans Bolen was also engaged in business, affairs at it went, to put it mildly, no matter - the family literally considered each pfenning therefore the son`s request for “a new toy“ was given a hostile reception by parents: “Is there is nothing, and give a guitar to it! The musician was!“

not to be given when the purpose on the horizon looms! Dieter decided to earn this money. It was employed by the collector of a harvest to the rural priest - in time, free from lessons, ran with a basket on a neck behind a plow across the field and gathered potato. Having saved the necessary sum, he bought the Hawaiian guitar, and here it became clear that the tool is only half-affairs! It is necessary also play on it to learn!

By nature Dieter Bolen is the lefthander, the music teacher touched strings the right hand. As Dieter tried, he could not understand what needs to be done to seize the desired tool, and through couple of occupations gave up. Its favourite saying: “Everything that you do, has to make sense“.

It was necessary to master a guitar by own efforts. Fortunately, the hearing at Dieter absolute, got in inheritance from the grandmother, it is that and rescued a situation. Without knowing notes, he aurally selected melodies of an idol, Paul McCartney, trying to compose slowly and own songs.

The first work of future coryphaeus Evrodans was called “Falls much bombs“ - “Viele Bomben Fallen“ devoted to war in Vietnam. Dieter still considers himself as the pacifist, he - against wars and bloodshed.

The dream of leadership nevertheless managed to be achieved - the guitar and the truth allocated Dieter from crowd, the former idol of a class was immediately forgotten. However, teachers still looked at the pupil Bolen as mice on grain and put to him the two for behavior, but now it and him, and army of faithful admirers only amused. The rebel is cool!

Having passed into the senior classes of a gymnasium, Dieter began to think seriously of career of the musician - together with the friend Charlie created fate - group with the sonorous name “Mayfair“. Debut was waited by a total failure, despite thorough training, - children managed to sell about one hundred tickets on 12 brands apiece, but before a concert, looking from - for the scenes as schoolmates and neighbors take seats in the hall, they drained for bravery on couple of bottles of beer... also could not step on the stage!

Despite love to music, Dieter got higher education not in conservatory. He is a graduate of economics department of one of the oldest German universities - Goettingen.

Parents insisted! Hoped that in several years the son will take the place of the father in family business, will understand subtleties of accounting and will be able - to force to bring in firm instead of losses the income. Alas, it appeared to Edith and Hans`s dreams to come true it is not fated...

The son diligent ground away at the studies, understanding that the knowledge of economy and most in life is useful to it - he chose the most unpopular objects at fellow students, even did not miss Saturday lectures on statistics (which no uniform person in audience, except professor, understood), and in after classes hours stayed in university library, collecting information on the subject interesting him - “finance and the taxation in Germany“.

Having gained the diploma, Dieter went to look for work in the specialty - music at that time was for it only in the way to earn a two-three of brands to a grant to have fun with friends and girlfriends the Saturday evenings. He sent the summary to Hamburg and to Emden - both firms wanted to accept the young specialist on conditions, favorable to it.

It would seem - live yes rejoice! But alas, everything is not so simple. Studying at university, Dieter weekly threw demos of “Intersong“, a certain musical publishing house in Hamburg, the friend advised. Cartridges regularly came back all these years with a mark: “We regret, g - N Bolen, but we will not be able to publish this material“. Dieter decided to go finally to publishing house - “to look at the “blind men“ who did not make out Talent“.

Letters with refusals were signed by the same person - Peter Schmidt, here to him - that Dieter also asked himself to see off. Schmidt was surprised to his visit, but nevertheless accepted as the old acquaintance. Having learned that the untalented, but persistent young man listened to council and said goodbye to dream of career of the musician, he suggested it to do practical training in publishing house part time - to invite perspective actors in “Intersong“. Dieter, without deliberating seconds, agreed. He was invited in reality to that world which more than twenty years he dreamed only!

In practice it turned out that work of the agent is insufferably boring - Dieter was compelled for eight hours a day to stay at an office table and to idle. Tasks for the new employee at Schmidt were not, professors learned how to make for firm profit, but not as most to find to itself occupation - vicious some circle!

In a week of such “work“ Dieter decided to go va - bank - in the evenings he wrote songs that in the afternoon as required to show them to some actor or the producer. Strangely enough, it worked!

During the period from 1978 to 1985 Dieter released several songs in own execution, including “Hallo Taxi Nr. 10“ (“Hi, a taxi number 10“ - about the young man compelled in time, free from the main work, to earn additionally the taxi driver) and “Halt Heut` Mich Nichts Zu Haus`“ (“Today the house nothing will hold me“ - about what is so offensive in serene morning to go to work in stuffy office instead of dangling down the street with friends).

Songs of that period were “national“ in the best sense of the word, but alas - English and a genre of “bottoms“ rule the world, it was necessary to obey also to Dieter Bolen to orders of the villain - fashions, having buried in itself the talented bard.