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Woman driving: how to cope with nervousness and fear?

Hope, you remember that day when for the first time, having passed examinations in GAI, having acquired the rights and having trained with some loved one, independently left , at last, to the road loaded by transport?

Knees shivered? Cars tried to remove a shoulder from passing a row? From pedestrians jumped aside? Color of the traffic light was not noticed? Sitting next “assistant“ shouted at you when you moved more slowly than the people going on the sidewalk?

Well if all this is still fresh in your memory, you will understand me. And my story any more not for you, I will share secrets of mastering skills with those who just received the driver`s license , is scary proud and ready to show its to everyone, except the inspector of GAI.

Well and, generally, in a look I have women . So, I ask men not to stick especially with your man`s mudrost - we have all in a different way! Now, when I driving already oh - yoy - yoy how many, on me “chicken“, “a monkey with the grenade“ it is impossible to speak - I can answer!

And began all so …

On Friday after work we were going to go to the dacha to the beloved uncle. I waited for the husband - the driver who went behind shashlik meat and beer to the next epicure.

Came hour through one and a half. On my disappointed look supposedly “So means, we do not go anywhere?!“, he laughed the matter off: “Anything terrible. The rights are - you driving will go! I met Petrovich, we did not see each other years seven. That and syo, sat under an umbrella, beer drank. What here it?“

Well, nothing of that kind, of course, except the offer to me to take the wheel! For the first time! Moreover on Friday evening, when traffic jams such that “mother, do not grieve!“. What on the overloaded route needs to be passed the whole sixty km did not seem such awful as a way from the house to ring through the downtown.

I cried, refused to go in general where - or though during such terrible heat only patients could remain for a weekend in the city apartment. And I decided that I will try, once should be begun! is shorter than

when, I understood that the damned city ended, I, apparently, at last, exhaled what inhaled, taking the wheel. Uff …

But at gas station in the country I made the main and first mistake - I left not in that hole, under a brick. When the driving impudently white Mercedes strongly “was delighted“ to me, I only also understood it.

Having hardly recovered the breath, I nearly dropped a wheel - directly on the road, at once behind gas station, stood and already horizontally the inspector of GAI laid out the opposite long zebryachy staff. I regretted that I did not put on pampers!

I - to the husband:

- Please, I beg, leave with me, help to otbrekhatsya for the first time!

- Not - e - et, expensive! In total! All! You have rights , I here and? - he neighs. Cheerfully to it!

Ya went out on the knocked-down wadded legs of the car and slammed a door for rage.

There is such miracle - the inspector was my former pupil! We kissed each other, took leave, I acquired the rights back.

- Well why I am not a woman? In, women are lucky! - the husband spoke, sighing. - For the first time I see that the GAI officer kissed the handle!

Such first acquaintance to the inspector, of course, not at everyone can happen so and to you it is not necessary to count on it. It is possible to hope only for himself. And how? If only yesterday acquired the rights, there is no instructor nearby, but to a vokr - at - at - ug …

Traffic lights, intersections, traffic controllers wave hands something there in different directions, cars - the sea … And the most terrible - is not present and suddenly and there will be this, the most terrible, gaishny, with flashers. No, perhaps, the most terrible - pedestrians ! They what, at all, purposes of traffic lights do not understand?!

Any normal lady - the beginner after said goodbye to the instructor for money, begins to look for the free teacher of driving. Also does correctly. Only it is not necessary to take in the teacher of the husband who constantly shouts that on the road there are poles, and such roar notifies on red light that there is a wish to throw a wheel and to jump out through a windshield. Such lessons can become the last, tomorrow you will not take the wheel any more. Both the day after tomorrow, and in general. You will just think that the car is not for you.

After I, having pulled out a shred of hair on the head with despair, jumped out in the middle of the prospectus of the car and ran away to cry into the subway, I understood that should change the instructor .

For the next day I already went absolutely surely because the brother - the driver - the professional sat next. He warned in advance and absolutely quietly: “Be reconstructed accurately in the left row, there will be an intersection soon. Do not jump aside if yellow lights up, pass. If was not in time, stop where it turned out, and do not pay to anybody attention, let twist at a temple. Include an emergency signal and stand“.

generally, I did a bit of traveling with the brother - the instructor two days, remembered all his councils, and my independent driver`s life which proceeds nearly twenty years began.

I am not going to repeat with you rules, I will just tell, as I solved some problems , I hope, they will be useful to beginners.

The first departure without instructor and even without husband - the passenger I made on Sunday at 4 o`clock in the morning. It is the most not loaded time on roads . The city is empty. I left the house and, remembering traffic lights, intersections, quietly passed from one in other end of our longest prospectus in the city. Already behind city boundaries it was developed also on the woken-up streets, in an environment of the woken-up drivers - singles returned back. It was the feat.

When returned, it was necessary to park . And the place, in principle, was. Eyes I see what quite is enough for dimensions of my car, and it is terrible to horror. Well, I was also accustomed at first in places where on parkings there are a lot of expensive cars, to call to the aid men . Well, who on mine “Be kind, the first day driving … Park my car, please …“ will tell that it cannot help - that?! Of course, it - not an exit, and the husband laughed again at female cunning, and when it already drove on the parking, and behind propped up, it is necessary to work quickly. In the presence of empty seats gradually began to park itself, but by all means tried to get to a nacherchenny rectangle, repeating maneuver twice, three times.

The inspector stopped. Yes, it is terrible, and you begin to think that did incorrectly. And he sees it, and then also the rights sees “freshest“. And still, God forbid, prikid at you not country, and the most respectable. There is one rule which helps me to avoid already so many years penalties, deprivation of the rights and other troubles. At once I will tell - I and to the reckless driver, and I break sometimes, everyone happens during my work, sometimes and I pass more than one thousand km a day. The rule is politeness, a benevolent smile, even pleasure from a meeting with traffic police. Well, present it the business card, to a lokotka touch tenderly. You know what to learn - that I will be!

Forgot to fill
the car, did not look at a scale, gasoline reached a limit in the downtown? I right there included an emergency signal, ordered through a taxi service of liters five gasoline . If GAI approaches, do not admit for anything in what business. You say what you do not know, also everything just does not go, and you already caused the help. Otherwise you can obtain a considerable penalty in places where it is impossible to do parking or a stop. It is the shortest solution of a problem. Delivery is expensive so it is better not to forget.

Never try to sweet-talk, persuade the inspector at witnesses if he is going to write the protocol and to draw receipts on a penalty. Think up as to you to remain alone, directly tell that you would like thetas - and - thetas, ask his workmate to depart.

And now start actions. Here everything depends on the fact that at you for a car and as you look now.

If the full car of children, mothers-in-law, aunts with seedling boxes, and you in a sports suit, jeans or shorts, cry that to a salary scanty two more weeks, and a family - the person ten, and you have no husband. Sadly you speak, plaintively. Will release. Maybe phone will ask. Give. Podruzhkin.

If you - all from itself such doll what is clear - a penalty for you - as to someone behind ice cream to run, still zhalobny, but already angrily, in a fit of temper, tell that just caught the husband with the mistress in your bed. Well, and not before driving … But you will be accurately, here only to mother to reach somehow … Will sympathize. Will release. Following will grin, sympathizing on - friendly now your blessed incorrect.

It is impossible to bribe. But sometimes is possible .

Better not money. Not the rights to give! Estimate: what will cost cheaper, and arrive. I will learn you a little.

But already next time...