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“Eviscerators“. How much a pancreas for the people?

Near future. Obviously, it is tomorrow, but not strongly remote from our realities as cars strenuously of the Volkswagen brand advertized in the movie still move on the ground, but not by air.

In one of such on the city also the main character Remy (Jude Law) travels about. A profession at it the most modern and highly paid, though very dusty, risky and life-threatening. Remy is the eviscerator.

Remy characterizes the position in the large pharmaceutical company “Union“ as follows: “My work is very simple. You cannot pay for the car - the bank takes away it. You cannot redeem the house taken on credit - the bank takes away also it. You cannot pay for the liver in time - well, I appear here“.

Really, everything is simple, as clear as a day. The sales department under the sensitive guide of Frank (Liv Schreiber) skillfully advances the newest substitutes of any human bodies, from knee joints to eyes, ears and all internal components.

These substitutes, by the way, not just replace the damaged or sick “originals“, but also give them additional qualities. Ears are heard better (there is even a loudness regulator), eyes change color and so on. Generally, any whim for your money!

Ah yes, we forgot to tell about money because, by itself, the services “Union“ are not free at all, it is not the charitable organization. Moreover, the cost of many transplants blows the mind even of wealthy citizens. Therefore many, especially the persons in need, buy to themselves health on tick.

Here to a scene there is also a character Remy and his best friend and the workmate Jake (Forrest Whitaker). These two raunchy guys even arrange secret competition who will cut out bodies from debtors more in a night. Delov - they are to take coordinates, to arrive to the house, to lull the unlucky debtor, to cut out from it property of the company (a fate of the client who at the same time, as a rule, goes to a next world very few people concerns), to return property on receipt and to receive the commission charges.

Yes, sometimes work is accompanied by risk because not everyone voluntarily agrees to return of interiors. Yes, it will not turn out to leave work with clean hands here. But decently pay for it, and Remy has a family, the house and a lot of obligations to less exacting creditors.

Nevertheless, frequent night shifts and kind of work of her husband strongly strain his wife Carrol who wants that Remy spent more time at home, with her and with their son Peter. She asks Remy to pass into sales department where money pay less, but it is work from nine to five and it is not necessary to cut to pieces every single day someone. Remy, despite close friendship with Jake and good money, understands too that he moves away from the family more and more, and seriously thinks of agreeing. And here suddenly to it there is a most unpleasant of everything that could happen, - he gets to servitude. Having suffered on the next task, Remy receives artificial heart from the company. By itself, under general conditions crediting.

But the most unpleasant innovation consists that now when Remy from the employee of the company turned into her client, he cannot kill “similar“ any more. Bringing a knife over the next victim, he personally represents himself on its place. There is no production - there is no money. Sooner or later Remy will receive by mail the notice that he delayed payment for the credit. And after it to it other eviscerator on a visit will be, there can be even his buddy Jake, and will force to return what is sewn up at it in a breast instead of heart … to

the Picture “Eviscerators“ is the screen version of the novel of Erick Garcia “A mambo of the eviscerator“, and Garcia began to cooperate with the director of a tape, Miguel Sapochnic, in 2003. As a result the novel appeared in 2009, and its screen version was issued at the beginning of 2010. For Sapochnic this project became the second and meanwhile to the most serious in career while Garcia began the Hollywood slalom in 2003 when according to its book Ridley Scott released the quite good detective movie “Magnificent Swindle“ with Nicholas Cage.

Unlike “Magnificent swindle“, “Eviscerators“ - much more gloomy, places the hopeless thriller that is especially felt closer to the final in which the viewer “is brought for a corner“ at least twice. Many noted after viewing that they were unpleasantly struck by naturalism of some scenes and excessive realness in demonstration of details of professional activity of the main characters. Alas, as it seems to me, it was hardly succeeded to do without these details. They clearly demonstrate that for these guys and their bosses there is nothing sacred that human life in modern society is only the sum on the calculator screen which is easily put and subtracted if necessary.

Typical grin of capitalism: Frank abuses Remy declared in office in broad daylight in all “magnificence“ after labor night for the fact that that scares away clients. The last, being afraid that sooner or later will not be able to pay off the company in time, try to pay goods at once and cash, and, therefore, stop being clients. It is impossible to earn from them more as their artificial organs passed into their full and termless property.

It is surprising that to the director who does not have experience with a serious cast, producers entrusted such Hollywood stars as Jude Law, Forrest Whitaker, Liv Schreiber and John Leguizamo. However, apparently, everything worked as it is obvious that each of them is on the place. Certainly, all picture was decorated by inimitable Forrest Whitaker who of any role can make a candy, and here he on it had all resources because his character Jake - the personality ambiguous and inconsistent. Jude Law in something repeated the image from “Ekzistention“ (1999) of David Kronenberg because there it also constantly ran away from someone, and the reality continually mixed up with illusion. I have no claims to Lowe (others - have, but this their especially personal opinion). The actor unambiguously best of all looked, than in the basten “Cold mountain“ or sugary “Alfie“, but, let us assume, to the brilliant role in “A damned way“ of Mendez where he also played the cool murderer, it obviously fell short.

Ponravilsya and Liv Schreiber who played in the movie of the nominal villain, but to it not to get used. The strangest that I was not irritated at all by the Brazilian actress Alisi Braga, especially after “Predators“ where she absolutely filled up a role of an abrupt Latin chika. Here the Braga plays the woman fragile and vulnerable (literally), and probably, this image is closer to her also relatives therefore her character turned out more sincere and realistic.

What as a result at authors left? There was very equal, professionally made, gloomy on form and content, a fantastic thriller with good actor`s game, the nontrivial scenario and interesting turns of a plot. Is, of course, couple of moments on which there is a wish to exclaim like the old man Stanislavsky “I do not trust!“, but for the Hollywood blockbuster with stars it is not enough of them.

It is possible to look and it is necessary, the movie lifts several interesting ideas, but be ready that it is enough naturalism in a picture, just as violence and black humour.