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What there is a mentality of? Wisdom, nonsense and character …

Wisdom usually comes only by an old age when memory already curtailed the rods, nonsense becomes gloomy, and character manages in time.

Mentality - the word French, it also means a certain mentality, a spiritual component of separately taken group of people (from armor. mens - mind, thinking, mind).

There lived once in France the ethnologist Levi - Bryul. He studied life of primitive tribes, compared their thinking to thinking of the modern person and as a result of the researches by the first came to a conclusion that there is something steadily - collective, having designated this concept “mentality“.

Much later figures of the French historical “School of the Annals“, still called them “annalist“, entered this determinative into broad masses. They considered what “mentality“ is that it is capable to unite society from the monarch to the commoner as the common feature connecting the whole historical eras and developing national culture.

The term passed through centuries and strongly was proved in consciousness of people. The mentality dictates to the person in what “color scale“ to it to live with what images and what living position to choose.

Perhaps, in our language there is no fuller concept defining traditional consciousness and the system of outlook exposing priorities, dictating norms and rules of conduct in certain circumstances. Such painted ethnic picture of the world creates to the person the small “world of representations“ and protects from negative psychological factors.

Unconscious complexes develop in the mechanism of constants, adapting group of people to the natural and social environment, define nature of actions. Each group has the system of stereotypes - the prism of visual perception and manifestation of a civilization through art, policy, economy, culture, religion, orientation in space and time.

80 - e years of the left century are marked by excessive attention to “mentality“ as to the only justification of all problems - at last found panacea from all inexplicable “diseases“. Sociologists, social scientists, historians, psychologists began to study this area of public consciousness.

The first ideas of a national special way of life of the people, its culture, formation of national character and historical destiny were found in mythology and folklore as which bright example it is possible to consider customs, traditions, literature and art.

The problem consisted not so much in understanding that it designates the concept “mentality“, how many in studying its emergence, structure of formation, to calculate reflection at many nations and the people, to define its importance and versatility. Answers to questions looked for in works on history, philosophy, religion, ethnology, psychology, sociology, political science.

A phenomenon “mentality“ relies on structural division of society - the nations, classes, estates, their main lines distinguish the personality.

It became clear that the mentality can be national, political, corporate, social and individual.

Meaning national mentality, usually speak: “I am brought so up“, “so there lived my ancestors“, “at us it is accepted“.

Political - defines extent of influence of the state and power, forms political consciousness.

The corporate mentality “dictates“ rules of conduct within work.

The social mentality leaves a mark of a layer (class) of society in which the personality is identified.

And the individual mentality is the outlined standards of behavior of separately taken person.

In critical stages in life of society under the influence of changes the mentality changed, was not a full specular reflection of reality, but did not disappear anywhere.

Sooner or later “mentality“ was again regarded as of paramount importance, were guided by it, made a start from it, on it built the present and the future.

To take, for example, our present, the egocentrism, liberal views, public demoralization, corruption, use of office powers by the power, the consumer relation, degradation of society is visually visible. And here everything as it is impossible by the way, remembered the national idea capable to unite the people, love for the country, patriotism, traditions of the senior generations, national pride and advantage as about a lifebuoy.

The historical choice is not so just put before the people. To be guided by the history or to follow a bright example of the neighbors who already passed this way, to find the road or to follow in others tracks, to keep mental integrity or to squander that Society - it very difficult organism was already put by generations …

, for certain, it has the genetic code which cannot be taken and changed easily. And mentality - that key which should be considered as a link.