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Boys, fat e?! The recipe of preparation of fat on - shukhsk of

- Dzie ń dobry, wujku! Co zabra ć wam na drodze do Niemiec? (Good afternoon, uncle! What to bring to you on the way to Germany?)

- Nic dla mnie. T ł uszczu, t ł uszczu jest! Moich znajomych czeka bardzo, ko ń czy. (Nothing is necessary. Fat, fat only! My friends very much wait, ended.)

On the way to Germany we always stop at the uncle - the Pole, he lives near Poznan. Well, as in Poland, as well as in Greece, there is everything now, as a gift take symbolical champagne or a national small bottle of other drink.

Once, many years ago, got to a table and unfinished sandwiches. Generally with a salets and cucumbers remained.

The uncle smelled, grunted from spices and garlic, and asked why it we shpig with ourselves carry, perhaps, we have no sausage in shops.

- Ale co to za zapach pyszne?! (But what for a smell tasty such?!) - was surprised, having once again moved up a plate with fat to itself.

In Poland of such fat in shops, even in the market you will not meet. Poles, all of them it is more in rolls shpig - paste burst. Ff - and - and …

Well, also began from this day - as soon as we go to Germany, the uncle already warns: “Without fat your house I will not even let!“

It with friends - neighbors in an occasion of “arrival“ of fat suits the whole ceremony. The table in a garden or on a winter verandah is laid. Vodka. Cucumbers. Tomatoes. Black bread. And in the center - a beautiful dish waiting for fat. And we are the most dear visitors. Pleasantly.

We, of course, on the use of fat on our soul in a year lag behind both Ukrainians and polar bears (they, bears, eat only a skin and fat of production, using the rest only in exceptional cases), but all the same we do not forget though sometimes about this delicacy. We salt it and we fry, we smoke sometimes as it is harmful to health. Smalets as cooking fat is used.

And as call you fat - bacon or brisket, podchereviny or shpigy, fat - it and in Africa fat! Our product!

And shkvarochka to pancakes fresh as always by the way!

But I will tell you about the way of preparation, on - shukhsk, so to speak. That you understood why the uncle our Polish literally a barrier bars the way to Germany to us - give fat to it! Fat on - shukhsk

the Piece of fat with a skin (with a meat layer or without) I cut

equal cubes of 8-10 centimeters in size on centimeters 8-10 to a skin, leaving it whole.

I prepare of spice in a mortar:

bitter black pepper;

fragrant black pepper;

pepper red burning;


dried parsley;

dried fennel;

lemon juice;

tea spoon of sugar.

I will not give any proportions - I do everything to taste, sometimes I add at the request of my house something, and I clean something from this mix. And the weight of ingredients always gives new taste. It was never tasteless yet, however!

Properly to mix everything, peretoloch. Now to add a big handful of salt. Again to mix.

Properly to rub with this gruel from spices each cut-out fat cube from all directions.

To do the same also with a skin.

On a bottom of a pan to fill salt, to lay this, flavored with spices, shmat fat. From above it is possible to cover

following, still, still … with a cotton polotenchik Now, and on it from above to put decent weight freight. I put a stone.

To leave a pan for three days “to have a rest“ at the room temperature. Fat will start up juice, then “will drink“ it again.

And now get from a pan, shake off surplus of salt, cut the convenient size pieces, spread out in bags and - in the freezer!

By the way, very much conveniently such small frozen small squares are cut off on a skin on the necessary portions, it is not necessary to defreeze all piece.

Well, and now get, try and tell us as to you it is tasty. Only this way tell that slobbers at us began to flow!

At me it turned out?