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the moment of a despair or everything will be good!

In life of each person, happen such moments when to us it is bad and heavy. To remember the most important that they surely will pass. Time cannot stop. Everything changes. One day leaves, another comes. And who knows that it will bring to you. Perhaps, all your life and will change naturally for the better tomorrow. And you will only remember, those adversities which were in your life, as a bad dream. Everything changes. Yes the sun ascends every day differently, at different times. The movement of the Universe is irreversible. Do not forget about it. And if to you badly now it does not mean at all that it will be bad then, we will tell tomorrow or even earlier.

Yes, life sometimes goes not as we want or we plan. But, nothing means. It from it does not become worse or it is less more interesting. Unless it is not interesting to you that will be with you so to say tomorrow and at least in an hour. We definitely do not know. Yes we can assume, but we cannot precisely know. And that will be with us in a month or year. We also even less so cannot know. Maybe we will become, absolutely other people. And the whole world can will change, in a word we cannot know it. Well of course if you not the all-seeing prophet.

will be new dawn Tomorrow, and to you can be new people will meet. And even wind which blows to you in a face today. Perhaps, tomorrow will become passing.

Many wise men and philosophers spent many years of the life, in search of truth of life. Also found it in simple things, in pleasure of every day and. etc.

Many travelers went to the distant countries in search of happiness, and later found true happiness, having returned, home. Of course I am not a philosopher and not the wise man, but it seems to me that happiness of life in the life. Living every day, remaining at the same time part of the Universe and life. To feel a whole with the whole world. Of course there is a lot of us. And all of us are such different. But it is a lot of, consists of individuals. And if the nature and stars burn at you over the head today. Means and has to be. We want that or not, but we not otyemlimy part of this world. And the world and the Universe are subordinated to the law of changes and transformations. So everything will change. And EVERYTHING WILL be good!!!