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Semantic oversaturation of books of Alexander Baltin - how much they in themselves contain - forces to believe in reincarnation. It seems, the poet went roads of Byzantium, got on a market into theological dispute - because this empire burned with a pure flame of belief; and already the Middle Ages tent - motley as the peacock tail - where bright light of centuries-old construction of cathedrals is saddened by tracks of new and new wars reveals; and here we houses, in the present - at the dacha, say, where the aquarium is densely green as a tiny pond; but here again the way takes away in a distance - whether Egyptian to us the labyrinth will open? Or we will hear the glaring dispute with the medieval mystic?

Gold spheres of time are scattered by sparks of verses.

Baltin`s Verse - technically impregnable - is various and rich; lines possess zhyostkomuskulny structure, and the irony - at times cuts grass edges, at times quietly calms, softens soul.

I everywhere at Baltin - a verse pronizannost mystical light, feeling of layers, nadstoyashchy over us.

allows to say the Combination of similar qualities about Alexander Baltin as about the uncommon poet, and such verses as “Dispersing from a funeral, speak“, “Observatory“, “Which - that about a doomsday“, “Lunar gingerbread“, “A measure of measures“, “A green aquarium“, “Trees black and white …“, “The broken doll“ - and - there is a wish to call some other pearls.

In the conclusion of these small notes we will give Semyon Lipkin`s opinion on Alexander Baltin`s verses, facsimiles of letters of S. Lipkin to A. Baltin are published in the almanac “45-I am a parallel“, number from 11. 08. 10 g:

* * *

Dear Alexander Lvovich!

Thank you for the book “Uncertainty“. The name not really is pleasant to me, but verses in the book belong to the real poet who is originally conceiving and perfectly writing, perfectly owning a verse externally as if not new, but actually new on thought. Especially I liked the third poem of “Everyday maxims“, “Woods“, “Hospital“, “Look“, “Concert“, “Erasmus the Rotterdam“, “In everyone to the house …“, “A cat and a mirror“, “the Message to Propertsy“, “Two cameras“, “Centenary war“, “Two“, “Old plum“, “Reducto absurdum“, “Peonies“.

pleased Me education of the person who did not get an education systematic.

S. Lipkin

19. 8. 2001

* * *

Dear Alexander Lvovich!

Thank you for “A track of magicians“. Though in the book of a volkhovaniye it is not enough, you read it with invariable interest. There is no casual the poem. Verses are mostly short, but thoughts are always full. You are right: “There will be a proud, short story“. Unusually, but it is truly told: “Me the native speech in which pain and grace wearies“.

Pain and grace is an essence of your verses. Well: the book which you sent me - poetry.

Your S. Lipkin

16. 5. 2001