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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on September 11 - 12? “Resident evil 4: Life after death“, etc.

the Fall at many is associated with gray days, rainy weather and inevitable proximity of winter. Here and the first autumn film premieres of 2010 do not please with cheerfulness too. This week come to the Russian screens three-dimensional kvadrikvet (it so fashionably is called the fourth part) “Resident evil 4: Life after death“ and the Hollywood horror film “The last exile of a devil“.

To dilute gloomy tone of the American production, our film film distributors also in a counterbalance will let out 4 comedy tapes at once: one productions of the USA, French and two English. Closes the list of debutants of hire the documentary European picture “Oceans“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Resident evil 4: Life after death 3D“ (Resident Evil: Afterlife). Knows that the well-known media franchize “Resident Evil“ where the games of the same name enter, comics, short stories and the other accompanying production, was based by the Japanese company Capcom in 1996. Then there was the first part of video game which partially imitated other line of games, “Alone in the Dark“. Both that, and another, in turn, derived inspiration from the well-known zombyatnik of George Romero. In 2002 the director Paul U. S. Anderson released the first screen version which, by the way, did not become a big event, but thanks to admirers of a genre of survival horror and the game, also acquired the okolokultovy status. It allowed creators, even taking into account average financial results, to continue to remove continuations up to the current year when the fourth part comes out.

We will not hide, this movie has obvious advantages. In - the first, very vigorous action and mass of battle scenes with application of the advanced special effects. In - the second, very picturesque monsters: the zombie, the mutants, any infernal doggies and other terrible creatures which with love are written out by screenwriters with sick imagination. Well and, in - the third, by itself, our former compatriot Milla Jovovich for whom the first three parts of the movie were the true help in a film career though behind shoulders the model has both “The fifth element“, and marriage with his founder Luc Besson that also helped it to bypass on turn of many competitors.

What to wait from fourth “Monastery“ for? I believe that it is not a secret: lot of the zombie, same effective Jovovich, airtight drive, powerful soundtrack and, naturally, 3D. Plot? Yes you do not make laugh, honestly.

2. “The last exile of a devil“ (The Last Exorcism). Modern cinema caught subject of an ekzortsizm or exile of a devil at the suggestion of the American writer William Bletti whose classical novel “Exorcist“ was adapted in the film version in 1973 by the director William Fridkin. The screen version enjoyed wide popularity, received ten (!) the nominations on Oscar (the truth, received only two, for the scenario and a sound) and generated to life not only several direct continuations, but also the whole wave of imitations and parodies. The most known pictures on this subject: “Six demons of Emily Rose“ (2005) and the parody “Expelling Anew“ (1990) with Lesley Nielsen. And, how many it was removed absolutely stupid and boring fakes, no fingers on hands will be enough.

To honor of authors of “The last exile“ whether kotoroyevryad will become the last, they went a little some other way though too not original. They shot the movie in a genre of mockumentary (pseudo-documentary) fashionable now, on the Witches from Blair type, “Paranormal phenomenon“ and “Monstro“. Also did not lose droplets because modest 3 - the million budget already paid off in the USA by more than ten times. Here and all economy. That to quality, the picture, of course, falls short of genre pillars, but represents quite competent show having the necessary effect - it frightens to a shiver in knees. Nervous it is better to wait for DVD (or in general you should not look).

3. “At love distance“ (Going the Distance). the Next love - carrots performed by Drew Barrymore, eaten on this genre not one dog, and Justin Long who received a start in life koshmariky “Dzhipers Kripers“. For Nanette Boursteyn - it is a director`s debut, and, frankly speaking, unsuccessful. The tape uncertainly started in native hire a week ago and did not manage to rise above the fifth line, having earned only 8 million at the budget in 32. What served as the failure reason - sluggish marketing campaign, inexperience of the director or the subject which is traveled all over up and down - it is difficult to tell. Most likely, all together. Similar melodramas dime a dozen, so result quite natural.

4. “Five of my former girlfriends“ (My Last Five Girlfriends). the British comedy of Julian Kemp came out last year. In this tape there are no big names, except for kameo Michael Shin (“Frost against Nixon“, the trilogy “Other World“). However the original plot favourably distinguishes this romantic comedy from a sad Hollywood hand-made article “At love distance“. The guy endures the next parting with the girl. In attempt to understand why he is persistently not lucky in a love field, the main character goes to travel across Europe in search of the former girlfriends to find out the reasons of their gap with it. All this is followed by a typical English yumorok which, besides, against the American jokes looks more preferable.

5. “Little Nicolas“ (La petit Nicolas). the Director Laurent Tirar is little-known to the domestic viewer. The only thing that it seemed to me interesting in its filmography, so this future participation as the director and the screenwriter in the next part of adventures of Asteriks (the truth, without Obeliks, and it is much worse). The last year`s family comedy “Little Nicolas“ about life of the young school student, his dreams and experiences waiting for addition in family perfectly will be suitable as good pastime for all family. Kind, places sentimental, the cinema about tricks of the young madcap will hardly leave someone indifferent.

6. “Oceans“ (Oceans). (Pierce Brosnan) Striking with the scales the European documentary project with attraction of the international stars reached also the Russian movie theaters. As they say, did not pass also years because the world premiere of the film took place on October 17, 2009. According to the available information, shootings of a tape took, neither more nor less, four years, and geographically united more than fifty locations of the globe. Very beautiful, literally bewitching each shot, the picture once again proves that it is not necessary to draw Pandora`s jungle, at us, on our blue planet, is what to look also without notorious 3D at. The main thing to keep it for descendants, not to ruin finally the irrepressible desire to consume everyone and everything and to use natural resources till the rest.

7. “Rabbit and bull“ (Bunny and the Bull). the Director of this picture strange in every respect Paul King is a creator popular, places even of cult, English series “Mayti Bush“. “The rabbit and a bull“ is the his first experience in a full-length format removed in style of the above-stated series. In Russia the series (that it was understood what there is a speech about) were broadcast on the NST satellite channel (under the name “Bush All-powerful“) and on channel 2õ2. “English humour very difficult“ (c). So before viewing be ready to laugh in improper places and it is indecent to neigh where it is provided by the scenario.

We will consider as the unconditional favourite of this week 3D - the version of fourth “Resident evil“ which will collect the greatest number of screens and the best sessions. “The last exile“ - too brutal and frightening show for a mass visit of cinema. And all comedies of this week, mostly, last year`s, also did not get due advertizing support. Personally I will surely see “Oceans“. And I advise you.