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What is a kind of the test, for pizza?

Pizza are a peculiar open pie with various stuffings. A stuffing for such pie the most various.

It is possible to use: fillet of fish, ham, sausages, sausages, the hard-boiled eggs, cheese, mushrooms (especially champignons), sweet paprika, onions, tomatoes, young vegetable marrows, eggplants, pods of young haricot, fresh carrots, olives, mayonnaise, tomato - paste, greens of fennel, parsley, a celery, basilicas.

In a word, the stuffing can be prepared from everything that will be near at hand. The important advantage of pizza is that at its preparation big expenses of work and time are not required.

It is served for breakfast, dinner, a dinner, to tea, to coffee;

it is convenient to b to take pizza in the road, on fishing, in the wood. In a word, pizza is a universal dish and besides a lung in preparation.

Now we will stop on recipes of preparation of pizza dough in more detail .

At preparation of pizza use various dough. Exists many of types of the test , but the following is suitable for pizza:

Sweet pizza dough (on soda, sour cream, eggs, milk) needs to be prepared from high-grade flour though it is possible to use any flour which is available at home. Important components of this type of the test are butter or margarine, granulated sugar or icing sugar, eggs (sometimes only egg yolks).

As liquid take milk, sour cream. It is possible to add poppy to dough that will make taste of the prepared dish juicier. If according to the recipe it is necessary to add a baking powder (usually it is baking soda) to dough, it is mixed with flour, and flour with granulated sugar; all mix then is sifted through a sieve.

Further add to this weight in the following sequence the grated butter or margarine, eggs and liquid. Mix all products at first a knife, then knead a hand, without leaving small lumps, further dough is rolled on a board in thin layer (up to 3 mm thick).

Before pastries dough is greased with egg (a bowl an egg yolk). Pizza dough has to be round, carefully kneaded. After a batch dough is left on a chopping board to lie down at several o`clock, then spread on well oiled baking sheet and put in a heated oven.

Puff pastry for pizza - flour high quality, fresh firm butter or margarine, an egg yolk. Water, vinegar and salt. Pizza dough is prepared whenever possible in the cold room. Oil is senut on pieces in flour and roll with a rolling pin flour weight.

At first mix oil and flour a knife (or a wooden rake), then a hand within 1 - 3 min. Dough has to be formed by hands easily. Later knead, weight has to be same, without lumps, is viscous. This weight is left to lie down. The surface prepared for baking of products from this test needs to be greased with the shaken-up egg or an egg yolk.

The baking sheet is not oiled, the prepared dough is put on the baking sheet moistened with cold water. Bake a product in a hot oven; when it is almost ready, temperature in an oven is reduced. In an initial stage of pastries the oven is not recommended to be opened that cold air did not get into it - then dough will settle.

In poorly warmed oven dough foams, creeps away, oil follows from it; product in finished form dry. Correctly baked dough has to be easy, gentle and fragile.

Sour yeast dough for pizza. All components for preparation of this type of the test needs to be spread out in advance in the warm room that they got warm: it guarantees conditions for faster and best fermentation of the test.

At first prepare ferment, yeast mixes with sugar, adds flour and milk of room temperature. Yeast can be used both fresh, and dry. Yeast needs to be filled in not with hot milk, room temperature. For fermentation dough should be put to the warm place. It is impossible to make dough on a hot plate, the hot battery of heating system and t of at all. When ferment wanders, there add all other products.

Dough needs to be kneaded well that the air promoting development of microbes of fermentation and giving to a finished product porosity got into it. Well kneaded dough brilliant, without lumps, does not stick to a pan and to hands. Vymeshanny dough needs to be covered and put for fermentation to the warm place. At the same time it is necessary to watch that dough did not perebrodit; then it will spread, will fall, the pastries from such test lose splendor, the product turns out low.

Less dense dough begins to ferment quicker, abrupt - slowly. During fermentation of the test it is possible to make its obminka - to remove from the test the collected carbon dioxide, once again to knead it that air got to weight and by that to strengthen process of reproduction of microbes of fermentation. Dough is ready if its volume increased half.

Then dough is undressed, giving it various forms. Having placed a product on a baking sheet, it is left for some time - dough rises. The product is greased with the shaken-up egg or the protein mixed with water put in well heated-up oven; several minutes later reduce temperature in an oven and on slow fire wear out. During pastries the oven is not recommended to be opened.

That to give to a finished product a beautiful look (that its surface shone), shortly before the termination of pastries it is moistened with cold water. The ready pastries is spread on a board, cut after cooling.

At baking of flour products it is extremely important to establish temperature. At high temperature in an oven the pastries occur accelerated, dough rises quickly, but the product in finished form falls down therefore pizza needs to be baked at an average temperature.

Appetite pleasant to you.