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Computer safety. How it is correct to live in the Internet?

are shorter, it is safe to live in the Internet it is necessary so: to stick - to tie up and any... And, is not present: and you on it - memoirs write the computer with Linux or read news on Yandex, and any more anywhere.

Joke. I know, almost all of us are “vinduzyatnik“ here, and some also use the IE browser. (And if words such are not known, I will explain to those: it is a sinenky small letter “ĺ“ on the screen which you got used to call “Internet“.) And though for other operating systems of viruses much less or practically not, but also in Windows it is possible to work if it is necessary or there is a strong wish.

I promised to explain, than badly that on the personal computer I was a user with the rights of the administrator.

of the Right of users

If of the right of the user of the computer are limited to

moreover control of accounts of users is included moreover the firewall works, then at emergence of excess activity (for example, in attempt of a trojan to start some program or to transfer to some website logins - passwords - certificates) system either will forbid it, or will ask again the user, or will ask to enter the password of the administrator.

Of course, need to often enter passwords and to answer questions irritates, but it is possible to pay for convenience more expensively, than counted. And not only money. To me to change passwords from all websites on which I entered in system so far now the virus sat.

Though it just periodically needs to be done! And at all not to keep passwords in browsers. In - the first, the trojan will take away them first of all, and in - the second, you will forget them if not to remember long.

It is possible not to remember and not to remember, however, and to use programs of storage of passwords .

of the Program of storage of passwords

Is convenient to

: you bring the logins and passwords from all websites where are registered (and also a pin - codes of cash cards and other classified information which you are afraid to forget). Can generate passwords to you and the program, good, resistant. You, the main thing, the main do not forget - with which this program should be started. Store such program on the USB stick, use from any computer. And you will lose the USB stick - nobody will decipher it, without knowing the password to the program. However, and you more will not come anywhere... But you will make not one copy, huh? It is simple to use - the applet authorizes you on the websites, it is necessary to gather nothing, so viruses - keylogger to you will not do much harm. (These are those which intercept and send to the owner everything that you key.)

Here present, that hacker that at me webmoney took away, in addition so intercepted and read everything that I that day wrote friends on ICQ, in comments at forums, including anonymously. It is good still that I do not keep the intimate diary. With reviews of the watched pornofilms, aha... (Yes did not swing, I did not swing a porn!)

Not to repeat my mistakes, let`s repeat my lesson (in sense, a lesson which I received).

of the Rule of protection


the First program which you put on the computer before connection to the Internet.

the Antivirus as any programs, - license or free. With distribution kits of the cracked antiviruses easily and just viruses extend.

Periodically secure work of an antivirus as other means of check, only choose not clashing.

Establish and in the course of work on the Internet adjust a firewall.

do not turn off updating of system and programs. Their most part is just elimination of vulnerabilities, but not just work improvement.

Turn off autostart of external carriers. At you movies with DVD will cease to be started automatically, but also viruses will not get on the computer at once at an insert of the USB stick or a disk.

Installation of programs

surely manually check the USB stick or a disk with programs which to you were written down by the friend an antivirus.

All free programs, including drivers, swing from the official sites of producers because on others the Internet - resources they can be also with makeweights in the form of viruses.

So far you establish the habitual set of programs on pure system, can act from the account with the rights of the administrator. Established - pass into the limited account or lower the rights of the current user and create the separate account with the rights of the administrator and the password. (If you are able to cause the built-in account of the administrator, just set the password on it.) If it is necessary to establish still something, start the file of a distribution kit, clicking on it with the right button, choosing “Start from a name“ and entering the password of the administrator.


the Browser - any, except IE. Do not believe statements that it becomes better, is more more beautiful every day...

you do not go on the doubtful websites, especially little-known the Internet - shops. Trust the browser which will warn you about dangerous contents of the website, establish additional resources of an assessment of reputation of the website. Educational information is necessary - use search of edu. mail. ru even incidentally not to come on the website with papers.

do not give in to tempting offers of browsers to remember your passwords.


Appoint passwords difficult: rather long, figure - alphabetic and with special symbols, different for different services. You do not remember - write down. In a notebook, but not in the Notebook program. Change them rather often. Not notebooks, passwords. It is easier to do it with the program of storage of passwords.

you do not store in letter mail with a reminder of passwords from the websites. It is required - again request.

do not establish as confidential questions for a reminder of passwords such, to which it is easy to receive answers in your environment or your accounts in social networks. For example, on the question “Name of a Pet“ there is an answer in signatures of a photo it seems “This is our Murka“. And the maiden name of your mother can be found out from someone from your relatives, having got acquainted with them in “Schoolmates“.


Using systems of electronic payments, attentively read them security guidelines and carry out them. The main thing - login should not be started on purely computer actions (login - the password and even the certificate). Still something that only you can make is necessary: to establish the certificate from the USB stick in storage, to enter a code from the card of codes of safety or from the SMS the Internet - banking, etc. of


Assume that your computer is open for all winds, and you do not hold on it a compromising evidence, and also important and necessary things - dump them on external carriers, make that more copies and update them that more often than it is more important for you these files.

of the Rule of treatment

If the suspicion on virus activity arose (the websites of developers of antiviruses do not open, the system brakes, unclear folders and files appear where they should not be, some processes are started) - be checked. It is necessary to be disconnected from the Internet and all information on a virus and fresh means of check to look for by means of the “pure“ computer. Infected most likely will also not allow to make it, and you will waste time.

Having removed a virus, be secured against consequences. Often in system there are traces, tails, and even zhivosposobny parts which can become more active under some conditions. About it it is possible to read at thematic forums, ways of disposal are offered in the same place. It is usually necessary to be registered, download some specially developed applet, to start, report as she behaves, to load results on a forum, to implement recommendations of developers... Yes, long, tiresomely, but antiviruses are so improved and their bases are replenished. Promote - it is useful not to you, so to people.

it is possible, it will be simpler to rearrange system, but consider, among that information which you will save before reinstallation, there can be infected files so it is necessary to undergo treatment before it all the same. More reliably - to format disks before installation of system and return to the computer of the kept data.

Well, happy and safe surfing on Internet waves after serious and thorough preparation!