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Why the car “is malicious“? Unique a car - a horoscope!

the Car are many years an integral part of life of the modern person. The variety of cars grows every year, and all of them differ on color, design, technical characteristics and … to character. Most of motorists know character of the car and at least for fun notice her specific features. In a word, even the most inveterate sceptics sometimes recognize that their “the iron friend“ behaves as the living being. The reason of this variety of characters can be understood, having addressed stars.

Astrologers claim that everything possesses a horoscope what has a beginning and the end. And if so, then stars exert impact on character of a car at all not less, than on character of the person. Traditionally it is considered that for definition of zodiac sign it is necessary to know date of birth. Owing to many reasons not each motorist knows date of assembly of the of “an iron horse“. Therefore as date of birth of the car it is considered to be day of its emergence in your life.

Aries (21. 03 - 20. 04)

the Car - fire! And if it also red color - keep more strong! In this car there is a lot of force and energy. For a car under the sign of the Aries sharp style of driving is quite accepted.

Most likely, “îâíîìîáèëþ“ will please yours loud music (take care of the power of columns), and also a high speed and abrupt bends. It is, perhaps, the most ideal sign for the racing car. It has every chance to come to the finish the first and did not get used to lose.

Taurus (21. 04 - 20. 05)

the Main quality of this car - reliability and constancy. He can show for months surprising self-control, being drivable even with obvious malfunctions. In general cars under the sign of the Taurus are famous for fine “health“. But if suddenly breaks, then demands a lot of time and investments.

The car - the Taurus does not possess speed of reaction therefore do not wait from it for sharp start, it likes to gather speed gradually. Know, yours “the iron horse“ does not love risk on roads, he cares for comfort - the and the owner.

This sign perfectly is suitable for SUVs. The main lines of this car - the power, endurance, reliability.

Twins (21. 05 - 21. 06)

With this car you should not miss. Character of the car under the sign of the Twin is extremely changeable: it can unexpectedly break and is also unexpected “be repaired“! And, in order that he was brought, it is sometimes rather simply successful to joke.

One more important feature “a car - the Twin“ - love to the movement. For this car to stand in garage several days simply insufferably! Also keep in mind: your car has thirst for changes. Therefore tuning, most likely, will please it. Passion to change of places - too bright feature of Twins, therefore a route “the house - work“ day by day - not for this car!

Cancer (22. 06 - 22. 07)

In - the first, know - this car is very true and devoted to the owner. Gets used to “others hands“ long and painfully. So to allow to sweep the car - do not cost cancer to friends, can take offense and break.

In - the second, this car surely has to have “house“ (i.e. garage), it is impossible to throw near an entrance it in any way (the same reason - can take offense).

And the last feature “a car - Cancer“ - love to night driving. At night Cancers feel most comfortably. So owners of such car should take care of qualitative headlights which, certainly, have to be serviceable always.

Lion (23. 07 - 23. 08)

Tsar of cars, and that says it all. Loves bright colors, extravagant design. An ideal sign for cars a premium - a class since these cars are simply created in order that they were given way and admired. But “the imperial car“ has also other party - it demands the similar relation and from the owner. Pride and sick vanity - the main lines of these cars. Naturally, your car has to be always in perfect tune. At respect and worthy care it will always be on the ball.

Maiden (24. 08 - 23. 09)

This car loves severity therefore her owner should treat with care various “modern frills“. Preferable colors - black, white, gray.

Important feature of these cars - love to purity and an order. And the order has to be ideal both inside, and outside. To cars of this sign pleasant frequent visits of car service, even if for prevention. They very much appreciate careful attitude of the owner and by all means will pay back it with a faithful service.

One more striking trait of this car is decency. He does not love “dashing driving“ therefore he will become the beautiful friend for the driver following rules.

Scales (24. 09 - 23. 10)

the Car - Scales as nobody else, needs harmony and beauty. The fine choice for girls who for certain will be able to provide it beautiful design and to decorate salon with lovely accessories.

Peaceful character of these cars does not suffer rudeness on roads so try not to provoke similar situations. By the way, unpleasant incidents for cars under this sign - a big rarity. Force “a car - Scales “ consists in their charm thanks to which participants of the movement involuntarily give way to them.

Scorpion (24. 10 - 22. 11)

This car has the unprecedented force and magnetism. It is difficult to be unaffected by such car. “A car - the Scorpion“ is strong, fearless and knows the own worth.

The owner for such car - either the friend to it, or the enemy. And it is almost impossible to guess criteria of this choice. If you were lucky to establish the harmonious relations with the car, know - you found the loyal and devoted friend.

The main feature of cars under this sign is ability to preserve the owner. Therefore you do not hurry to be irritated if suddenly your car is not got - perhaps, it protects you from trouble.

Sagittarius (23. 11 - 21. 12)

“Happy car“ is about the car under the sign of the Sagittarius. Being under the auspices of Jupiter, cars - Sagittariuses attract luck and good luck.

Consider, your car perfectly feels among general fun so he will not be confused at all by loud music in salon and the people dancing around.

As well as “cars - to Twins“, are necessary to cars under the sign of the Sagittarius the new horizons. It is, perhaps, the ideal car for travel.

Capricorn (22. 12 - 20. 01)

the Serious car for the serious person. Prefers dark colors, strict design and classical forms. These cars are very hardy and patient and therefore seldom disturb the owner on trifles.

A goat - a sign of long-livers. So at care this car will serve the owner for many years.

Important advantage “the car - Capricorns“ is their economy. So be not surprised if expenses on gasoline considerably are cut down!

Aquarius (21. 01 - 20. 02)

Very unusual cars. Deviations from the standard norms are characteristic of them, up to genius. Its technical characteristics can differ from characteristics of other cars of the same brand. Therefore be not surprised if once the mechanic in car service, having glanced under a cowl, exclaims: “Cannot be!“.

And even if originality of your car is at first sight imperceptible, know - it not such as all.

It is also necessary to consider that “a car - Aquarius“ is very independent and capricious therefore it is necessary to look for to it approach.

of Fish (21. 02 - 20. 03)

Cars - Fishes as nobody else, love smooth driving and categorically do not accept sharp movements.

Key feature of this sign is flexibility. Therefore if you the owner of the car under the sign of Fishes, know - efforts in use there will be a minimum. Your car perfectly feels that

want from it, and does not apply for the power. This car with ease will accept your character and will imperceptibly adapt to it.

And finally, remember - under what star your car would not “be born“, it is always possible to agree with it! Everyone “the iron horse“, irrespective of a horoscope, needs care, timely repair and sincere admiration of the owner.