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The movement of buses strictly according to the schedule will improve a situation on roads of

Public transport service strictly according to the schedule and purchase of new buses and trolleybuses will help to improve considerably a transport situation on roads of Moscow, the head of capital department of transport and communication Vasily Kichedzhi declared on Wednesday.

“ To public transport we have claims. The most important criterion - it has to follow according to the schedule. As soon as we solve a problem of the tough schedule, the transport situation in Moscow will seriously change. Also I consider that also purchase of new public transport can improve a situation“, - Kichedzhi on a press - conferences in RIA Novosti reported.

He noted that in 2010 the authorities of Moscow plan to buy 875 buses.

“ But if to take in general across Moscow, it is not enough to change all park. We have only six thousand buses, and this figure makes only 15% of the general indicator“, - the official explained.

According to him that the transport situation in the city improved, Moscow annually has to buy two thousand new buses.

Kichedzhi added that the authorities of Moscow plan to buy new trolleybuses and trams also.

“ 300 million rubles are allocated for purchase of trams“, - he specified.

According to the head of department, on the Moscow roads daily there go about 500 thousand cars and when “this figure reads off scale for 800 thousand, Moscow practically stops“.

“ How many a system of roads, we will not reach that necessary speed which is necessary to drivers“, - Kichedzhi emphasized.

Meanwhile, he reminded, in 2010 special strips for public transport on four Moscow highways were allocated, and in the first half of the year 2011 it is planned to organize similar strips on six highways.

“ Priorities have to be exposed, and we carry to them organizationally - technical actions, that is a priority of public transport, and social actions“, - Kichedzhi concluded.

Summer of 2009 in the capital there was a front allocated page for public transport on Volokolamskoye Highway from Tushinskaya metro station to MKAD in both directions. Thanks to it the speed of city buses and minibuses even in rush hours considerably increased, as a result experiment was recognized as successful. The government of Moscow supported offers of department of transport and communication of the city on the organization in 2010 - 2012 of nine allocated strips for the movement of city land public transport. In particular, in 2010 it was planned to organize the allocated strip on Andropov Avenue (from Kolomenskaya metro station to Kashirskoye Highway in the direction in area and the center), on Shchelkovskoye Highway (from Habarovskaya Street to Halturinskaya Street - in the center and area), on Leningradsky Avenue - from 3 - go a transport ring to Lisa Chaykina Street towards area and from Viktorenko Street to 3 - go a transport ring towards the center, and also from the house number 2 of Leningradsky Avenue to Novaya Bashilovka Street - to the area, from Begovaya Avenue Street to Nizhnyaya Street (The Belarusian overpass) - in the center.

Source: www. rednews. net