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Salads with man`s names: what on taste? From “Boris“ to “Vlad“ of

Continuing acquaintance to the man`s names which are present at salad recipes, we will pass from the first letter of the alphabet to two following.


Boris, that is “fighting“ on treatment of interpreters, the charming optimist with strong will who is basic, autocratic and quick-tempered, but is easily appeased on character. Likes to rule, but also thinly feels. Generally, with it you will not miss. To make the salad awarded this name it is necessary:

- to weld on slow fire of half a kilo of a beef liver and to cut with straws;

- to brown couple of bulbs cut with half rings;

- to weld or fry 300 g of mushrooms and to chop on strips;

- to mix the prepared products, to salt, pepper, add 1 h a sugar spoon, 23 tablespoons of broth from - under the cooking liver and mayonnaise - to taste.


Vadim - “proving“. As if he possesses a certain mystery and hidden emotionality, is freedom-loving, fast in decisions, but also is able to count them; it has a strong mind and abundance of desires. In “salad“ manifestation this unusual combination … herrings with a citrus. Generally, on the fan.

Of six fresh-salted big fishes we cut fillet on quite wide slices and it is spread in a salad bowl. Vessels it is placed largely cut oranges (2 pieces) and the lemons (too 2) which are previously cleared of a peel and partitions. We undress three heads of green onions on thin ringlets, we send two to salad, we postpone one away.

For gas station we mix on a tablespoon of orange and lemon juice, wine vinegar, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, pepper, slightly we shake up a nimbus, we water salad and we put it for a couple of hours in the refrigerator. Having got from there, we maintain before giving before restoration of room temperature of a dish and we decorate with the remained ringlets of onions and greens.


the Name means “regal“, allocates named force, authoritativeness, optimism, diligence, a commitment to excellence, to superiority, glory, a time - obstinacy and egoism. Whether it is possible to express so picturesque figure in salad option? In any case, there is such vegetable recipe:

One - two black radishes and a morkovina, having cleaned, we rub largely. We cut a cucumber and the Beijing cabbage straws. We mix products, we sprinkle lemon juice, we salt and we fill with vegetable oil - to taste.

But there is and also a proteinaceous dish - with a turkey, chicken or language.

Sweet Vasya. At first we maintain minutes of the 30th half-glass of raisin in 2 - 3 tablespoons of cognac. One average size we cut boiled beet and 150 g of a bird or language cubes. We crush a glass of walnuts. We connect products, we salt and we dress with mayonnaise.


It is known that Victor - a name of “winner“. This honor, it is considered, he earns, except Fortuna`s favor, by activity, concentration, and at times and eloquence. However, sometimes, losing self-checking, can recklessly work and it is not good for itself.

Salad includes, except a half banks of sweet corn, couple of boiled potatoes as much - boiled eggs, big apple, packing of crabsticks and 200 g of firm cheese. These products should be rubbed largely and to lay layers, dividing them partitions from mayonnaise with davleny garlic, in the following order: potatoes, corn, apple, crabsticks, cheese. From above it is possible to strew a dish with greens and on it as on a grass, to place “florets“ from corn grains.


the Sense concluded in a name is obvious to

- “owning the world“. This sovereign person, on the existing interpretation, is externally open, but the inner world hides deeply from public eyes. Also constancy in friendship, idealization of women and sincere vulnerability is characteristic. And “Vladimirov of salad“ is as follows:

Two hundred-gram fillet of a turkey we cut the recipe on large plates, we beat off and we fry, and then we cut on strips. Separately we fry straws from a napiform bulb, bringing to golden color and - too separately - 100 g of the cut champignons. Having connected products, we salt, we pepper and we fill: 2 St. mayonnaise spoons with 1 h a mustard spoon.


Should not philosophize with interpretation of this name: “owning glory“. Vladislav possesses the developed will power, firmness and self-respect, and also virtuosity. It is diplomatic. Does not love hot discussions, but prefers to agree to differ and, if something happens, uses irony as the strong weapon.

Such person is capable of frankness only with the closest people. They, of course, call him Vlad more often. So also salad which prepares as follows is called.

Having torn hands 150 g of lettuce leaves, it is better - different grades, we add to them 100 g a pomidorok of cherry cut in half and 3 small swept crumbled boiled eggs. Having salted and having peppered, we fill with sour cream (it is possible - with garlic or horse-radish) and we spread on a dish a picturesque hill.

However, there is more to come. Top of an edible cone, having trampled down, we make out “a snow cap“ from small cubes or slices of sheep cheese (100 g will be more, than it is enough), and we represent lateral surfaces “granite“ from thin plates or bars of ham (it it is required a little too, grams 100 - 150). We lay over the bottom greens and “boulders“ from marinated cocktail onions. Well, how effectively it turns out? And the main thing - with a secret!

Vladislav is named also by Slava, but as different there is a lot of Glories, the recipe will appear in one of the following releases. See you again!