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Salads with man`s names: what on taste? From “Alexander“ till “the Arkashiny childhood“ of What

of people will not be glad if invite to try the dish called in his honor! In our case it is about salads. And if this person - the man, the way to whose heart lies through a stomach, then … it is possible not to continue. Though there is also the subtlety consisting in need to consider the available “flavoring vectors“. So as far as possible it is necessary to give several different recipes … to


It is known that Alexander - “defender“. Interpreters of names attribute it mind, sociability, determination up to impudence and thus thin sensitivity, and, besides, an azartnost in love. Perhaps owing to the last quality at salad there are mussels?

So, 200 g of small cut mushrooms we fry with onions; frozen in the cleared type of mussels we omit the same quantity in abrupt boiled water and we remove from fire as soon as water begins to boil again; we cut for cubes couple of averages a pomidorok. We stack the cooled products at each other, since mushrooms and we water with mayonnaise. We make out greens and a lemon.

To be fair we will notice that it is not the only recipe connected with this name. But, for example, it attracts me with simplicity not less, than gastronomic tendency to seafood. But if it why - or is not suitable for your Alexander, that is still …

of Sashk. Having shaken up 5 - 6 eggs (it is possible to add a little flour), we fry thin flat cakes, and then when cool down, we will cut with straws. Let`s add 200 g of boiled meat, too the “straw“ invoice, pickled in 1 tablespoon vinegar (or carbonated mineral water) and the onion cut with half rings. Having mixed, having salted and having peppered, we dress with sour cream and mayonnaise, or them in any proportion, and it is possible also with mustard addition.


Alexey - is translated to

as “assistant“. Speak, gravity and persistence, need for bringing benefit have to be inherent in the carrier of a name. And for this purpose forces are required - agree. How it is offered to fill costs of humanitarian efforts? Strangely enough - meatless. It is possible in order that persistence in upholding of own beliefs did not reach aggression.

In the recipe in honor of a full name the basis is made tinned haricot in own juice (200 g) and cottage cheese cheese (100 g). Banks of haricot we wash out contents in cold water, we mix with cheese, the crushed red bulb, scraps of the sheet salad which is with own hand torn. We fill with mix from 1 - 1,5 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 h. spoons of soy sauce, juice of a half of a lemon, davleny garlic glove, salt and black ground pepper.

Well and if from a semi-official organ to pass into more democratic environment, then it is possible to taste salad with the playful name:

How to feed Aleshka. According to the recipe needs 150 g of the boiled long-grain rice, but it seems to me that will be a bit too much it, and therefore I are limited to 2 - 3 tablespoons. I add cubes of 3 boiled eggs and crab meat from standard packing (I only prefer cooled, but not frozen) to them, straws from couple of fresh cucumbers, small cut stalks of a marinated ramson number from 10 to 20 - on circumstances and the crumbled greens of fennel, cilantro parsley. I sprinkle lemon juice, I dress with mayonnaise, I mix and I decorate, “anyhow“.


Anatoly - “east“ / “ascending“ or “the inhabitant of Asia Minor Anatoly“. The name carrier, on the existing interpretation, nature mysterious, with rich internal life, the strongest will and the persistence reaching obstinacy. It is inquisitive, inventive, has good intuition and feels need to help people around.

In my collection only one salad is devoted to this name:

Anatole. When for the first time learned about him, grew cold, having read that according to the recipe it is necessary to knead a fork 150 g of a lamprey, to mix with boiled eggs and walnuts and to dress with mayonnaise. Such refined, such expensive product, and fork … Moreover and with mayonnaise … Well, no.

Made in a different way: cut couple minozhek (200 - 250) on pieces 1,5 cm wide. And then added 5 crushed walnuts and prepared gas station: added to 3 tablespoons of olive oil according to 1 h to a spoon of mustard and lemon juice, steam of grated boiled eggs, it is a little salt and pepper, crumbled a parsley branch. The gulf of lampreys this mix, from above uzorno located thin ringlets from a small bulb.

I can report results of experiment: ate with appetite, having divided a meal with a family to which members “Anatole“ was pleasant too. Well, and as it is necessary to you - yet I do not know. In total - lampreys not all to taste.


In this name is emphasized a man`s component, and therefore such lines as courage and bravery are assumed. The characteristic of a name, doing justice to intelligence and an ingenuity Andreyev, notes instability of character and aspiration to domination. Generally, the vegetarian orientation of the corresponding salads becomes clear. Joke, of course: it is optional at all that the specific person, so to speak, “in pure form“ illustrated the accepted interpretation of his name.

One of recipes suggests to use a half-head of cabbage of young cabbage, on 2 tomato and a cucumber, small packing of crabsticks. The chopped cabbage for juiciness, having salted, slightly we will rumple hands It is added other ingredients cut on cubes and we fill with sour cream.

And if with Andrey at you close relations, make to him nourishing puff salad of Andryushk : the boiled potatoes grated onions half rings, small cut dried apricots, the shredded cabbage, grated apples, grated boiled beet and directly on top to grate hard-boiled eggs. Each layer according to the recipe is coated with mayonnaise, but it is better to mix potatoes, cabbage and beet with mayonnaise at once (separately, of course). Henry`s

If suddenly among your acquaintances is Frenchman Henry, then in his honor it is possible to prepare such dish.

To bank of red beans (or 200 g of previously boiled) we add small cutting of 100 g of smoked chicken, tomato, a cucumber, greens. We salt and pepper, we fill in with mayonnaise to taste and we mix.


Anton - means, competing. It is considered that for it - a prompt swing on which weeds better to carry out life in couple, but all the same not to avoid dizzinesses. As far as there corresponds to this credo salad, judge.

One red grapefruit, having cleared of a peel and films, largely we cut. We add a mango half in the form of thin square plates (and it is possible and to chop on strips) and several lettuce leaves torn manually. Besides, it is necessary to clean 250 g of shrimps and to crush a quarter of a red bulb.

All this abundance, having mixed, it is necessary to water with sauce in which are connected and shaken up by 2 h a spoon of olive oil, 1 h a spoon of honey and spice to taste (parsley, mint, a thyme, a marjoram, rosemary, a basil).

And here other recipe:

Antoshka. we cut 150 g of small marinated mushrooms in half, and 200 g of smoked chicken - on quite large cubes, as well as 150 g of firm cheese. To tear greens (salad, fennel, parsley) hands. To mix everything, to salt, water with vegetable oil (mustard is very well mounted) or mayonnaise and to strew, without stinting, croutons, house or purchased.


the Name, according to the most widespread version, attributes the resident of the happy country Arkady. And therefore promise to his owner happiness in lives and very pleasant character. But here the recipe at me in a moneybox appeared one and only, and it is called:

Arkashino childhood. It is very simple. Three small very young zucchinis (approximately decimeter length) we rub on a large grater, without getting rid of a peel, we add the garlic (1 - 3 clove) passed through a press and small crumbled fennel. Having salted, we fill with vegetable oil with a teaspoon of lemon juice or balsam vinegar, or mayonnaise.

* * *

Well, here - names on a letter “A“ we passed, though not all. Ahead there are a lot more recipes so be continued.