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Karachaevo - Circassia. Than you will be met by edge of hospitality?

fall in love With this earth at first sight. Spacious steppes in the north. High snow mountains in the south. Once through these lands where lived Alana, there passed the great Silk way. Nature here unique! Only Teberda, Dombai and Arkhyz of what stand! Here, in Nizhny Novgorod Arkhyz and in the Karachay area, ancient Christian temples which were built in hundred years prior to the Christianization of Kievan Rus` remained.

Karachaevo - Circassia - the republic small. Before recent time it was a part of Stavropol Krai as the autonomous region. In the republic only four cities: Cherkessk, Karachayevsk, Ust - Dzheguta and Teberda.

In twenty kilometers from Teberda there is a resort settlement of Dombai - the place legendary, surprising! In translation from Karachay Dombai means - a bison. Once these mighty animals was here probably - it is invisible. Hunted them, and here the result - now a live bison can be seen only in the open-air cage of the local reserve.

Dombai is famous as rather inexpensive ski resort. And in the summer fans of tourism and mountaineering gather here. Here are always glad to guests. And entertainments!.

The republic is multinational. But it does not mean that the people, living nearby and closely communicating, lost the originality. In spite of the fact that here for a long time you will surprise nobody with international marriages, representatives of local ethnoses carefully keep traditions, tremblingly relate to the native languages, well and of course as good neighbors, treat each other with national dishes.

A crown dish in each Circassian the house - to a libzha . Chicken in crafty - flour creamy sauce will leave nobody indifferent! Libzhe is given with paste. No, it is not macaroni! Paste call the cooled and stiffened corn porridge cut with accurate rombika here. You pin a fork such here rombik, you dip in fragrant sauce and... Pleasure!

Nogais directly from a threshold will offer the guest the most tasty spicy tea with cream and toasted fried flat cakes - boortsogs .

Abazin the kitchen is famous for remarkable halvah which prepares from millet flour, melted butter and honey.

The moved in due time from Hopr and Don into the Top Kuban, Big and Small Zelenchuk and Urup Cossacks , having adopted a lot of things at mountaineers, kept originality. Friends in houses of stanichnik are met by habitual Cossack dainties and, of course, home-made wine or a samogonochka.

However the first that was fallen in love at once to me and entered a culinary moneybox - well-known the Karachay hychina . Those who had to be in Dombai for certain could refuse in pleasure to try to themselves these flat round juicy pies. It is simple to train them. Any hostess will cope.

For this purpose it is necessary to make yeast dough on kefir or curdled milk, as for pies. When it properly approaches, it is necessary to take pieces of the size of apple, to form flat cakes somewhere about a plate, on the middle to spread a generous hill a stuffing, to collect edges of flat cake in one point, to overturn “seam“ down and to roll or knead a palm, giving the form of a circle.

Hychina prepare in three ways. Most often they are fried in a cauldron or a frying pan in vegetable oil to light-brown color. However there are a lot of supporters of a method of more dietary - bake on the dry frying pan powdered with flour from two parties, and then drench with boiled water and oil melted.

There is one more way of preparation of hychin with meat. Dough is not pinched tightly, and prisobirat a beautiful zhgutik, leaving a site of an open stuffing. The large cheese cake with forcemeat turns out inside. Such hychina bake in an oven.

For a stuffing most often use mincemeat with onions and spices. Much to liking hychina with potatoes and cheese. In this case a boiled kartoshechka until it cooled down, scroll on the meat grinder together with any abomasal cheese in the ratio 2:1. Hychina with the added some salt cottage cheese and green onions are also tasty. During a season prepare hychina with the chopped young beet tops of vegetable and cheese. Tasty? That`s not the word for it!

It is a traditional way of preparation of the Karachay hychin. However in the practice I often recede from tradition and I knead dough not on kefir, and on potato broth. Kartoshechka - that all the same goes to a stuffing, and starchy warm broth does with the test just miracles! Also it approaches quicker, and ready hychina softer turn out.

And for herself drew a conclusion: if to manufacture hychina and usual pies, in flour, then dough after baking or frying becomes hardish. Therefore for quite some time now I form hychinchik on the enameled baking sheet oiled by sunflower. Very conveniently. Dough does not stick to hands and ready hychina turn out just air.

Hychina with ayran or kefir - national dairy drink of Karachays are especially tasty. It you will surprise nobody with kefir in shops now, and kefir is from Karachaevo - Circassia!

Karachays since ancient times knew how to cook ayran. Fresh ayran was called kefir. Added special ferment to boiled milk, and it kept the recipe in secret. Only at the beginning of 20 - go centuries this unique drink became available to all Russians.

To everyone in Karachaevo - Circassia familiarly and clear the word “berekt“. In all local languages this word borrowed from Turkish sounds approximately equally and means “wealth, prosperity, abundance“. Where the wealth, prosperity and abundance, always hospitably welcome guests. Come to us to Karachaevo - Circassia!

Well and of course - berekt to your house!