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Computer safety. How to give to the hacker the money?

How many times I saw shouts at thematic forums: “Aaaa! I have a virus! And from where only?“, and by all means somebody will maliciously declare: “And not figs was a porno to swing!“ The victim also justifies himself: “Well, I books - songs - movies...“ Here and I - the book downloaded! In the PDF format. Not from the author`s website. Also opened in Adobe Reader.

Offensively, it was not even necessary to me especially. I just English studied and subscribed to several newsletters on this subject. Wanted to specify one moment which in the text of mailing was passed. Specified... It is unlikely the author of courses bungled such dangerous file itself, just someone used its popularity. But I still did not know all this.

After a while the notice comes from the website Webmoney - a pier to me, came into your purse from it about five minutes ago - that IP. Checked IP - so wash it! Began to look whether I incidentally opened a bookmark with the website Webmoney. It seems did not open, or perhaps opened and closed, without having noticed... The informer was mistaken, probably, I think.

I walk further on the Internet, and at me one, other website does not open - popular, good, checked. And among them - the websites of anti-virus programs! Here I remembered that it can occur at computer infection with a virus (well, I will call so any malicious applications). I, however, have avast! - it not I am so glad to it, this name such, with an exclamation mark. The free version of this powerful paid antivirus which is not cut down is available to home computers, is not weaker “real“, just even the wisest of us can make a mistake as you will see further. And files at downloading he checks, and letters when loading, and on the websites warns about danger. But nevertheless it is useful to make secure something else - only not the second antivirus, and they each other will count that as viruses. It is possible to use utilities for single check which do not clash with a “regular“ antivirus.

I other computer downloaded such utility from DrWeb, is called with an exclamation mark, pobuzhdayushche too: CureIt!. It needs always fresh to be downloaded, it is updated often. Found to me this CureIt! one infected file, defined a virus: Trojan. PWS. Ibank. 173 . To me right there from the Internet to be disconnected and be checked seriously and completely, so not, I sit, I look for information, than it can threaten me. Even Kaspersky has no description of this version yet. But at a website DrWeb forum. ru learned that the computer even after treatment should be cleaned and obligatory to change passwords.

And here to me again the notice from the website Webmoney: came into your purse from it about five minutes ago - that IP. Checked IP - not mine... In general from other city. And in a purse it is already pure and empty! And it is cunning made: the hacker not just transferred money for someone`s purse (in this case the Webmoney arbitration at the complaint blocks purses and understands). It exchanged WMZ for rubles, and transferred rubles to the website of where for certain already spent them on the Internet - shops.

I called militia, Department To (computer safety), told me that if the hacker is able to do it, hardly it is so silly that lit the IP. I wrote and to technical support of, and to Webmoney, but that, actually, they will tell me... Only one: it is necessary to follow safety rules, the certificate in storage not to leave , especially exported.

Yes I did not think of trojans, did not wait: the citizen I law-abiding, do not look for a kryaka to programs, online I do not watch piracy movies and and - “free there were never a wish to download a porn“ something in life! And for a fee especially. The computer at me personal, nobody on it brings anything, programs only from the Internet undertake, from the official sites , are updated regularly. Here only I on the computer sit with the rights of the administrator. You ask, anyhow? On the - that on personal?! And I will explain briefly. Be continued.