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In what joomla force?

of CMS Joomla! - the modern control system of the website constructed on the database with use of PHP/MySQL. The system is created by international team of professional developers and today it is the most popular CMS in the world.

of Joomla is free CMS (a control system of content) with an open source code. It allows to build various a web - the websites, including personal a web - pages, the corporate websites, online newspapers, the websites of small business, the charitable websites and portals.

of Joomla is the well checked and effective tool which is supported by active community of developers and users. It is ideally suited for those who look for reliability, flexibility and usability.

of Joomla is available free of charge, it it is easy to establish and work. Thus, it can be used as, simple users by not being experts on technical questions, and professional a web - masters. If you began to work with Joomla you have to visit www. joomlaved. ru to read the principles of work and to download the latest version of Joomla CMS. It is simple

incredibly, it is how easy to operate the websites on Joomla. If you want to receive design for the websites Joomla you have to consider Joomla Templates - free templates on our website.

For those who want to earn in the Internet CMS joomla is the irreplaceable assistant. You a slegkost will create the unique online store on specially developed application for joomla Virtua Mart. - will drop down

for Those who prefers communication in a network the special offer to sit in schoolmates, create the dating site on joomla. Many special joomla components are for this purpose written.

If you the businessman, then of course to you it is just necessary to create the website of the firm and to tell the whole world about the business. And, believe you it is not necessary to spend tens of thousands for advertizing. Just create the business the website with gallery of your production and your affairs will go uphill.

That is very important - for joomla is written a set of paid and free expansions, among them any beginner will find useful to himself.

B than force of joomla?

This CMS reminds me an iceberg!

Here its top:

the Mailing group from the website

the Expanded set of visual site editors (simplifies editing materials to the level of editing the text in Word)

Creation of forms of feedback with site administrators

Polls and votes

the Internet - shop

Control of versions of content



Comments of articles

A here from, what to be below really takes the breath away!

It and portals with attendance of 1000 people in days, and personal blogs design who are attracted by a look, thanks to unlimited nothing, except your imagination, the choice of free templates.

are boards - announcements and dating sites, blogs and forums, by means of joomla you can even create the search engine not worse than Google!

Everything depends on you.

So, in what joomla force?

B you!

Get acquainted with joomla and believe you will become friends!